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SWC Bypassing canbus RN .pdf

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SWC canbus bypass
Bypassing the Can-Bus control of the lower cluster of steering wheel buttons, so you will be able to map them
manually using the SWC menu on the unit, for the lower cluster of buttons.
Mod was made on Model M150 with S160 software for Ford Focus 2012, PCB rev. M052Z3-V1.02. This is for models
with the kind of steering wheel buttons in the picture. However it is possible the mod could apply to other car
models/versions as well. Try the following at your own risk.

Step 1.
Locate your can-bus decoder and find the grey wire / no5 from left, marked in the picture.

Step 2.
Unplug from the canbus decoder and unclip the grey wire from the white plug. Then reconnect the grey wire, into the
blue control plug, like in the picture. The two connector/pin types are not compatible, so you will have to find a spare
pin that can be used in the blue control connector. I sacrificed the extra wire that came in the kit, for the usb
connection, since it uses the same pin type as the blue control connector.

Copyright 2016 © | 2016-05-06 rev.1

Step 3.
Enjoy the freedom of manually mapping your buttons.(picture is not the same as in the M150)

Copyright 2016 © | 2016-05-06 rev.1

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