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COLECTIVO CULTURAL CHINATO COLECTIVO CULTURAL CHINATO Para un correcto visionado del CD-ROM “Ventanas del Tiempo” es necesario actualizar Adobe Reader a su última versión X (10.1.4) Enlace de descarga:



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Literary 93%

Literary Closing Paragraph for Literary Analysis Essay Welcome to this brief tutorial on closing paragraphs now before we jump right in let's talk a little bit about what is the purpose of a closing paragraph well closing paragraphs are important because they will tie up any loose ends and really clarify certain points of your essay they're really there to help readers see the importance of your thesis or your message an effective closing is always an ending plus more to think about in the first part of your closing paragraph you should always aim to review specific points you plan you have covered in your writing remember a solid closing paragraph should always include a restatement of your thesis statement so again in the first part of your closing paragraph you should always review those specific points and restate your writing a literary analysis in the second part of your closing paragraph you should begin to broaden your scope by saying something more general about the subject something that will keep that subject alive in the readers mind closing paragraph should always complete or include the following tasks one closing paragraph should always restate the thesis statement now what I mean by restate the thesis statement don't simply copy and paste your thesis from your intro paragraph restate the thesis using different words once you've received the thesis using different words I highly suggest that you review some of the main points or maybe possibly store some of your strongest points from your essay in your closing paragraph this is a great place to emphasize maybe a special or important main thought finally your closing paragraph should always end with a final original thought this is something that sums up everything in a nutshell and really encourages your reader to further think about the concept that you covered in your paper let's take a look at a sample concluding paragraph as you can see there's a transition phrase that begins the closing paragraph as is evident Washington Irving's magical and humorous story is an American treasure that will be shared from generation to generation notice here in the red they restated the thesis statement the exaggerated characters breathtaking settings and mysterious events make the story of Rip Van Winkle memorable and gives the readers a positive and fun view of America again this is a restatement of the thesis statement using different words it's not simply copying and pasting the thesis statement from your intro paragraph notice the next part of our sample closing paragraph starts to broaden the scope talks about Washington Irving's use of a variety of different characteristics especially personalities and his ability to welcome each person back into the story again this is where you're going to place general information and start to broaden your scope finally you'll notice the last sentence of the closing paragraph is really something that provides the reader with additional thoughts it's a final original concluding statement it is through these magical tales that America was shaped and will forever be changed in the mind of those who read it again it adds closure not only to the paragraph but also to the paper as a whole and leaves in lasting impact on the reader so now that you know exactly what the purpose is of a closing paragraph what you need to include in your closing paragraph and how to properly structure your closing paragraph remember Keep Calm you're almost to the end make sure you finish strong with a strong closing paragraph you.


070-2011-003-view 91%

070 2011 003 view Sequencing power for every scale.


2011-Job-Search-Guide-S9 Cover letters 91%

Use Quick tip 6 - Writing letters (page 93) and Checklist 3 - Positive skill words for job applications (page 86) when writing job application letters to make sure you include all of the relevant information in a reader friendly format.


pwc-handbook-for-the-preparation-of-annual-accounts-of-banks 90%

The reader must be aware that the information to which he/she has access is provided “as is” without any express or implied guarantee by PwC Luxembourg.


A book for us, mommy and daddy 86%

First of all, the book is arranged in an order of every day activities and hobbies that shall build an interest in the reader and the parent as well.


Lisa Olson, Le Miracle de la Grossesse Livre 84%

The Author and Publisher assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever on the behalf of any purchaser or reader of these materials.


How To Lose Belly Fat At Home 83%

The reader of this publication assumes all responsibility for the use of these materials, and information.


The Spellbound Formula eBook 82%

The Spellbound Formula eBook Part I:



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WPS6851 75%


The Essentials Trend Trading Techniques 73%

The Essentials Trend Trading Techniques Congratulations!