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Hello, welcometo I will be the winner, won't I? , in today's program we will have a special dynamic, men will face off against
women to find out who are the best.
Let's meet the participants first.
The competition format is as follows:
There are 5 topics to ask. Science, painting, cinema, history, and the special topic of the day is the coronavirus.
There will be 5 rounds, each round will ask about a topic, each team will have 2 minutes per round to answer as many
questions as possible, the team with the highest number of hits will win the round and can spin the roulette, the one who
wins the most rounds will be the winner, and you will have the opportunity to multiply your prizes with the multiplication
In addition, as they are given account, due to the pandemic contestants will respond from their homes.
The first topic to ask will be about the history of Mexico .
We'll start with the girls. 2 minutes on the clock and we start now!
1. Who is the father of the homeland of Mexico ?
Miguel Hidalgo.
2. The first president of Mexico was Benito Juarez , wasn`t he?
No, it was Guadalupe Victoria.
3. The Porfiriato lasted 40 years, isn`t it ?
No, it lasted 37 years.
4. How many times was Santa Anna president?
12 times.
Incorrect. 11 times.
5. The Mayans werethe culture more ancient Mexico , weren`t they?
No, it was the Olmecs.
6. What was the first culture in Mexico and in the world to use zero as a number ?
The Mayans



Stop there, time is up , your successes were.
So now it's the women's turn. 2 minutes on the clock, and we start now!
1. The cry of Independence was on September 15, wasn`t it?
No. It was September 16.
2. Who betrayed Miguel Hidalgo and his army ?
Ignacio Elizondo.
3. How many years does the War of Independence last ?
11 years.
4. Who was it that cried in the historic sad night ?
Hernan Cortes.
5. Who was the initiator of the Revolutionary War ?
Francisco I. Madero.
6. The one-armed man from Celaya is Emiliano Zapata, isn`t he?
No, it's Álvaro Obregon .
7. To which country did Porfirio Diaz flee after being defeated ?
To Spain.
Wrong, I fled to France.
8. The first emperor of Mexico was:
Maximilian of Habsburg.
Incorrect, it was Agustín de Iturbide.
9. What was the president who signed the Treaty of Free Trade of America of the North ?
Carlos Salinas de Gortari.



10. Who is known as the Benemerito de las Americas :
Benito Juarez .
11. What was the president who expropriated the oil on March 18, 1938 ?
Lazaro Cardenas .
12. Who wrote the constitution of Apatzingan?
Jose Maria Morelos and Pavon .
Stop there, time is up. The girls got - hits. This round was won by the girls, so they will be the first to roll the roulette
wheel. And they got a.
We go to the next round, where the theme will be cinema.
Now we will start with the boys. There are 2 minutes on the clock, and we start now!
1. How many Oscars has Tom Hanks won?
3 Oscars.
2. What is the movie where there is a character called the Italian stallion ?
3. What is the film most grossing in history ?
Wrong, it's Avengers Endgame .
4. What is Chespirito's real name ?
Roberto Gomez Bolaños.
5. Ben- Hur is the most winning movie at the Oscars, isn`t he?
No, it is Titanic .
6. In which movie saga does the character of Dart Vader appear .
Star Wars .
7. What is the studio that creates the best animated movies ?
Dreamswork .
Wrong, it's Pixar.



Time, stop everyone, time is up, your successes are. Now it is the women's turn.
2 minutes on the clock, and time starts now!
1. What is the name of the Pixar movie where toys come to life ?
Toy story .
2. In which movie is it based on the concentration camps of Jews ?
Schindler's list .
3. What is the movie about a German boy's friendship with a Jew ?
The sleepover .
Wrong, the boy in striped pajamas.
4. Maryl Streep is the least Oscar nominated actress, isn`t he?
Incorrect, it is the most nominated.
5. In that year Brad Pitt won his only Oscar .
In 2015.
Wrong, it was in 2019.
6. How many nominations does Maryl Streep have ?
15 nominations.
Wrong, you have 21 nominations.
7. What is the best movie about aliens ?


8. Jimmy Neutron isn't the only Nick movie to win an Oscars, is it ?
YES, it is the only one.
9. When was the first Godzilla vs Kong movie ?
Wrong, it was in 1962.
10. What is the movie considered the best classic movie ?
The White House.
Time, time is up, your successes are.
This round is won by men. Therefore, they will pull the roulette wheel. And your prize is.
Now we move on to the next round, the topic will be science. We'll start with the girls.
2 minutes on the clock, and time starts now!
1. What does physics study ?
Natural phenomena.
2. Isaac Newton wasn't the father of classical physics , was he ?
Yes, he is the father of physics.
3. Who is considered the May fond of mathematics ?
André Pierre Fermat.
4. The atom can be divided, can`t you?
No, it is indivisible.
5. Who was the first to use the term atom ?
6. The math started in Mesopotamia, didn`t they?
7. Euclid is the father of arithmetic, isn`t he?
No, he is the father of geometry.
8. Descartes was not the initiator of analytic geometry, was he ?
No, it was Pierre Fermat.
9. Pi equals 3.1417, doesn`t he?
No, it equals 3.1416
10. Einstein started quantum physics, didn`t he?
Wrong, it was Max Planck .
11. Max Planck would discover the theory of relativity, wouldn`t he?
No, it was Einstein.

