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Olalla Pérez-Hervada Lemus
981 268332 //+34600794404
Universidade da Coruña, IUEE “Salvador de Madariaga”, September 2015- June 2016, European
Studies (24 ECT). Convenor: Dr. Gabriella Oanta, Dr.
Social Council, UDC, from January 2015 to June 2016, postgraduate studies in Social Responsibility
and Innovation. Convenor: Dr. Marta Rey, (626 hours- 25´4 ECT).
Brunel University, London, UK Master of Arts in Contemporary Performance Making, with Distinction
in digital performance by Dr. Johannes Birringer. From September 2009 to September 2010
(Equivalent to 90 ECT)
Undergraduate in Sociology undertaken as European student by the following universities: UNED,
UDC, Karl Frances Universitat (AT), Universitat degli Studi di Pisa(IT), from September 2001- to June
2008. Diploma: “Bachelor in Sociology” obtained by UDC
Dundee College, from September 2003 to June 2004, Diploma in Dance Performance Director: Peter
Royston. Advance contemporary dance techniques and choreography.
Diputación da Coruña, Conservatorio, September 1993- 20000, Professional diploma in ballet.

Selected Grants, Awards
Atelier-Wien´s grant at Choreolab University of kreems (AT) for the seminar “Strategy and
marketing”. September 2009
Amsterdam University of the Arts student´s grant from August to December 2005.
Centro Coreográfico Galego´s choreography’s grant at Paulo Ribeiro´s Company. Annual Portugal
awarded in dance performance in 2009.

Selected Publications
Neurama, digital magazine in psico gerontology. June 2017. “Social Innovation in Alzheimer’s
disease”, co-authorship. Reference:
Press officer assistant at City of woman cultural festival, Ljubljana in October 2013. Reference:

Conferences and talks
Participant: Social Innovation, The Role of Social Service Providers, organized by UDC, October 2015
“H2020 SMEs Instrument”, by Laura Gregorio in Santiago, December 2016. Crossing Border talks
(Independent dance London, UK). Autumn 2011.

UDC ( Universidade da Coruña), Uni-Graz ( Karl Frances Universitat AT)

Olalla Pérez-Hervada Lemus
981 268332 //+34600794404

Selected Experience and Service
European Commission, Executive agency for culture, education and Audiovisual. February 2012March 2013. Service: Panel expert for European festival strand. Place: Brussels and remote.
Evaluating and monitoring cultural festival 7 th frame program. Supervisors: Stephen Winants and
Genevive Sauvé.
Equality Service UDC: Assistant officer, September 2008-September 2009.
Count of us (actual, Tracsis Group) during 2009-2010, survey studies in transportation, London.
Sondaxe S.L., Social research intern from October to December 2007, A Coruña.

Skills Technical
Computer Systems, advance user: Microsoft, Linux and Mac OS X.
Software’s, Expertise: MS Office Package and Abode Suit.
Production Experience: o Video: Recording, Capture Systems, and Editing. Final Cut Pro, Quicktime
Player, Arkaos. I obtained a Diploma in photo and video editing (120 hours), A Coruña.
Accreditation: diploma from School of Industrial Organization, Spain in cloud computing.

Skills Languages (test frame level)
Native Spanish and Galician.
Advance English C2, IELTS by the British council (overall score 7) July 2009. Brunel University,
International Pathways and language centre (overall score 70) October 2009.
Professional level in Italian B2, advance level, Intensive, 2007, Uni-graz .
Independent user in German B1. Accreditation Diploma by Language centre UDC, 2008.

Social and entrepreneur
“Business thinking”, Assistance certificate (28 Hours) UDC. Project: measuring organizational
I obtained the Public Relations and protocol Diploma (bilingual) by Instituto Americano. Madrid,
March 2016. Distance education authorise by Education and Science ministry of Spain. Work
experience as a bilingual assistant at the international conference IALA in May 2014, A Coruña.

UDC ( Universidade da Coruña), Uni-Graz ( Karl Frances Universitat AT)

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