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informacion APLICACIÓN CAUv1 INGLES .pdf

Nombre del archivo original: informacion APLICACIÓN CAUv1 INGLES.PDF
Título: Microsoft Word - informacion APLICACIÓN CAUv1 INGLES
Autor: RY90139

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The tool is comprised of eight buttons. All of them have different functionalities. By leaving the cursor on the
button we will obtain a brief description of its function.

REQUESTS CATALOG. URL access to the catalogue of demands. It's a button that
re directs to the requested services to YOU, and can request, modify or cancel our
requests in progress. To be able to have access, you must Access from the internal








ISSUE AT THE MAR. Access to the ISSUE Form at MAR. This is a button that directs
a form to report an Issue to the MAR, being able to request any problem. In order to
access, we must access from the internal network.







BACKUP. CAU offers the possibility of making copies of security of the folders more
commonly used. These folders are documents, music, favorite and desktop.
Additionally it adds the path C:Data. By clicking on the backup button will display
menu in the following manner:
Clicking on the backup button will display the menu as follows:

The path where the copy will be stored should be an external device and will be chosen by the user.
The backup will be stored directly on the External device and the result will always be stored in "D: \
Backup \ Data".
By default, it is not possible to start the backup until a correct path is selected. When a device is
selected, the application checks if the path exists and simultaneously if there is sufficient space on the
selected drive. If this is not the case, a message will appear stating that the drive does not have enough
When the copy is finished, a new window will be displayed informing the start time, the end time, the
folders that have been copied, the folders that are not and the reason and where the log of the backup
taken has been stored.
For more information on the use of Repsol's computer assets, they have in the intranet the regulation of
"Use of physical and logical computing assets (00-00344NO)".. 







RESTORE BACKUP. The application will be prompted to select the device where
the backup made previously. By clicking the second button
The system will look for, in the selected unit, there is a road called BackupData. If it
is found, all folders containing will be restored.
In the event that the system can't find the path previously named in the unit, a window informing that
will not be possible the restored data will be displayed.
If the restoration has been completed, the system will notify you with a message, showing the date of
home, date of end, the folders restored with success and the folders that not could be restored.

files of the system and the internet. By clicking on the third button is notified to the
user about the cleaning of the cache of Internet and Chrome. It is recommended the
closure of the applications for a cleaning more effective.

SOFTWARE CENTER. This button re-directs to install corporate applications that
each user has applied to his profile.

In order to access the full list of 
applications that the user has will 
have to enter this link. 







FAQ & HELP. This button re directs to the section on frequently asked questions of
the corporate site.
To be able to have access must Access from the network internal.

VIDEO TUTORIALS/PILLS. URL to SharePoint that contains a video tutorial. This
button re directs to a SharePoint that contains a video tutorial from help to the user.
To be able to have access must Access from the network internal.




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