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Full SEO checklist
Taking care of proper

SEO is a crucial element of running an effective website.

Use the checklist below to improve your website.

Perform a website audit once in a while

11. Use the open graph tags

2. Add content regularly

12. Add tags to your content

3. Take care of the quality of the added content

13. Add nofollow tags to external links

4. Update the website regularly

14. Optimize page size and images

5. Adapt the website to mobile devices

15. Use the correct link structure

6. Use internal linking

16. Post news with links to your website on your


social media pro les

7. Check the correctness of the links

17. Connect your domain to

Google Search


8. Check the correctness and length of the

18. Use

Google Lighthouse

title and meta tags

9. Enter a simple HTML structure

9 I

1 . ncrease the number of links leading to your

0 Make a multi-lingual page

1 .

© 2021 bowwe. All rights reserved.

0 Make a mobile version of the AMP site

2 .

Move your ideas online


About this list


Written by:

BOWWE is a design tool that allows you to create various online projects.

Karol Andruszków


The intuitive drag & drop creator contains everything necessary to develop your
skills, releasing your ingenuity and talent by creating better and better
websites. Without limitations.

Additional contributors:

Build your own efficient website, remarkable Landing Page, impressive
Portfolio, and many more. Design stunning projects, grow your personal brand,
and make yourself a self-ruler.

Jakub Kopacz

Content Marketing Manager BOWWE

That’s all with the intuitive online builder from BOWWE.

ore about SEO:





read more!


The first step to an unwavering position
on the web is your own website.

c r e at e a n ac c o u nt

© 2021 bowwe. All rights reserved.

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