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Varied selection of recipes Carlos Mirasierras.pdf

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ham is Ibérico); 2 small medium sized onion, cut into brunoise; half glass of
tomato purée; 1 green pepper, cut into big chunks (in the event they have to be
removed); 1 tbsp flour; salt % olive oil.
Preparation: Sauté (slightly) the chorizo slices and the ham dices in a casserole
with some olive oil (no more than 4 tbsp) on a medium-low fire; add the onions,
finely chopped, stir well to mix all the elements and after 5 minutes add the flour
and stir again to prevent it clings to the casserole. Add the tomato purée, the
green pepper and mix everything properly; you can add some water, or better a
glass of white wine to ease the cooking process because as some flour has
been added it could get stuck on the casserole walls and would ruin the
preparation. With all this done, you can now add the tripe (callos), still well and
add water to the casserole (some 500 cc); You will see that the tripe droops a
bit as though it had lost some stiffness, but this is normal: what is left now is a
55-minute period of simmering. I know what you're thinking, what on earth are
we going to do with the Asturian sausages? Well, they are going to be added 20
minutes before the limit time, since a longer time would make them burst. There
is a small variation that consists in adding boiled (that is canned) chickpeas, or
pinto beans (judías pintas), I do prefer the latter. I have only to add that these
preparations taste much better when consumed next day.
Pig's trotters with snails (Pies de cerdo con caracoles) (4)

To some people, snails are those little animals that drag their way in our
gardens; most people feel some revulsion because they think that snails feed
on insects or the like, but they're vegetarian. My own son felt this same