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Open letter to the President of the USA
Dear President of the USA, this
open letter is aimed to bring into
your notice that in your next visit to
Spain to have talks with Mr. Rajoy
(1, 2) you are going to meet with
the leader of a Franco-fascist party
called Partido Popular (PP). This
party is the continuation of another
one called Alianza Popular (AP),
which was founded in February
1976. Almost all the members of
both parties (AP & PP) belonged to
the ranks of the Franco's regime.
Manuel Fraga Iribarne (1, 2, 3, 4,),
one of the main founders of both
political formations, was Interior
Minister (Ministro del Interior) who
hunted down democrats and
people against the dictator. We
must bear in mind that Franco was
a war criminal who killed more
than half a million people during the
civil war, a war triggered after a
coup d'état
promoted by the
Spanish Army, the Church, the
monarchs, the bourgeoisie, the aristocracy, the newspaper ABC, and the "good people"
of the those days. It must not be neglected that after the civil war more than 100,000
people died in executions, concentration camps, and in overambitious megaconstructions aimed at becoming Franco's inheritance (Monumento de los Caídos,
hydroelectric dams, etc.). Also, more than 114,000 people are still missing, which
makes of Spain "the second country in the world after Cambodia, with the largest
number of victims of enforced disappearances whose remains have not been
recovered or identified."
Franco was also an ally of both Hitler and Mussolini (1, 2) and Spain became the
testing ground for the new war machinery that Germany had devised and which would
be used in the 2ond World War . You may be thinking that this happened a long time ago
as Franco died in November 1975, and that a democratic Constitution was accepted by
the Spaniards in 1978, but today the PP still has this francoist ideology in its DNA, and
ideology that is put into practice through "democratic means", I will explain:
(1) There are, at least, 165 streets in Madrid that bear francoist and fascist names, and
more than 8,000 in the rest of Spain (except for Catalonia and the Bask Country); they
represent a homage to those who helped Franco and his national allies during and
after the war (you can ask the American Ambassador in Madrid about this), but the PP
leaders say these streets represent pieces of the Spanish history. And on top of that,

the PP has enacted a law (known as the gag law) that forbids demonstrations against
their policies and goes against the freedom of speech, a law very similar to one that in
Franco's days prohibited the meeting of more than 6 people in the streets.
(2) The PP and PSOE allowed the creation of the "Fundación Nacional Francisco
Franco" (National Foundation Francisco Franco), which has received state subsidies),
as well as the organization "La Falange Española ", a sort of Spanish SS ranks that
were at the service of the Franco's regime; this fascist group took part, together with
the "Guardia Civil" (GC), in the persecution and murder of thousands of Spaniards
who had fought against the Franco's army, or were intellectuals against the fascist
regime during Franco's life.
(3) The PP has denied in numerous occasions to condemn the war crimes committed
by Franco, his fascist army and the GC, and has always denied to position in favor of
the "Memoria Histórica" (a democratic movement aimed at honoring those who died
against the fascists). On the other hand, the PSOE, the historical opposition, has
always feebly condemned the PP's strategies as a way to favor very big corporations
(electricity and gas supplying firms whose price list of services are higher than the
European average, although the Spanish minimum wage of workers is less than half of
the average wage in the eurozone); this protective strategies has secured many PSOE
and PP leaders a post in the board of directors of the supplying firms mentioned above:
this is known as the "revolving door " system.
Probably, Spain has become the last redoubt of fascism in Europe, or the whole world,
as the number of votes in favor of the PP is high. Many analysts insist on the theory
that pensioners who vote for the PP are afraid of losing their pensions if Podemos (a
political formation labeled as communist by the PP and PSOE) gains power, but the
Church, the army, the Guardia Civil, the National Police (another iron hand at Franco's
service), the aristocracy, the bourgeoisie, the managerial class, and many other groups
of subjects who have benefitted from the PP's corrupt strategies represent a large
number of voters; also, many other voters have believed the lies that this party has
been spreading for nearly 40 years (the silliest the voters are, the better for the crooks).
Podemos, though, is the outcome of people's anger against the fascist practices
carried out by the PP, which include corruption, bribery, promotion of increasingly
constrictive laws, manipulation of data concerning unemployment figures and deficit
levels and many other crimes that in a real democracy would send many of their
members to jail immediately, but as they (the PP) are also protected by judges whose
political ideology is very close to theirs, their fears are non-existent as legal proceeding
are endless, dismissed, or in any case of a jail sentence the PP can resort to pardoning
the accused. A law that has protected more crooks than innocents since 1874.
The PSOE is a puppet for the PP and its economic allies (big corporations, board of
employers, that is, all that staff who benefit from economic and labor laws that
impoverish workers, that is the real driving force of a rational capitalism). On the other
hand, another political party has also emerged as a consequence of the independence
aspirations of Catalonia; they call themselves Ciudadanos (C's). Anyway, they are a
"white label product" of the PP as his leader, Albert Rivera (1, 2), was a member of the
PP organization Nuevas Generaciones in his youth. This party is playing both sides to
get into politics in a more "substantial" way, and it because the board of employers and

big corporations are seeing in them the "spare part" they need to replace an over-filthy
and corrupt PP one day.
Mr. President, I sincerely hope your visit to Spain may have been interesting and

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