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Mc Doughall Jhon, Treating Multiple Sclerosis With Diet Fact or Fraud 100%

Analysis of brain tissues has shown that people with MS have a higher saturated fat content in their brains than people without the disease.2 What precipitates the attacks of MS is unknown, but the suspected culprits include viruses, allergic reactions, and disturbances of the flow of blood to the brain.


PLAW-107publ40 83%

To authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against those responsible for the recent attacks launched against the United States.


RL31133 68%

The reasons cited in justification for the requests have included armed attacks on United States territory or its citizens and threats to United States rights or interests as a sovereign nation.


Dr Channing & David Riley - Blood Pressure Protocol eBook 66%

Lack of oxygen to structures such as the brain and heart could lead to significant medical problems including high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks.