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www.youtube.com/callesonoralcc Press and media - ‘Calle Sonora Special’ TV Special Program broadcasted on 2014 - Sol Música (Spain) - Interviews in spanish magazines (CineAndCine, ElClubExpress…) - Videos broadcasted on news channels (Canal Sur, Castilla TV) www.callesonora.es | contacto@callesonora.es "Like every immediate thing{ it’s authentic and every authentic thing is imperfect.


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The relationship between diet and roles within the family, the Laissez Faire in self care producing loneliness, the need to feel useful in all stages of life, or the skills and abilities learned by older people to learn to live independently, are questions we ask ourselves as a hypothesis and we intend to corroborate through questionnaires and interviews conducted with a representative group of elderly people living alone , in a neighborhood in the historic center of Seville, all within the framework of the prevention of situations of dependency.


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