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Idiomatic sentences Spanish-English. Charlie, your teacher of English # 1
Acudir en ayuda de: to go to the aid/rescue of (We must go to the aid of Pakistan....)
Acuerdo amistoso: out-of-court settlement (It's a resolution of a dispute prior to the
rendering of a final decision by the trial court)
Ser acusado indebidamente de: to be wrongly accused of (We represented a client that
was wrongly accused of shoplifting and was unlawfully detained in a supermarket)
La verdad salir a la luz: when truth comes to light
Tocar la fibra sensible: to strike a chord with (create an emotional response; "The music
struck a chord with the listeners")
Llevadero: bearable, livable, supportable, tolerable.
Formar grupos de (4 ó 5 estudiantes, etc).: to form groups of (4 or 5 students)
Seguir la hoja de ruta: to follow the roadmap (road map) (A manager can follow the
roadmap and check if his company ...)
Cada uno de los cuales: Each of which, each one of which (A bag contains some marbles,
each of which is one of four colors)
Coger manía a alguien: to take a dislike to sb (to regard sb with aversion
Tener por norma/sistema (hacer algo): to make it a rule to do sth
No importar una mierda/un carajo/un pito: I/you/them, etc don't give a fuck/shit for
Dar la falsa impresión: to give the false impression (that) (Thus, he gave the false
impression that he was a reformed character, but in fact......)
Tomarse la justicia por la mano: to take justice into one's hands
Resolver disputas: to resolve disputes.
Declarar insolvente: to be declared bankrupt/insolvent
Eludir/evitar responsibilities : to evade responsibilities.
Asumir la responsabilidasd de: to take over/assume the responsibility of
Tomar la forma de: to take the form of (Zeus took the form of a swan and seduced Leda)