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Nombre del archivo original: Love Commands PDF-Book Scott Foster.pdf
Título: Secret Love Commands™ PDF, eBook by Scott Foster « ✔Truth & Facts ✔Real Results ✔Real Experiences ✔FAQ ~ ✘Reviews ✘Opinions ✘Scams
Autor: Secret Phrase that will make any Man crazy for You!

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How to Become a Guy Magnet

by Scott Foster

Secret Phrase that will make any Man
crazy for You!


How To Read A Man’s Mind &
Figure Out What He Is
Thinking – The Sure Fire




Do you believe men are complicated? Do you find them to be
confusing and frustrating at the same time? Do you ever wish that you
had a secret window which could help you look inside a man’s mind
and figure out what he is thinking?
Isn’t it truly frustrating…
When a man never calls you back after a great first date when he
promised he would? And you desperately wait for that one special
phone call which never comes?
When he says he likes you but at the same time takes you for granted?
And you hate it when it keeps happening over and over again?
When he shows loads of interest in you but then withdraws completely
for no reason? And you don’t even know why?
Isn’t it absolutely crazy when men say things they don’t mean…Make
promises they don’t keep and leave you hanging in the middle?
And the ugly part is…When this happens men usually never have a
good enough explanation.
And this is where you always wonder – WHAT’S ON HIS MIND? WHAT IS
Why can’t he just be a bit more considerate towards my feelings and
let me know what he is thinking in regards to me?
I know…I know…It kind of leaves you hopeless and you start to feel
that there is something seriously wrong with most men out there.
But let me give you some truth on this matter…When a man says one
thing but ends up doing the exact opposite of it…He has his
reasons…And in order to understand all that I am going to show you
how to read his mind.
I am sure you are probably thinking – Can it really be that easy to read




his mind and figure out exactly what he is thinking? Well yes it is…And
if you truly want to master this art…I expect your complete attention.
Stop whatever else you are doing at the moment and pay full attention
to this report. (And no skipping any parts…)
So do I have your attention now? YES? Good…Let’s get started…

The  Truth  Sits  In  What  He  Does…Not  What  He  Says…  
If you really want to know what is going on in a man’s mind all you
have to do is to focus on his actions and completely ignore his words.
Let me illustrate with some examples –
Let’s say you went out on a date & the guy promised to call you back
but never did….
What could it possibly mean…
- Maybe he lost your phone number.
- Maybe he is busy.
- Maybe he is nervous about it.
I am sure you can come up with more maybes but if you were to study
his action…There is one thing which is screaming out loud and that is
this –
If he did…He would call you…What’s on his mind will reflect in his
You aren’t on his mind and you aren’t on the top of his list of
priorities. I know it sounds harsh but it’s the truth. A man can never be
busy enough to forget to call a girl he likes…In fact! If he truly liked
you…he would put you above everything else going on in his life and
will call you for sure.




Now let’s take another example – let’s say you are confused about your
current relationship and don’t know whether your boyfriend will marry
you or not. And whenever you ask him he either completely avoids the
question or just changes the topic.
What’s going on here? You can again sit there and come up with more
maybes such as –
- Maybe this isn’t the right time to talk about it.
- Maybe he is really stressed at work and I should avoid this topic.
- Maybe he is waiting for the right time to propose.
- Maybe he wants to be financially stable before he commits etc etc.
But what do his actions say? If you were to purely focus on his actions
you’d know that something isn’t right. Since he isn’t ready to discuss
it…He is indirectly letting you know that he won’t marry you.
This doesn’t mean that this same guy won’t be married some day but
the harsh truth is that he won’t be married to you. If he truly wanted to
marry you, then you won’t even have to do the asking…He will do the
There is no such thing as the “RIGHT TIME”…It’s all about the “RIGHT
WOMAN”. And when a guy has found the woman who triggers all the
right buttons in his head…He will do everything necessary to keep her
and settle down with her.

If  It  Is  This  Easy  To  Figure  Him  Out…Why  Do  So  Many  Women  
Still  Struggle?  

Very good question…And I’ll give you a very good answer too. It’s
because most women make excuses and become blind to the truth.
I guess you know what I mean…Nothing is more painful than learning
that the man you desperately love doesn’t have similar feelings
towards you. It’s extremely terrifying and in order to avoid all the hassle
and pain. Women do the next best thing…And that is to give their man




the benefit of the doubt…
Here are common examples –

When a guy isn’t asking you out…

Possible Excuse Women Use…

The Real Truth...

Oh he is shy, and waiting for
the right moment.

If he liked you enough he’d
know how to ask you.

