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CME Import-Export , Promotional File "El Madroñito"

CME - Import-Export is proud to present
one of the most important Spanish
commercial brands of Iberian piglets, El
Madroñito. It should be added that this
regulations on meat products. The
inclusion of this commercial brand in this
promotional file responds to the request of
its owner to have his products
represented nationally and internationally.
These Iberian suckling piglets are
packed and frozen at minus
18°C, with not viscera or traces of animal hair. The weight of each piglet varies
between 5 to 8 kilos.
The wholesale marketing is in sturdy cardboard boxes containing eight units
inside each box, and 20 boxes per pallet, giving a total of 160 piglets.
Expiration date: 1 year frozen at -18°C


CME Import-Export , Promotional File "El Madroñito"

rocess for vacuum packaging

Vacuum packing and freezing at -18°C
18°C are two techniques applied to ensure the
preservation process of a fresh product for up to 1 year. Vacuum packaging prevents
the formation of ice crystals from the humidity that may be found in a traditional
packaging; it also avoids the meat juices and moisture from passing to the surface of
the piglet and crystallizing during freezing, as this can dry the meat and make it lose
All these measures give the resulting product very high levels of quality and encourage
its consumption at any time of the year since its availability does not depend on specific

CME Import-Export , Promotional File "El Madroñito"

dates, thereby reducing the costs of production and the selling price to the public.
Undoubtedly the Iberian suckling pig is a "delicatessen" that consumers from anywhere
can taste without having to travel to the traditional production areas of this Iberian pig
breed. The varied recipes from each area will provide a different gastronomic nuance to
each culinary presentation of this product on the table.

The suckling pig.
A suckling pig is a young piglet under 10 kg, which is fed on its mother's milk. It is
slaughtered at about six weeks of age, and is cooked whole.
In Spanish cuisine, the suckling pig is a very common dish called «cochinillo asado» or
«tostón», it is traditionally roasted on a spit, or in the oven in an earthenware dish, so as
to get a very tender meat and a crispy skin.

The Iberian pig.
The Iberian black pig is a hardy breed of the south of the Iberian Peninsula that stands
out from the industrial crossbreeding. Close to extinction in 1960 because of the
massive introduction of more productive modern breeds, the black Iberian pig has
reappeared in the last years to meet the demand for high quality meat. Iberian pigs are
slaughtered at the age of 14 months (between 140-180 kg), just in contrast to industrial
white pigs that are slaughtered at about 5 to 6 months of age (between 75-100 kg). The
animals come from small farms where pigs are reared in large buildings and in the
«Dehesa», which is an ecosystem made up of oaks and pastures in the south of the
Iberian peninsula (Salamanca, Extremadura, Andalusia ...). A selection of meat cuts
from Iberian pigs fed on cereals and acorns −cuts that are sold frozen or fresh− are the
famous «PLUMA» These meat cuts have a unique nutty taste that has to do with their
unsaturated fatty acids.
This exceptional breed has a great capacity for storing fat under the skin and in
between the muscular fibers. This fat is visible in the form of white threads that make
meat look like «marble».
This meat comes from the same pigs that are used to produce the famous Iberian ham
«Bellota» or «Cebo», commonly called «Pata Negra».

Some graphic examples of recipes

CME Import-Export , Promotional File "El Madroñito"

Finally, the huge amount of recipes for preparing a suckling pig is a sample of how
versatile this meat is and how suitable it is for all ages and palates.
I can only add that the commercial brand «Cochinillo
Cochinillo Ibérico Lechal, El Madroñito»
produces and sells a high quality product that will not leave indifferent lovers of good
food and as a plus they can consume this meat at any time of year.
Bon Appetite!

For more information contact me:
Tel.: +34 977 160 513

CME Import-Export , Promotional File "El Madroñito"


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