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PLM 20000Q foundation:
an iconic amplifier design that is proven, tested,
and trusted by professionals all over the world


PLM+ is the brand new flagship
touring platform from Lab.gruppen
PLM+ sets the benchmark for Powered Loudspeaker
Management Systems. It combines four channels of
amplification with unrivalled signal processing and audio
management, allowing complete integration in the devices,
and offering many unique functions not found in other
amplifier and DSP “combined” platforms.
PLM+ has been designed with total integration at the core of
the system, allowing complete control and monitoring of the
whole platform ecosystem – including networking, audio I/O,
signal processing, amplifiers, power supply and connected
mains supply – delivering unique operational benefits and
improved system control for the user via Lake Controller,
CAFÉ and Third Party Protocol integration.
Building on the TEC Award winning PLM 20000Q and offering
all of its unique performance characteristics, flexibility, and
raw power, PLM+ delivers twice the processing power, twice
the throughput, and a whole host of features designed to
deliver real world benefits.

PLM+ makes any production life cycle easier to specify,
smoother to run, and more efficient to control and monitor
– at the system design stage, during the show, and right
through to the final load out.
Proven at all levels of concert touring, Lab.gruppen’s roadtested and environmentally conscious technologies are
incorporated into the PLM+ series. Of the two models, the
PLM 12K44 offers a touring technology first: Rational Power
Management (RPM™), a brand new proprietary Lab.gruppen
innovation that rationalizes power allocation between
channels to optimise performance and potentially reduce
amplifier inventory.
As with previous generations of PLM, the new PLM+ models
benefit from the proven package of onboard Lake Processing
and Dante™ digital audio networking, redundant audio inputs,
and onboard load monitoring to fulfill the requirements of
mission-critical live sound applications – where the show
must go on, no matter what.

Features + Benefits:
+ Rational Power Management (RPM)
• 4 x 3000 W output power, total 12000 W (12K44)
• 4 x 5000 W output power, total 20000 W (20K44)
• Any channel is capable of delivering up to 5900 Watts
power output from total available power
• Flexible power output allocation across channels of
the 12K44 model to match requirements, enabling more
efficient use of amplifier inventory

+ Power Supply
• Unique universal Regulated Switch-Mode Power Supply
(R.SMPS™) maintains stability despite wide fluctuations
in mains supply voltage
• Best-in-class Power Factor Correction (PFC) helps
maintain full output during extended power bursts
• Current Draw Modelling (CDM™) reduces mains peak draw
• Breaker Emulation Limiter (BEL™) tailors PLM+ Series to
the available mains distribution
• Under-Voltage Limiting (UVL) enables continued operation
with mains voltage sags as low as 65 V

+ Amplifier
• Amplifier Design: Class TD output stage
• Digitally controlled and recallable “amplifier gain”
adjustable in 0.1 dB steps
• Digital output attenuation in 0.25 dB steps from -inf to 0 dB
• Digitally implemented, zero-overshoot Inter-Sample
Voltage Peak Limiting (ISVPL) adjustable in 0.1 V steps
from 17.8 to 194 V

+ Audio & Processing
• Dante low-latency digital network included as standard
• Full support for Dante Controller
• Lake’s exclusive classic/linear-phase/FIR speaker
processing platform with four throughputs
• Group control with Raised Cosine™ MESA EQ™
asymmetric filters
• LimiterMax™ peak and RMS limiters
• Comprehensive clocking management system with low
latency sample rate conversion
• Multiple and redundant inputs with programmable failover
• Four “Lake Class” analog inputs with Iso-Float™ ground isolation
• Two AES3 on XLR digital inputs (4 audio channels)
• Eight dual-redundant Dante network audio inputs and outputs

+ Networking & Communications
• Compatible with Lake LM Series, and Lab.gruppen
PLM and D Series
• Primary and secondary network connections
• High-Resolution daylight viewable LCD display
• Moisture resistant silicone touchpad for front-panel
display mode selection and menu navigation

+ Physical Design
• Lightweight 2U chassis weighing only
16.5 kg / 36 lbs (12K44), 17 kg / 37 lbs (20K44)
• Copper-finned intercooler with transverse-mounted
output devices
• Rugged, road tested construction



The Solid Foundation:
Lab.gruppen Core Technologies
Reliability, durability, sound quality and pure power remain the fundamentals for any touring amplifier, and in this
regard PLM+ rigorously maintains Lab.gruppen’s industry-leading reputation.