When a guy keeps you waiting on the phone or won’t
return your phone calls…
Possible Excuse Women Use…

The Real Truth...

He must be busy with other
more important things.

He is giving other things more
priority since you aren’t that
important to him.

When a guy always says hurtful things….
Possible Excuse Women Use…

The Real Truth...

He must have been angry I
know he doesn’t mean it.

He isn’t concerned about your
feelings and is inconsiderate. If
he was, he would never say or
do anything which hurts you.





When you aren’t sure if he likes you or not…
Possible Excuse Women Use…

Maybe he likes me but is too
shy to say it to me.

The Real Truth...

A guy won’t keep you guessing
if he really likes you, in fact he
would be afraid that some
other guy might take you away
from him and will do
everything in his power to let
you know that he likes you
either by words or by his
actions around you.

When a guy has regular sex with you but he won’t
really take you out or talk on the phone…
Possible Excuse Women Use…

The Real Truth...

I like what we have currently
and I don’t want to ruin things.
I’ll wait for him to get more

You are his sex toy, nothing
more and nothing less. If he
only wishes to see you when he
is in the mood for sex then that
alone tells you a great deal
about what he wants from you.





When he is in a relationship with you but also flirts
with other girls…
Possible Excuse Women Use…

The Real Truth...

Oh! He’s always been the flirty
kind and I know he only does it
occasionally for fun. Not
something I should worry

If he is flirting, it means he is
keeping his options open.
Which means that he isn’t
exclusive to you, which also
means that some day in the
near future something will
happen which won’t please
you, which means you better
be prepared for it right away.
Accept it now or be prepared
for something shocking in the
near future.

It’s insane the lengths women go to when they are excited about some
guy and really like him. They try to make sense of the most senseless
situation and try to come up with really odd excuses to turn an
unsatisfying situation into a satisfactory one.
Always remember that his actions speak louder than words. What he
does is what he is thinking. And what he says might not be the
truth…Make it a habit to always focus on his actions.

What  You  Must  Remember...
- Men are not as complicated as most women think. They are very
simple and straightforward. The story going on in their mind will
always reflect in their actions. So study the actions and ignore the
words. You will never face confusion that way.
- Never get tricked with his words, a man could say a thousand things
to you and not mean any of it. You should only believe his words when




they are followed with suitable action.
- If he makes a commitment and never follows through, then you must
know right there that something isn’t right.
- Always judge a man’s character based on how often he follows
through with his commitments. A man with a solid character will
always do what he says he is going to do. His words and his actions will
be in perfect harmony.
- Never give a man the benefit of the doubt more than once. If he failed
you once, he is very likely to do it over and over again.






How To Stop Being A Nice
Girl & Make Any Man Want
You – The Perfect Guide...





Have you ever heard the story of the so called “Nice girl”?
Well if not, let me tell you the tale…A nice girl is someone who puts all
her heart and soul into a relationship. She is someone who would wait
for hours & hours next to the phone expecting a call from that special
She is someone who a guy keeps around for the sole and only purpose
of oh well – Just keeping around…
She is the girl a guy only thinks about when he needs sexual
She is someone a guy turns to, right after he has broken up with his
true love, in other words – She is usually the re-bound girl.
She is the girl who would pursue a guy long and hard even when he
isn’t interested in her…She believes that if she chases him long & hard,
eventually he will like her.
She is the girl a guy would only consider dating when he has run out of
possible options and the only reason why he keeps her around is
because she is easy to use & throw.
She is someone who spends endless hours in deep worry thinking
about whether her man is cheating on her or not.
She is someone who struggles endlessly to keep a guy attracted
beyond the first date or if she is in a relationship she struggles to make
her man commit.
She is someone who says a yes even when she honestly wants to say
no just because she doesn’t want to disagree with her man.
She is someone who does all the things she doesn’t wish to do just to




please her man & keep him happy.
She is someone who always feels like a string along because her man is
physically with her but emotionally into another girl.
She is someone who is always more invested & more in love with the
guy when the guy doesn’t love her at all.
Ok ok…I guess you get the point. It really sucks when you realize that
he settled for you only because he couldn’t get the other girl. And if
you can relate to any of the points mentioned above then I am sure
you know exactly what it feels like to be this girl.
But here is the biggest problem – Most women usually sit around with
their girlfriends talking about how much, men don't make sense or
how they won't act right. And never ever bother to attack the REAL
They rather accept their reality the way it is & assume that this is how
things will be for them for the rest of their life. Most women believe
that men want to end up with the "nice girl", the one that cooks for him
and makes him feel like a king. This is utterly WRONG.
They feel frustrated when the guy who promised them the moon and
the stars turns into a jerk over time & starts getting distant. Men get
bored and restless and lose respect for you. The reason for this is
Most women are standing in their own way and if you truly want things
to get better then let me give you the 2 most important concepts
which will change everything for you…
1- Men will work extra hard to win you over, when they know they
don’t have control over you.
2- Men want to be kept curious (Even if you are already in a
relationship with him.)




