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Here below are some financial and legal terms that will give you an idea of what both
sciences mentioned above have to do with the world of Business and Law.
Law To become
familiarized with them will certainly be a goal to have in mind in order to succeed in
commercial activities and trade.
The intentionality of this course is to make people aware of the significance that English
in the world of business



crash crash
aid altruism deposit

international consumer goods COST

credit currency debt

deficit agriculture


economics economy finance fiscal asian crisis global


inflation interest, invest, investment, advertising agency appreciate bankrupt


Capital goods

entrepreneurship adverse selection,

costs agricultural policy animal spirits antitrust appreciation arbitrage pricing theory assets asymmetric
shock auctions,

capital cash constant dollars

absolute deflation

advantage choice Corporation depreciation asymmetric information Balance
of trade capitalist class equity elasticity Austrian

autarky average


deposit adaptive expectations

Circular flow

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