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google myself 100%

  3rd  pic  is  from  my   Video  Resume     My  Linkedin  Profile   Need  to  be  translated   Should  be  the  first   search  result     My  Video  Resume   Need  to  be  translated,   also  moved  to  a  new   professional  channel       v   v   v   My  Video  Resume   Need  to  be  translated   (content  and   description)     NOT  ME  ;


2011-Job-Search-Guide-S9 Cover letters 88%

Although your resume will necessarily outline your relevant work history, qualifications, dates and specific details about your job duties – the cover letter will generally contain more personal information and will include your motivations for seeking the position.


1165118536 1348294491829 87%

1165118536 1348294491829 Telefónica Móviles Argentina S.A.



If anyone is interested and meets the following requirements or would like more information about the vacancy, send me your resume and questions to the email listed below, I will not answer this way.


Bono 3 - Resumen de bolsillo. 82%

Bono 3 Resumen de bolsillo.