Now let me explain why these two concepts are extremely important –
As humans we always pursue what we can’t have, we always want
more of the things which are hard to get. We love challenges & feel a
strong sense of satisfaction when we achieve something which once
was very challenging.
This is just basic human nature – No one can change it. But this can
become very problematic when it comes to a guy-girl relationship.
When a girl usually likes a guy – She automatically starts doing things
to please him, starts being too nice, starts giving more than she’s
supposed to, stars doing things she wouldn’t normally do.
The main issue is that guys are a lot different. If a woman is too nice
they assume they have already won her over and do not have to try
any harder.
And when a guy does this a woman usually feels irritated because after
trying so hard she isn’t getting the result she expected. In the process,
she becomes needy & this usually drives the guy further away.
Are you wondering what you should do? Well for starters, stop being
the nice girl, stop trying to please him, stop trying to make him like
you, stop working hard for his attention, stop waiting on the phone for
that call which never comes. STOP IT!
From now on, only do things which will show him that he doesn’t have
complete control over you & only focus on things which will keep him
curious…Let’s focus on some examples here –
Situation  1  –  What  to  do  when  he  is  starting  to  lose  attraction  for  you  &  is  
taking  you  for  granted?  

Solution – You have been overly available & haven’t given him the
space & time to miss you. Take two steps back & let him come to you
this time. Don’t call him for a few days and let him wonder what you
are up to.




A confident woman isn’t insecure about losing the guy and gives him
plenty of space and in the process the guy doesn’t feel caged.
Situation  2  –  What  to  do  when  he  wants  sex  too  early?    

Solution – Tell him that you aren’t comfortable with such things early
on, you aren’t someone who is open to something physical unless you
really know the guy on a deeper level.
If a man has to wait for sex, he will automatically think of you as
someone of very high value. Every man wants sex as fast as possible
but by holding it, you automatically become that special woman he
would do anything for.
Situation  3-­‐  What  to  do  when  he  doesn’t  call  you?    

Solution – Sometimes a man just wouldn’t call to see how you react. Do
not, and I mean do not call him no matter what. He is the one who
should do the calling. If he likes you enough, a simple phone call
shouldn’t be that big of an issue for him.
Situation  4-­‐  What  to  do  when  he  is  playing  too  hard  to  get?    

Solution – Your world doesn’t revolve around him. The sooner he gets
it the better it would be for both of you. Don’t react to such petty
games and stand your ground. Sometimes when you have to choose
between a guy and your dignity, it’s better to keep your dignity.
Situation  5-­‐  What  to  do  when  he  doesn’t  listen?    

Solution – Men usually don’t respond to words, they respond better to
actions. And by actions I mean – You should give him space when you
can clearly see he isn’t giving any importance to your words.
By doing this you are telling him two things –
1- You don’t like being ignored.
2- You aren’t scared to walk away.
Trust me, he will get the message loud and clear after that.




What  you  must  remember  –    

- Never ever assume that you are not good enough or attractive
enough. You are a woman and that’s enough. You don’t have to chase
a man, it’s his job to do so.
- A man will always want what he can’t have, don’t let him have easy
access to yourself, let him do the work needed to win your affection.
- A truly strong woman is someone who has a lot of self control & isn’t
scared to walk away from a man who doesn’t respect her.
- When he does something you don’t like, punish him by getting
distant. Let him know that you aren’t someone who will let him play
around with her.
- Never ever do the things you aren’t comfortable doing just to please
him. And if you do, trust me – He won’t ever be pleased and you won’t
ever be happy.
- Don’t expect him to spend all his time with you, do not check up on
him 100 times a day, if you think about him most of the time then you
have already given most of your power away.






How To Get A Man To Do
Just About Anything – The
Method Which Always





A Gentle Warning: What you are about to discover in this report is a
very effective psychological tactic which will give you the power to
make your man do almost anything.
Now, I expect that you use this responsibly. This report is definitely not
for the following people –
- Women who want to manipulate a man for personal amusement
or benefit.
- Women who stalk men.
- Women who love playing mind games just to feel powerful.
- Women who want to trap a guy & use manipulation to keep him in
a relationship.
- Women who seek revenge from an ex or a guy who rejected them.

