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Antonio Martínez Dalmau – Director – Strategy & Operations
Over 12 years of experience in Management Consulting and Industry experience

Profesional Career
Antonio is a Director of the Strategy & Operations Group of PwC Spain.
Antonio has extensive experience advising companies in acquisitions, strategic positioning and synergies
quantification, helping clients to define their business strategies and advising them through the deal

Specialization Areas
Commercial DD (Buy side & Vendor side) and
Business Plan Assessment
Strategic Analysis

His expertise includes commercial due diligences and business plan assessments both for Corporate
clients and Private Equity Firms.

• Defining growth strategies in new markets and

Antonio leads the Energy sector within the Strategy & Operations Group

• Defining strategies to increase penetration and

Prior to joining PwC, Antonio worked for the Accenture Strategy Group leading Strategic plans and
Market analyses (in Latino America and Europe) and for Lucent Technologies as a process engineer.

market share


Private Equity

Renewable Energy

Financial Services

Main Projects
Designed and conducted the National Strategy on Renewable Energy in Mexico (2012-2020) for the Ministry of Energy (SENER) (wind, solar, cogeneration,
geothermal, small scale hydro energy)
Deployed the diversification strategy for an international paper & pulp company related to biomass and second generation biofuel

Led the identification of market opportunities and valorization of lignocellulosic biomass fractions – sugars and lignin - by means of conversion into high
added value bioproducts for an international oil company
Completed numerous Commercial Due Diligences (buy-side/vendor-side) for financial buyers (Candover, 3i, TerraFirma, Palamon Capital Partners, Lion
Capital, Etc.). Reviewed Market, P&L, Balance Sheet (special focus on working capital).
Conducted the Design, development and deployment of an action plan to accelerate the development of wind energy sector in Mexico for 8 industrial players
Performed various Business Plan Assessment on potential investments on ethanol plants in Latin America for an Energy company
Deployed a Bio diesel Vendor Due Diligence of two Bio diesel factories (300,000 Tons) in the Dominican Republic supporting an Industrial Spanish Corporate
Led the strategic analysis and modelling (P&L, balance, finance structuring) supporting an international PE on the potential acquisition of CLH (transport and
storage oil products in Spain)
Conducted numerous Biomass Business Plan Assessment for potential investors : Business plan assessment and Market due diligence for Biomass Factories .
Performed Independence Business Reviews (IBRs) advising debtors / lenders in the renegotiation of loans (capital structure, repayment timeline, covenants).

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