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Di Bitetti et al 2006 Density and habitat use of ocelots in NE Argentina.PDF 100%

At Urugua- ´ı Provincial Park, 17 different individuals were captured (nine females, six males, two of unknown sex) during a 3-monthlong survey (34 camera stations, 1409 trap days).


Paviolo et al 2008 Jaguar pop decline Oryx 85%

At Yabotı´ Biosphere Reserve (42 stations, 1,871 trap-days) we recorded two individuals (minimum density 5 0.11–0.25 per 100 km2).


Paviolo et al 2009 Protection affect puma abundance and activity pattern 82%

The core area of Iguazu´ National Park, with low poaching pressure and no logging for .60 years, had the highest density of pumas (between 1.55 and 2.89 individuals/100 km2).


procedure dec-1947 74%

Such matter individuals whose official duties possession.


srep37147 (3) 71%

The population of jaguars in the AF is probably lower than 300 individuals scattered in small sub-populations.


primeres mesures per uina vida digna 52%

primeres mesures per uina vida digna Primeres Mesures per a una Vida Digna 12/06/011 Hem sortit al carrer deixant a un costat l'aïllament de les nostres lluites parcials i individuals i hem passat a afrontar-les conjuntament, amb entusiasme col·lectiu.


How to reduce pimple outbreaks 49%

The place where you work, the hours you keep, the ways you play — these can take a toll on the epidermis, particularly in individuals who are inclined to getting zits.


The Undeniable Truth About History of kala jadoo That No One Is Telling You 35%

Not only that, but is clear that some individuals still believe in magic, regardless of the absence of any logical explanation.