What  you  will  NOT  learn  in  this  report  –  
I am not going to show you how to rule a guy & make him eat out of
your hand. What I will rather teach you is how not to be taken
advantage of. I won’t tell you to be negative or do the things which are
manipulative just to get a certain reaction from your man.
Neither will I teach you how to make yourself seem like you are better
than everyone else or house an attitude. What I will show you are
proven tactics you can employ in your daily dealings with a guy & how
to effectively get what you deserve out of your relationship.
Alright! Now that we have that out of the way let’s get to the real

Men  Are  Driven  By  Ego  -­‐  They  Would  Do  Anything  To  Protect  
It  And  Every  Man  Has  A  Secret  Desire  To  Look  Like  A  Hero  In  
Your  Eyes.    
Have you ever wondered why men never ask for help or directions? In



their world, asking for help is a sign of weakness. They want to feel like
they are doing the right thing and they want to feel like they have the
power & control in the relationship.
Now here is the big secret in a nutshell – If you learn the art of tickling
his ego & giving him the illusion that he is in control, he will always do
what you want him to do. Deep down every man wants to be in control
& wants you to treat him like he’s your hero.

The  process  –


Step 1 - Give him the illusion that he has the power or he is in
control(tickle his ego).
Step 2 - Say something positive about his actions which will make him
feel like a hero.
Step 3 – Then gently suggest what you want him to do by creating a
positive expectation.
For example – Let’s say you want him to keep his commitments, here is
what you must say when you’re in conversation with him…
“Tom, I really appreciate the fact that you are a man of your word &
always deliver on your promises. This is one quality I really love in a
guy. I know you are someone who will go out of his way to deliver on
his promises & will never disappoint anyone.”
Now let me explain why this works so well –
1- By saying that you believe he is a man of his word, you have
indirectly tickled his ego & now he will feel powerful.
2- By saying you love such a quality in a guy you have given him an
appealing compliment which will make him feel like a hero.
3- And here is the important bit – By saying that you know he’s not
someone who will ever disappoint you & will always deliver on his



promises. You have indirectly told him what you want him to do by
creating a positive expectation.
He will follow through with your request just because he wants to look
like a hero in your eyes. This is what he will think –
“Oh wow! She thinks so highly of me. I better not screw up.”
So the next time he promises you something he will struggle to not
follow through with his promise.
Don’t be surprised if he starts doing more of the things you like and
over delivers on his promises after this point. Men would move
mountains to protect their ego.
Now let me give you some really good examples of how you can use
this tactic in other situations with men –  

Scenario  #1  –  Let’s  say  you  want  him  to  be  honest  about  
everything.  Say  the  following  to  him  –    

“Tom, I am glad that you aren’t like most other guys & you are always
honest about everything. Such guys are very rare to find nowadays. I
know you are someone who will never lie about anything.”
And even if he has been lying to you so far, he will feel super guilty &
will either tell you the truth or will not lie to you at all from this point

Scenario  #2  –  Let’s  say  you  want  him  to  take  you  seriously  
after  the  first  few  dates.  Say  the  following  –    

“Tom, you are probably the only guy I know who doesn’t play mind
games with a woman just to get into her pants. You are one of those
rare guys who are genuine. I know you aren’t someone who will use a
woman just for his personal pleasure.”



Scenario  #3  –  When  you  want  him  to  give  you  the  special  
treatment  -­‐  say  the  following  –    

“Tom, you are one of those rare guys who knows how to treat a woman
right. You make me feel wonderful on a whole new level which can’t be
described. I am really glad to have someone like you.”

Scenario  #4  –  When  you  want  to  intensify  his  attraction  
towards  you  –    


“Tom, you are the first guy I have ever met who knows exactly what a
woman wants. I love it when a guy not only keeps my needs in mind
but also respects my personal space. You have some very impressive

Scenario  #5  –  When  you  want  him  to  do  something  special  for  
you  –  Try  the  following  –    

“Valentines day is coming & I am already buzzing with excitement. I
know you will have something very special planned for us. I know you
love to give surprises.”

Scenario  #6  –  When  you  want  to  ensure  that  he  doesn’t  cheat  
on  you  or  dates  other  women  while  he  is  with  you  –  Try  the  
following  –    


“Tom, I was just talking to an old friend of mine who just realized that
her boyfriend was cheating on her. I am so happy to have you in my life
as I know you will never do anything like that to me. I really appreciate
the fact that you are a man of strict principles.”
And I am sure by now you understand how it works and can come up
with your own variations of this trick to deal with different situations
around a man.
It’s really fun to make him have this little bit of adrenaline rush for you




once in a while. It’s one of the factors which will keep him glued to you.
If you properly follow everything you have learned so far I can almost
guarantee you that not only will you get what you want, get treated
better but you will also feel happy about yourself in the long term.





