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Wilmar Alvarado Castillo
Costa Rica Taekwondo Federation

Dear Presidents of National Federations, School principals , athletes,
parents and Taekwondo fans; On behalf of the Costa Rica Taekwondo
Federation, I would like to extend our sincere invitation to all of our
friends to participate in the 6th Costa Rica Open 2013 to be held in San Jose, Costa Rica
on October 1st- 6th 2013.
This year our organization has the honor to incorporate the Ireno Fargas Foundation to
our event in order to help a good cause. A certain percentage of the profits will be
to a foundation for the development of Children's National Hospital and Spina
Bifida Clinic which has been working with patients with myelomeningocele, these are
children with a complex problem because it involves column with a defect in the closure of
this, with serious movement problems, secondary orthopedic complications, lack of
bladder control, hydrocephalus and frequent surgeries.
These children are managed in a multidisciplinary program that includes social work and
they come mostly from low income families. Many of them require special shoes or braces,
crutches, walkers, etc. that are not always covered by the Social Security system.
It is therefore that the VI Costa Rica Taekwondo Open in strategic alliance with Ireno
Fargas Foundation decided to organize a camp for this purpose on October 1st and 2nd
where we will enjoy recreational training and training methodologies with Olympic and
world champions. Also on October 3rd and 4th a seminar will be held with the help of
world and Olympic champions evaluating different topics related to the practice of
This party will continue with the Open Championship which will be held on October 5th &
6th where we will unite everyone and make a wonderful tournament trying always to
practice fair play.
In closing I will like to thank each one of you for helping this come true and making a truly
successful International Tournament. best of luck to all participants and I look foward to
seeing you all in my country.

Wilmar Alvarado Castillo
President Costa Rica Taekwondo Federation