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Obviously Isaac’s skins would be the other characters.

Lilith and the Keeper are from the DLC, so they are
out. The Lost is a nice EE and doesn’t really have limbs
so he is also out. I have other plans for Azazel and
Intro animation

When Isaac enters the field he does it with the same
animation that is used when he goes to another floor.
Here, the animation will be reversed, as he comes out
of the trapdoor


Isaac normally doesn’t jump, but thanks to the item

Special feature

literally called How To Jump
he is able to surpass
obstacles. He would jump copying the animation that
he has when using the item, twice if he double-jumps.
Isaac would have something that combines Olimar’s
Pikmins with Cloud’s limit breaks. With Cambion
, when Isaac takes damage a random
familiar appears. I don’t know if this is balanced or
not, but that’s not my job. Every 50% damage, a
familiar appears. The familiars shoot in the same
direction Isaac is facing and shoot if Isaac is pressing
the A button. When the player loses a life, the
familiars go away too and the cycle restarts. The
familiars will follow the following cycle:


50%- Brother Bobby : Shoots mini-tears
that don’t deal a lot of damage

100 %- Sister Maggy : Shoots blood tears
that deal more damage than Bobby’s but in a
slower rate.

150%- Little Steven : Same damage than
Bobby’s, slower range, but they follow the
enemy briefly

200% -Abel
: Same as Bobby but shoots in
the opposite direction.

Poor Isaac is traumatized. He just lies down and cries.


It would be very cool if every time you did this taunt a
different memory appeared.
Isaac looks around the stage, but doesn’t see the
demonic Shadow that appears behind him, like in
ending 17


His death animation, with The Lost flying
Ground Attacks
Forward tilt
Up tilt
Down tilt

He shoots tears, like in the game. Similar to
Megaman’s neutral attack. The familiars help here.

Isaac charges forward glowing similar to when he uses


. However, he won’t be invulnerable


Mom’s foot appears in front of Isaac, dealing lots of
damage, then banishes. Based on the trinket Mom’s
Toenail . Alternatively, Monstro’s Tooth
be used here with the same effect but replacing the
foot with Monstro.





Forward throw
Back throw
Up throw
Down throw

Isaac uses Mom’s Knife
in a similar way that
he can use it in the original game. The longer he
charges it, the further it goes.
Combining Tiny Planet and Cursed Eye , two
rows of four tears each one circle around Isaac, hitting
anything above him.

Using My Little Unicorn, Isaac points his horn
upwards, dealing damage.

Isaac uses the Gnawed Leaf
and turns into stone,
falling down and doing meteoric damage. A mix of
Kirby’s down b with Greninja’s down aerial

The neutral Smash makes useof one of the main
features in The Binding of Isaac, items that modify
your stats and tears. His neutral special will use the
animation that he has whenever he pics an item. In
Smash a list of modifiers would appear and the player
has to press the button to decide which one he wants,

similar to Shulk’s Monado Arts. To keep balance in the
game the cycle should always have the same
order.This modifiers affect any attack in which Isaac’s
tears are involved, like his neutral attack. The items
that would appear could be:
 Iron Bar
: Tears have a small chance of
confusing the enemy (like Mewtwo’s down
 Spoon Bender
: Homing tears



Final Smash

Cupid’s Arrow : Tears can go through
enemies instead of stopping when they hit
the first one.

Spider Bite
: Bigger chance of effect than
Iron Bar’s concussive tears but it only slows
down the enemies.

: Instead of tears in the
neutral attack Isaac shoots a laser that does
little damage and doesn’t push enemies, but
has great range.

: Bigger tears, greater
damage, lower rate.

To recover when falling out of the stage, Isaac calls for
help and the enemy Mom’s Hand appears, grabs him
and pulls him upwards. Enemys can get between Isaac
and the Hand, being grabbed instead, taking damage
and making Isaac fall to his doom. This Special can be
used on the ground for a similar effect as Pikachu’s
Down Special.
Isaac plants a bomb
under him and after a few
seconds it explodes. Like in the Binding of Isaac, Isaac
can push the bomb with his tears to bring it closer to

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