Face Fitness Formula™ by John Socratous

Facial Exercises - A Mini Guide

Facial Exercises Guide


Information found in this book, "Facial Exercises - A Mini-Guide” should not be used for
diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions, or as a substitute for professional medical
care. If you have a health concern or believe you may have a health problem, please consult
your healthcare professional. We assert that this is only for informational purposes and is
not a substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical
professional. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing a health
or fitness problem or disease. You should always consult your own physician and medical
advisors. Reasonable care has been taken to provide you with correct and accurate
information, but we take no responsibility, nor make any warranties as to its accuracy
thereof. We assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content
of our book.

Facial Exercises Guide


In the current busy and misinformed world, it is not uncommon to find individuals who are very healthy
by the looks with heavily built bodies, firm muscles, and sporty physiques because they work out and
take good care of their bodies.
However, these same people have a totally different look when it comes to the neck up, in their taking
care of their bodies they totally ignore the neck up and you might notice that a great percentage of
them have wrinkled faces, double chins, chubby cheeks, eye bags and indelible stress marks among
other unwelcome facial features. The face is a very important part of the body that most people ignore
to take care of, no matter how small it may seem, it is very important.
Other than feeding it well, the face needs proper care just like any other part of the body. The good
thing is that the face uses the same one main principle that any part of the body uses when it comes to
taking care of it: The muscles are just like any other body muscles that should be exercised regularly and
long enough. Failing to exercise any muscles in the body may cause them to either loosen or become
weak and flabby.
To work out the muscles, you will need to have them working “against” something or resistance. Unworked facial muscles will lose tone, become loose, gain fat and seem lifeless, causing dropping and
sagging of the face. To give them back life, you will need to exercise them to make them fit, beautiful
and healthy through stretching, lifting and contraction. Just like any other bodily muscles, the facial
muscles can be given a new lease of life and greater oxygen and blood supply through physical training.
While performing facial exercises, you will notice that it has much greater benefits than just getting fit
and healthy. The first great advantage of facial exercises is that they slow down the signs of aging by up
to fifty percent. We know that aging is often characterized by dark spots, wrinkling, eye bags, and saggy
skin among other features and often set in as early as mid-thirties.
Most people are always seeking ways to keep their faces young with the treasured youthful appearance
and often resort to “magic creams” among other unconventional methods but do these methods of
slowing aging signs really work? Are they even natural at all?
Yoga is the answer to most people’s facial health problems, simply put. This is not a miracle because its
results are astounding but more of a fusion of science and art, they are simple but effective exercises
you can do to make the facial skin and muscles smoother, stronger, younger and firmer with better
mood and energy and this will impact on your general facial appearance over time.
Other than exercising, we will also address at the importance of other facial care procedures including
detoxification, purification and distressing on the face, overall body, spirit and mind.

Facial Exercises Guide


Regaining Youthfulness through Facial Fitness
Most people understand the benefits of exercising to the muscles, skin, heart and general health but
these exercises should not be done only from the neck downwards. The facial muscles and skin deserve
toning and firming through exercise too and although it may be a different kind of exercise compared
with the rest of the body, they have to be effective.
The major problem with facial exercises is that most people have no idea how to do them. The few
exercises they know do not seem to be significant in getting the face toned and worked out. It is only
through practice that the facial muscles can be toned, continuously and repetitively.
Yoga exercises pay off fast, they lift the skin and firm up the sagged and wrinkled areas, they also do
away with fine lines and the face will get greater supply of oxygen and blood to make it healthier and
full of life. This happens because the toxins and wastes in the face will be washed away and dullness,
bloats and stress marks will be done away with too to leave the face rosy, luminescent and full of life.


Cheek and Lip exercises
1. The Satchmo exercises
Years of aging and different reactions and expression often take their toll on the cheeks.
The satchmo exercises are good to keep the cheek muscles and skin firm and tight. You
can do this exercise by puffing up both cheeks with air as hard as you can and then
transfer the air from one cheek to another. Do this from left to right and back again to
the left cheek four times a set before relaxing. Repeat the exercise up to five times.

2. The Marilyn exercise
This exercise will concentrate on strengthening the mouth ring muscles to make the lips
firm and the muscles around the mouth stronger. What you need to do is to isolate the
facial muscles to blow kisses while keeping the eyebrows unruffled and smooth. You can
add more resistance to the exercise by pressing two fingers on the lips then puckering
the lips on the fingers. Do three to four repetitions per set, up to five sets a day.