Time, time is up, his successes were.
Now it's up to the men. 2 minutes on the clock and time starts now!
1. What are the animals that make their own food called ?
Autotrophs .
2. Herbivorous animals eat meat, don`t they?
No, they eat herbs and plants.
3. Lavoiser is the father of biology, isn`t he?
Wrong, he is the father of chemistry.
4. Who is the father of biology ?
Aristotle .



Wrong, it's Charles Darwin.
5. Whose law is the law of universal gravitation ?
From Galileo Galilei.
Wrong, it's from Isaac Newton.
6. Who discovered that the earth revolved around the sun ?
7. Whose Law of Conservation of Mass ?
De Lavoisier.
8. Who created the periodic table that we use today ?
Dimitri Mendeleyev.
9. Edward Jenner invented antibiotics, didn`t he?
Wrong, I invented the first vaccine.
Time, time is up, your successes are.
This round is won by the girls. Therefore they will pull the roulette wheel. His prizes are.
We move on to the next topic which is about painting. We started with the girls.
2 minutes on the clock, and time starts now!
1. Who painted Mona Lisa ?
Leonardo da Vinci.
2. In which museum is Mona Lisa located ?
Louvre's museum.



3. What painter was schizophrenic ?
Vincent Van Gogh .
4. Pablo Picasso created the artistic trend: impressionism, didn`t he?
No, I believe cubism.
5. Which is the greatest artist of countries Netherlands ?
Johannes Vermeer .
6. Impressionism originated in Italy, didn`t it?
Wrong, it was in France.
7. Expressionism originated in Spain, didn`t it?
No, it was in Germany.
8. Surrealism emerged in the 19th century, didn`t it?
No, it arose in the 20th century.
9. Whose painting is The Son of Man ?
Rene Magritte .
10. To which artistic movement belongs the painting La golconda ?
11. The painting of the young ladies of Avigno was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, wasn`t he?
No, it was Pablo Picasso.
12. Whose painting is The Last Supper ?
Leonardo da Vinci.
13. The Starry Night is an Impressionism painting, isn`t it?
No, it's from Post-Impressionism.
Time, time is up, your successes are.
Now it's the girls' turn. 2 minutes on the clock, and time starts now!
1. Who painted the work American Gothic ?
Grant Wood.
2. Who is the author of the work The walker on the sea of clouds ?
From Miguel Angel .


Wrong, it's from Caspar David.
3. Whose creation is the painting ?
Diego Rivera.
4. What is the name of Diego Rivera's painting that Americans dislike ?
An afternoon's dream.
Wrong, it was the controlling man of the Universe.
5. Whose painting is Father Hidalgo?
Jose Clemente Orozco.
6. Jose Clemente Orozco's paintings are impressionistic, aren`t they?
Wrong, they are murals.
7. Who is considered the best painter of the 20th century ?
Helen Frankenthaler .
Wrong, it's Frida Kahlo.
8. Whose painting is The Naked Maja ?
From Francisco de Goya.
9. Who painted the work The Birth of Venus ?
Sandro Botticelli.
10. What is the name of the painting that represents the beginning of the Spanish war of independence ?
On May 3 in Madrid,
11. What was the last painting of Rafael Sanzio ?
The transfiguration.
12. What painting depicts the wars that had raged in Europe in the seventeenth century ?
The horrors of war.
13. What was the main artistic movement of the Renaissance ?
Time, time is up, your successes are.
This round was won by the men, therefore, they will pull the roulette wheel. His prizes are.
We go to the last round. The topic will be about the coronavirus. Where there will only be 10 questions, and it will
define the tiebreaker and the winner. Therefore, we will start with the girls .



1. In which country did the Covid 19 pandemic begin ?
2. Cough is the most common symptom of the coronavirus, isn`t it?
No, it's the fever.
3. What is the country with the highest number of infections ?
4. What is the main measure to prevent a coronavirus infection?
Wash your hands properly.
5. To which family belongs Sars virus-COV2?
Coronaviridae .
6. What is the name of the Indian covid variant ?
7. What is the city where the first covid case was found in Mexico ?
City of Mexico .
8. Which was the soccer game that triggered a wave of infections in Spain and Italy?
Atalanta vs Valencia.
9. What is the European country with the most covid infections ?
10. What is the name of the first Russian vaccine ?
Sputnik V
Stop, the 10 questions have been asked, and with all the correct answers.
Now is the time for the boys. Ready.
1. What is the protein used in the Pfizer vaccine to give immunity ?
The protein S.
2. What are the vaccines that use adenovirus to provide immunity ?
Sputnik V and Johnson & Johnson.
3. What are single-dose vaccines ?
The Sputnik light and the Janssen.
4. Sputnik vaccine can be used under 18 years, can`t she?
Wrong, it's Pfizer's.
5. How many vaccines are already authorized for use ?
10 vaccines.


Wrong, that's 12 shots.
6. Which vaccine can be stored in a home refrigerator ?
The AstraZeneca.
7. What is the most effective vaccine against Covid ?
The Pfizer.
8. Which is the country that has created the most vaccines against Covid ?
9. When was the first case detected in Mexico ?
February 27, 2020.
10. What is the most common consequent symptom after suffering severe Covid ?
Stop there, the questions are over. His hits are 8.
Therefore, the women won, and they are the winners of the contest.
And to conclude, they will be able to spin the multiplication wheel, to be able to multiply their prizes.
And they multiplied by - their prizes.
The contest ends here, see you until next time, bye, bye.


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