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Aída López-Martín
Office Manager
Phones (+34) 617.70.36.96 & (+34) 91.873.26.64

Who am I?
I’m a versatile, self-starter, organized team player looking for obtain a position where I can apply my
education, fifteen years of experience and personal skills to contribute to the development and growth up
of the organization .


2.017. Cetificate Project Management Essentials.
Studying Certificate of Higher Education in Advertisement and Marketing.
2.016. Master Degree in Direction of Communication and Protocol.
2.001. Degree in Communication.
2.004. Business Management.
Extensive additional training in Marketing:
Guerrilla Marketing (2.009; 40 h)
Commercial Distribution (2.009; 40 h)
Promotional Marketing (2.008; 60h)
Sales Management (2.007; 40h)
Relationship Marketing (50h.)


Professional Typing Rate, 70 wpm.

Computer Skills:
Microsoft Office suite Expert and Microsoft Operating Systems.
Use of a computer for scientific research and Internet highly skilled.
Lotus, Alfresco, Gesdoc, Navision, SAP, IFS, ArcoIris, PhotoShop, Photo Editor, Picture It!

Language Skills:
Spanish: mother tongue (C2)
English: Advanced level certified by Schiller International University, London (C1)
French: Certify Français Pratique (B1)

Work History

2.015. Executive Assistant at Altran Innovación, S.L.U.
Reporting to three Directors, including two European ones.

2.014. Office Manager at Neoláser, S.L.
Reporting to the General Manager

2.008 - 2.013. Marketing and Commercial Director Assistant at La Palette Rouge Ibérica,
Reporting to the General and the Commercial Managers. Communication with customers and
providers. Advertising and Public Relationship.
Being responsible for interdepartmental relationships, corporate designing, Office Management, etc.
During 2.009 reconciled my role within the same company with the tasks of a Quality Manager to
implement ISO Certify, coordinating the Quality Team, writing and translating all the documentation

2.008. Office Manager at By Techdesign.
Reporting to the General Manager.

2.007 Coordinator of a Pool of Secretaries at Ketchum / S.E.I.S.
Reporting to the General Manager. Staff coordinating. Office Managing.

2.005-2.006. Administrative at ESRI España Geosistemas, S.A.// Ortotecsa // Stock Uno
Reporting to the Finance Department Manager: Invoicing. Reporting. Internal purchasing.

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