3. The sphinx smile
This exercise specifically targets the smile muscles around the mouth and lips. Smiling is
a good thing but with time leaves undesirable lines at the end of the mouth and eyes. To
get rid of these lines, try keeping the eyes and the eye muscles neutral while lifting the
mouth corners across and up. Be relaxed and neutral as you smile and repeat this three
to four times per set. This will help get rid of unnecessary smile lines on the face.

Facial Exercises Guide


4. The tongue tracing exercise
This exercise will play a big role in keeping the cheeks firm and lips plump. The neck
muscles and skin will be toned if this exercise is done right and long enough and the
throat will benefit as well. With your mouth open to an O shape, use the tongue to trace
the circumference of the lips slowly in one direction then do it again in the opposite
direction. Try to keep the eyebrows and forehead relaxed as you do the exercise, three
to five times a set.

5. The fish face exercise
Toning the smile muscles is not that easy especially since these are the muscles that are
relaxed most of the time. However, the fish face can do this if you learn to do it
regularly. Purse your lips slightly like a fish, withdrawing your cheeks into shallow
hollows to have enhanced cheekbones then try to smile and hold the position for about
15 seconds per rep. This is a good exercise done in front of the mirror and is very
effective in toning the facial skin and muscles.

6. The puppet face
If you notice that you have developed smooth marionette lines and lifts between the
lips and the nose, you will need this exercise to restore a smooth lineless look. Since the
exercise works the lips up, it will smooth the area just above the lips and outwards
towards the cheeks. Press the fingertips on the creases that are formed on this area,
then smile wide and hold the position for a few seconds. Lift the skin around this area
up into a smiling position while still pressing hard and repeat twenty to thirty times per

7. Tongue and throat
Stretching the tongue outside the mouth will work the muscles on the throat, both
internal and external. Stick the tongue out as far as you can then hold the position for
one minute while keeping the rest of the face relaxed. At times you will notice that your
face will water but this is okay. This exercise is beneficial in increasing the blood flow to
the different exercised areas; you can even see the effects almost immediately in the
form of rosiness.

8. Kiss the ceiling exercise
Firm your jawline, the throat and neck using the kiss the ceiling exercise. This exercise
will also plump the lips and make them firm and full. Stand upright but with the face
facing up then try to kiss the ceiling without leaning forward or backward. Hold the kiss
position for a few seconds per repetition and do about five repetitions per set.

Facial Exercises Guide



Forehead and the eyes
The eyes are the most noticeable facial features and are often used to judge a person’s
character. However, it becomes a big problem if there are unhealthy features distracting the
real beauty, like eye bags and wrinkles. These features can be gotten rid of through exercises
that target these parts to restore liveliness to the skin and muscles around the eyes and make
the skin look younger and smooth.

1. Dancer eyes exercise
This exercise targets the eye rings and prevent and heal crow’s feet and the sagging skin
problems around the eyes. With the head erect and facing forward, move the eyes far
left then slowly to the center and to the right before moving to the center and left
again. Do not hold a gaze at any time and repeat this ten times per set. When the eyes
look watery, close them or look down for a few seconds.

2. Facial relaxation
Also called the Buddha face, this exercise will release any subconscious tightening of the
facial skin, furrowing and clenching that often lead to wrinkling and lines. In a seated
posture, close the eyes and concentrate on soothing any wrinkles on the face in your
mind. Breathe gently and be careful not to let your subconscious mind drift to other
things that may affect the emotions, just concentrate on soothing the muscles.

3. Anti-drooping and sagging exercise
As the name suggests, this is an exercise that combats facial drooping and skin sagging
on the eyelids. The first thing you do is smile with your eyes then place your finger on
the crease then use the lower eyelid to increase resistance on the crease. Since this is an
isolated movement, try to keep all other facial muscles expressionless.

4. Brow lifting
Use your fingers to raise the eyebrows high while keeping the other facial muscles as
neutral as possible. You will notice crease lines on the upper eyelids. Apply fingertip
pressure on the raised area and keep the pressure on for a few seconds. Counter the
fingertip pressure by raising he frontalis muscles while keeping all other facial muscles
as neutral as possible. Raise and lower the frontalis muscles quickly while applying
fingertip pressure twenty repetitions a set. This exercise will firm the frontalis muscles –
you should even notice circulation immediately you are done with the exercise.

Facial Exercises Guide


Yoga Poses Beneficial to the Face
Yoga exercises can miraculously transform your face for the better. However, to keep these benefits it is
important to keep the face healthy and try to keep proper facial appearance that do not encourage
wrinkles, fine lines and other undesired features. This may not be very challenging but the aging factor
often comes in and disrupts it all. Facial aging has many effects on the look of the face including the
worst signs which are:

Wrinkles – When the skin loses its elasticity, it becomes flabby and causes wrinkles. This happens when
one subconsciously over the years clenches and grimaces the facial muscles while expressing their
feelings or emotions, in the process creating a mask of undesired features like eye bags, wrinkles and
fine lines among others.

