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Collaboration Agreement

The need
Vacation Rental Market
2013 national client
3.121.048 clients (INE).

- 300€ average per client.
- Estimated Expense: 936 Million €

LaComunity is the only rental website with quality products worldwide

The Client
High Purchasing Power Client

Temporary Stays
Accustomed to travel. The client wants to feel like home.
Seeks for a different experience
Family Leisure
Corporate - Business

Integrations & Collaborations
● We are the largest supplier of apartments in Spain.

● We have integrations with all kind of portals & travel
search engines sending our product through API.
● We pay commission for completed booking.
● Real-time Instant Bookings.

Our product
We manage more tan 60.000 lodgings worldwide and we expect to
incorporate another 80.000 more in the next 3 months.

The lodgings adjust both to the Holiday/Leisure Client and to the
Company/Business Client.

We already have presence in Latin-America and during 2016 we will be
increasing our inventory.

What do we offer to you?
Our inventory of vacation apartments for you to offer to your clients.
We also offer you to enter in the sector without having to make any
commercial effort.

Why is our product different from the rest?
The reservations are always confirmed immediately thanks to our
instant booking process.

We are the only web that offers you quality apartments and houses,
managed by professionals and with the certainty of always having a
great accommodation experience. All our lodgings have all the legal


Our national destinations
60% of our lodgings are in the Spanish market, being our principal
● Barcelona ( 3500 apartments)

● The Costa Brava ( 2200 apartments)
● Balearic Islands (1700 apartments)
● Madrid ( 700 apartments)
● Cerdanya (380 apartments)
● Andalusia (5250 apartments)

● Val d’Arán (280 apartments)
● Cantabria, Asturias, The Basque Country (1200 apartments)
● The Levante Coast (2200 apartments)

Our International Destinations
Remaining 40% belongs to international destinations. The largest
volume of lodgings is located in:

● London (525 apartments)
● Rome (4800 apartments)
● New York (3805 apartments)

● Paris (250 apartments)
● Lisbon (199 apartments)
● Amsterdam ( 1602 apartments)
● Prague (1500 apartments)
● Latin-America (10.000 apartments).

● Asia (12.000 apartments).

Our Benefits

For our holiday/vacation client
we provide…
● Functional & central apartments at the big cities.
● Apartments, houses & villas at coastal & island zones.
● Mountain apartments & houses.

● Ski apartments & houses (with ski pass included)
● Cottages/Farmhouses both at the mountain & the beach.

For our Corporate and Business
we provide…
● Functional & central apartments at the big cities.
● Apartments for incentive trips.

● Luxury apartments, houses & villas very exclusive.
● All the necessary services: wi-fi, laundry…

We’re hoping that we can collaborate!

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