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Some and Any, Part 1 .pdf

Nombre del archivo original: Some and Any, Part 1.pdf
Título: Some and Any, Part 1
Autor: Charlie, your teacher of English

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Part one
The words "some" and "any" are used when the speaker cannot
specify or doesn't need or want to specify a number or an exact
amount. Compare the following sentences:
I got some nice presents for Christmas this year; This job is going to take some time.
Look! There are some large black birds on the roof of the church; You have some
butter on your chin; If you are hungry, there are some biscuits in the cupboard; I'm
sure I'll return to Japan some day; There is somebody on the phone for you.
In general, any is used in negative sentences and questions:
I didn't get any nice presents for Christmas this year; I looked in the cupboard but I
couldn't find any biscuits; I don't need any help; She's so rude. No wonder she doesn't
have any friends; I don't have anything to wear to the dance; I'm not hungry. I don't
want anything to eat; do you have any brothers or sisters?; Did you catch any fish?;
Have you seen any good films recently?

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