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BOUVET Island DAYTON Ver 2 100%

Dayton 2017 Mountains cover more than 93% of the country.



     Country / ​ País        2002 ‐ 2004                  ​ Football Academy                 Sub 16‐18         SPAIN          2004 ‐ 2008


WPS6851 72%

The World Bank invests about one-quarter of its budget for country services in knowledge products.


Military 70%

How can small science help us protect such a big country?


Some Notes on the History of the French Cuisine. Carlos Mirasierras 65%

This cuisine eventually spread throughout the country and reached other countries through overseas export trade and colonization, which in turn brought numerous other influences from around the world.


Caterpillar All in One - EOK 58%

Therefore, we highly recommend that our customers promote the range of KITS in their country.


The-Economics-of-World-War-II 57%

A chapter is devoted to each country, reviewing its economic war potential, military-economic policies and performance, war expenditures, and development, while the introductory chapter presents a comparative overview.


Quiroga et al. 2014 - Jaguar in argentinean Chaco -Oryx 56%

the Chaco jaguar population is the most threatened in the country.


Open letter to the President of USA Barack Obama 56%

Also, more than 114,000 people are still missing, which makes of Spain "the second country in the world after Cambodia, with the largest number of victims of enforced disappearances whose remains have not been recovered or identified."


Stitched Up 55%

John Heartfield, a German who anglicised his name as a protest against German nationalism, fled the country to Czechoslovakia in 1933, then to England in 1938.


Mc Doughall Jhon, Treating Multiple Sclerosis With Diet Fact or Fraud 54%

modern, industrialized country with all the stress, pollution, and smoking habits common to other industrialized nations, their rice-based diet is more characteristic of the foods consumed in poorer nations where MS is less common.


6th costa rica open ENGLISH 54%

best of luck to all participants and I look foward to seeing you all in my country.


RL31133 54%

Such measures have generally authorized the use of force against either a named country or unnamed hostile nations in a given region.


Junqueras-Catalonia seeks foreign support for breakaway from Spain - FT 51%

Public debt is currently around €1,000bn and economic growth continues to be funded by high public deficits.” The minister argued that a deal to divide the debt between an independent Catalonia and a separate Spain would be better for the country’s creditors than leaving the debt to be paid by an “untrustworthy” government in Madrid alone.


English classes on the telephone Charlie your teacher of English 50%

The country in which on-the-phone classes can be received and offered is Spain as roaming prices are unacceptable.


why-Nations-Fail 50%

It’s manmade institutions, not the lay of the land or the faith of our forefathers, that determine whether a country is rich or poor.