Loss of skin tone – Collagen and elastin levels drop with age, the result is that the proteins that are
formed by a combination of these two elements will drop and since it is responsible for firming the skin
and forming resilience, these two are more likely to fly out the window too. The result is the loss of skin
tone, sagging and drooping.

Skin color – With time as a person ages, there will be accumulated dead skin cells on the body, poor
blood circulation, accumulation of toxins and debris. The result is that the skin will lose its color to
become grayish, ashy and dull. Sometimes this happens on different spots, forming the “aging spots”

Skin dryness – Caffeine, sugar, alcohol and salts dehydrate the skin over time, debris and toxins
accumulate and the skin cells will be deprived of oxygen. The result is that the face will puff up and bloat
as the skin becomes less defined and papery due to dehydration.

Facial Massage and Acupressure
Massage and acupressure has been around for ages and have been proven to be effective in toning the
facial muscles and keep it healthy and lively. Since there are nerve endings on the face, it is believed that
these are the energy end points that when properly acupressured can release excess stored energy to
relax the face and rejuvenate the skin and muscles as well as the nerves.
Warm up to the massage or acupressure by rolling the head side to side in half circles. Next are the
shoulders. Roll them up, back, down and front then reverse the direction of rolling. Do side-stretches on
the neck two to three times to loosen the tissues and stimulate blood nerves.
Facial massage is a perfect way to get back the supple, glowing and rosy complexion on the face. Pure
regular oil or moisturizing cream can be used although essential oils containing floral extracts and herbs
will still do. You can rub a small amount of oil in your palms at a time then start at the center of the face
to work the skin and muscles using your fingertips. Work from the center outwards in circles making
sure to work the chins, nose, cheeks, between the nose and the mouth as well as the forehead and

Facial Exercises Guide


temples. Feel the facial contours as you do this then complete the massage by tapping the oil on the
face to be absorbed as treatment.

Vital Facial Rejuvenation and Massage Techniques
1. Get rid of the brow and the forehead wrinkles
Rub your temples and forehead using your knuckles, starting at the center of the forehead and
radiating it out to the temples. This process will get rid of wrinkles over time as well as relieving
stress and headaches.

2. Prevent wrinkles and smooth out facial lines
The area between the nose and the eyes is a great acupressure point that is helpful in relieving
sinus conditions. You can smooth out the facial wrinkles and fine lines by pressing the index
finger on this area and the thumb on the inner side of the eyebrows.

3. Fighting eye bags and eye area discoloration
You will need to rub outer point of the nostrils to rid the facial toxins that often cause eye bags
and eye discoloration. To detoxify the skin and oxygenate it, press the index finger on the apple
of the cheeks.

4. Loosen up tension on the face
Brushing off exercise will relax the facial muscles and release tension. Place the fingertips at the
center of the forehead then sweep horizontally outwards, repeating this five times. Brush
downwards from the eye sockets too, lightly running the fingers down the cheeks.

5. How to improve skin color
Use your thumb and index finger to pull the middle earlobes to the side repetitively five times.
Grab the lower ear lobes and pull them five times as well then do the same for the upper ear
lobes. This is ancient Indian yoga techniques enhances circulation on the face to restore color.

Facial Exercises Guide


Feeding the Face
One of the biggest problems people face when it comes to proper health care is what to eat, when to
eat and how much to eat. As far as facial care is concerned, what you eat directly determines how
healthy you will be. Proper diet is the key to proper health, it will determine how fast your skin will age,
production of new cells to replace older cells, blood circulation on the skin, toxins removal and generally
the look and feel of the skin. Here are a few tips to guide you to eat well and feed the face to make it
healthier and young.

1. Give full attention to your meals
Eating should be a gradual process that is not hurried, it should be an independent activity and
not a by the way thing. Chew food properly in silence and be sure to notice all the texture,
aroma, colors and aromas of the food. Concentrate on your meals and avoid any distractions
that may make you swallow improperly chewed food or tempt you to go for fast foods next

2. Eat well to your full
Be careful not to over eat but eat well. Your body knows what it needs and how much of it is
required and you have to supply it. As long as you are eating healthy, you will know that eating
and keeping healthy is a balancing act that you have to do it yourself.

