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CALLE SONORA is a spanish audiovisual company focused on live
acoustic and street music recordings.

We make different videos, moving bands and artists to different scenes
or locations. There’s place for recognized spanish bands (Delafé y las
Flores Azules, Fuel Fandango, El Pescao, Izal or Leiva) and emerging

The use of the sequence shot is the sign of our project, with its
abundance of realism and perfectly respectful of the spectator to whom
he addresses himself. Energy is the key to better videos.

YouTube is our main outlet for spreading our work:

Press and media
- ‘Calle Sonora Special’ TV Special Program broadcasted on 2014 - Sol Música
- Interviews in spanish magazines (CineAndCine, ElClubExpress…)
- Videos broadcasted on news channels (Canal Sur, Castilla TV) |

"Like every immediate thing{ it’s authentic and every authentic thing is
imperfect. And in that imperfection, we find beauty which is considered
to be something fresh and ephemeral, something that happens in a
determined space and time”.

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