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Di Bitetti et al 2006 Density and habitat use of ocelots in NE Argentina.PDF 100%

Di Bitetti et al 2006 Density and habitat use of ocelots in NE Argentina Journal of Zoology.


Paviolo et al 2008 Jaguar pop decline Oryx 99%

At Urugua-ı´ (34 stations, 1,495 trap-days) we recorded one individual (minimum density 5 0.12–0.33 per 100 km2).


data-center-efficiency-xeon-baidu-case-study 90%

data center efficiency xeon baidu case study Intelligent Power Optimization for Higher Server Density Racks – A Baidu Case Study with Intel® Intelligent Power Technology Executive Summary Intel partnered with and conducted a proof of concept (PoC) project using the Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manager (Node Manager) and Intel® Data Center Manager to intelligently optimize server performance and power consumption to optimize server density.


Paviolo et al 2009 Protection affect puma abundance and activity pattern 87%

We used capture–mark–recapture population models to estimate the density of pumas for each area.


Quest LocJack Security System Flyer 86%

This keystone jack is designed with a high-density slim-style profile for use in all standard Keystone style wall plates and surface mount boxes, as well as for use in standard or high-density keystone patch panels, allowing up to 24 ports in a 1RU panel, or up to 48 ports in a 2U rack mountable panel.


Quiroga et al. 2014 - Jaguar in argentinean Chaco -Oryx 70%

To update information on the distribution and population density of this species we undertook three camera-trap surveys, combined with searches for sign, at sites across latitudinal and protection gradients, and 156 interviews with local inhabitants across three larger areas.


Quiroga et al 2016. Puma in argentinean chaco (2) 57% Puma density, habitat use and conflict with humans in the Argentine Chaco Verónica A.


De Angelo et al 2010 - JWM - Track identification 43%

Spoor counts have been used as indicators of presence, relative abundance, and density estimation of different species (Van Dyke et al.