Key Lab.gruppen technologies incorporated in the PLM+ Series platform include:
+ Regulated Switch-Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS)
A fully regulated design that connects to any mains supply

+ Inter-Sample Voltage Peak Limiter (ISVPL™)
Digitally controlled broadcast quality peak limiter with

in the world and ensures stable output power independent
of deviations in the mains voltage

exceptional accuracy for maintaining sonic purity

+ Under-Voltage Limiting (UVL)
Allows continued operation despite severe voltage drops
+ Best-in-class Power Factor Correction (PFC)
Unique Current Draw Modelling (CDM™) reduces peak

+ Intercooler® Cooling System
Equipped with the extraordinarily efficient copper-finned
Intercooler system, PLM+ amplifiers expel heat more
efficiently, eliminating ‘end of tunnel’ output device over temperature problems

current draw from the mains supply; inherent rail regulation
maintains stable rail voltages during extended bursts

+ Breaker Emulation Limiter (BEL)
Prevents mains fuse tripping

+ Patented Class TD® Output Stage
Combines the efficiency of Class D with the sonic

+ Full Suite of Protection Features
Thermal ‘show-must-go-on’ Limiting, Very High Frequency

qualities of Class B topologies.

Protection (VHF), Direct Current Protection (DC), Short Circuit
Protection, Current Clip Limiter, Voltage Clip Limiter

Regulated Switch-Mode Power
Supply (R.SMPS)

Rational Power Management:
Optimal performance and minimal
equipment costs
Rational Power Management provides true flexibility of power allocation
On top of the outstanding performance users have come
to expect from a PLM, the 12K44 model also features
Rational Power Management (RPM), a proprietary Lab.
gruppen technology that provides designers, systems techs,
consultants and integrators with unprecedented freedom to
allocate the available output power of each amplifier channel
for optimum performance with specific load conditions.
For the first time, RPM provides true flexibility in allocating
available power across the four output channels. Each
channel of the PLM 12K44 may be tailored to meet the
requirements of the connected load, and any power not used
for that channel may be allocated for use on other channels.
RPM helps to avoid amplifier over-specification, or bridging
of adjacent channels in order to meet minimum demands
on one power-hungry load, which would otherwise result in
a loss of channel count. RPM technology also enables the
user to minimize equipment costs, reduce rack space and
improve long-term energy efficiency – all achievable without
compromising sonic performance.

Rational Power Management incorporates features that
safeguard the defined power output of one or more specified
channels. From within the CAFÉ software, it allows the
desired power demand to be calculated for the different loads
in several different ways. RPM then analyses the desired
power in relation to the channel and device constraints and
guides the system designer towards the most effective way
of powering the PA.
Rational Power Management results in real-world savings,
both immediate and long-term. In many cases, fewer
amplifiers – or lower cost models – may be specified while
still fulfilling all power requirements.
It also allows better mains management, avoiding overspecification of mains distribution, cooling, and UPS (where
required). Finally, the overall gains in efficiency in larger
systems will minimize current consumption and reduce
operation costs – a “green bonus” for the system owner.

Amplifier Power Required






PLM+ Series - Amp channels power adjusted to match the loudspeaker requirements

Windows 8

CAFÉ with ESP: Integrated software for fast system configuration and surveillance
CAFÉ (Configuring Amplifiers For the Environment) is
a dedicated software application for Windows and OSX
that allows PLM+ amplifiers to be easily configured and
In addition to providing comprehensive system surveillance
and configuration of RPM and other amplifier features
such as ISVPL and Breaker Emulation Limiter (BEL), CAFÉ
also includes valuable help to save the environment. In
combination with the RPM configuration CAFÉ can accurately
predict, based on the true SPL and speaker requirements
of the individual loads for the given project, estimations of
average mains current draw and generated heat in BTU. With
PLM+ Series’ innovative power supply technologies (true
Power Factor Correction utilizing Current Draw Modelling)
the required mains draw is already best in class in relation
to burst power output, but in combination with the BEL
the mains draw can also be safeguarded to the predicted

level. The end result is precise mains management and
thermal control, which allows more accurate (rather than
over-specified) provision of mains distribution, cabling and
cooling. This technology suite reduces lifetime running
costs and minimizes environmental impact. It also reduces
demands on UPS systems.
CAFÉ also features an innovative design aid: the Equipment
Specification Predictor (ESP). ESP examines the system
SPL and speaker requirements for a given project and
aids in transforming that data into circuit and amplifier
channel requirements. On a system level, CAFÉ supplies
a recommendation for optimized placement of channels
into amplifiers for the most cost effective solution. The
recommendation includes model and quantities of PLM+
Series required with most rational use of amplifiers,
minimizing wasted headroom.


Incorporating technologies from

Lake: Power and flexibility for any
networked solution
PLM+ devices provide extraordinary input flexibility, the legendary
power of exclusive Lake processing algorithms, comprehensive
control and load monitoring via Lake Controller, and seamless
integration into Dante digital audio networks. All PLM+ models
incorporate four full-featured Lake Processing modules, with
four discrete channels of audio throughput input to output. Audio
signals are selectable from four channels of analog (with IsoFloat ground isolation), four channels via AES3 digital inputs and
eight dual redundant Dante networked digital inputs. Input signals
are individually selectable for each channel, with programmable
failover to a lower prioritized input.

The included Lake Controller software provides a unified interface
for control of Lake functions and for comprehensive monitoring of
both amplifier status and connected loudspeaker loads. Optimized
for a wireless tablet PC, Lake Controller is easy and intuitive to
operate, with the “feel” of real-time analog faders and controls.

The full-featured, on-board Lake processor includes group control
with Raised Cosine MESA EQ asymmetric filters to match the
responses of any loudspeaker system. LimiterMax peak and RMS
limiters set the industry standard for loudspeaker protection and
sonic transparency.

Lake Processing offers classical crossovers (selectable up to
48 dB per octave) as well as linear-phase crossovers capable of
slopes exceeding 180 dB per octave for greater control to limit
lobing and off-axis cancellation.

Speaker outputs
“Embedded patch panel” with Neutrik speakON
connectors (2 x NLT4 and 1 x NLT8)

4 x binding posts (pairs)

Lake Controller also features seamless integration with third
party, real-time sound system measurement, optimization, and
control software packages. Users can measure spectrum and
transfer function and adjust system EQ at the same time, using the
same user interface.

Two AES3 digital inputs (4 audio channels)

32 amp locking powerCON for mains supply

Analog inputs with Iso-Float

EtherCON inputs

Four “Lake class” analog inputs with Iso-Float
ground isolation

Two etherCON jacks are provided for the dual
redundant control and Dante connections


PLM+ series amplifiers offer:
+ Four complete Lake Processing modules –

• Classic, linear phase and FIR filters
• Group control with Raised Cosine™ MESA EQ™
• asymmetric filters
• LimiterMax™ peak and RMS limiters

+ Input flexibility and redundancy –
• Four analog inputs with Iso-Float ground isolation
• Two AES3 digital inputs (four audio channels)
• Eight dual redundant Dante network inputs

+ Comprehensive loudspeaker preset database (LoadLibrary™)
+ Wireless tablet control with Lake Controller software for
convenient remote system tuning and commissioning

Module Data stored in Module FIles (Speaker Presets)

Left: The signal flow block diagram of

Frame Data stored in System Files and Frame Presets

Mixer A


Lake Contour
Module A

Dante 1-8
(no mutes)

Mixer B

Lake Contour
Module B


Mixer C

Lake Contour
Module C*

Mixer D

Lake Contour
Module D*

Output Routing

pass through
to Dante


Auto RPM

Amp Gain




Phase Rev
Custom RPM

Auto RPM

Amp Gain




Phase Rev
Custom RPM

Auto RPM

Amp Gain




Phase Rev
Custom RPM

Auto RPM

Amp Gain




(inputs, input router and input mixer)
allows for mixing capabilities as well as

Dante Receivers 1-8
AES 1-4
Analog 1-4

PLM+ series Lake. The input section

Phase Rev
Custom RPM

redundant and prioritized inputs with
automatic switch-over in case of signal
failure. Up to four Lake Processing
modules provide user EQ and loudspeaker
processing, including LimiterMax limiting.
Each power output channel provides
individual channel processing, including
ISVPL limiter, RPM and load monitoring.


6483 1264/201114

Lab.gruppen adopts a policy of continuous improvement and product specification is subject to change.
RPM, R.SMPS, PFC, CDM, BEL, UVL, CAFÉ, ESP, ISVPL, Iso-Float, Raised Cosine, MESA EQ,
LimiterMax and LoadLibrary are trademarks of Lab.gruppen AB.
All other trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.
Copyright © 2014 Lab.gruppen AB. All rights reserved.

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