3. Do not eat if you are not hungry
Do not eat just because there is food, you will train the body to demand more and more. Eat a
balanced diet and try to stay away from regular snacks that are rich in carbohydrates, fats and
other unhealthy food preservatives and coloring. If you have to grab a bite once in a while, go
for a fruit or something with fiber because they are healthier than processed foods.

4. Your food should be whole
To minimize the chances of overeating and regular temptations to grab a snack, eat whole meals
rich in fiber because they take longer to be processed, make you full faster and best of all
contain only good ingredients for your skin and body in general.

5. Take lots of water throughout the day
Water should not be reserved only for meal times, practice drinking water throughout the day
to assist in digestion and to detoxify the body. A healthier skin should be properly hydrated at all
times and the best way to do this is to ingest as much water as you can through drinking.

Facial Exercises Guide


Skin Maintenance and Improvement
Other than feeding the skin, there are some basic steps you will find necessary to maintain a healthy and
vibrant skin that when combined with proper feeding and exercise makes the skin healthier, more
vibrant and lively. These are cleansing, sloughing, refining, moisturizing, purifying and protection.

This is a very important facial procedure that removes bacteria, excess dirt and oils. Although there are
many over the counter cleansing agents, not all are appropriate for all skin types; one has to be very
careful when choosing the skin cleanser to use. The bottom line of skin cleansing is the removal of dead
skin cells that form a layer on the skin. It is advisable to cleanse the face at least thrice every week using
refined cleansing methods.

This is the removal of the accumulated dead skin cells on the face. The dead skin cells often cause
discoloration and damaging of the living cells but can be easily sloughed away using fruit ingredients.
The citric acid in the fruits will exfoliate the skin to expose the healthy alive skins for a better look.

Refining is done using toners. This is the removal of excessive oil in the skin to brighten the skin and
make it rosy. Sometimes refining works well in combination with moisturizing but this largely depends
on whether your skin type is dry or oily.

Moisturizing is dampening the skin. The most common moisturizing mistake that people make is to use
excessive moisturizer. If you have an oily face, it may not be necessary to use excessive moisturizer
because the skin will moisturize itself anyway.

Clay is one of the best cleansers because it leaches itself on impurities on the skin and those under the
skin surface and dries the oils that may be present on the skin as well. This will leave the skin healthier
and better looking.

Skin protection is important, the facial skin is particularly very vulnerable to most hazards and dangers
of the environment since it is always exposed. The sun’s rays are particularly very dangerous on the skin
and you have to put measures in place to protect yourself from its harmful effects. Wear protective
sunshield even when there is no direct sunlight to prolong the life of your skin.

Facial Exercises Guide


When you meet someone at any time, the first place that will make an impression is not even in your
handshake – it is the look on the face. It is therefore safe to say that the face represents your overall
personality and since you only have one shot of making a first impression, why not wear a healthy,
beautiful looking face that will leave a positive impression of the rest of your body?
The double chins problem, chubby cheeks, crow leg lines, wrinkles and eye bags are facial features we
need not put up with the rest of our lives, you can have a new you by following a simple but effective
guide to restore the youthful and healthy you.
Whether you are young or old, thin or fat,
the Face Fitness Formula will do wonders
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face that represents your real identity.
This formula is guaranteed to work and is
not that taxing. You need to set aside only
14 minutes of your day and get the perfect
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painful surgeries, no side effects, no healing time and there are 15,000 who have benefit from the Face
Fitness Formula.

Face Fitness Formula
Not only is it natural and safe, it also gives you results within a very short time of four weeks and has
been described as the greatest no-fail facial fitness program anywhere. You now have no reason to hate
your face every time you pass a mirror or dread the time you meet new people because you can shape
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among other facial improvements, all in one face fitness formula.

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Facial Exercises Guide

Flawless Face
Secrets To Looking Leaner, Younger And Happier


Information found in this book, “Flawless Face” should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions, or as a substitute for professional medical care. If you have a
health concern or believe you may have a health problem, please consult your healthcare
professional. We assert that this is only for informational purposes and is not a substitute
for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. You should
not use the information contained herein for diagnosing a health or fitness problem or
disease. You should always consult your own physician and medical advisors. Reasonable
care has been taken to provide you with correct and accurate information, but we take no
responsibility, nor make any warranties as to its accuracy thereof. We assume no liability or
responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of our book.

Facial Exercises Guide


In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion
regarding beauty and appearance. You often hear people
say “beauty is only skin deep.” However, those same
people invest much time, energy, and money trying to
look flawless.
We want to believe that our looks do not matter and that
focusing on appearance is vanity. The fact of the matter is
that it is one of our most basic human instincts to place
value on appearance. In prehistoric times, early humans
used appearance to choose mates and leaders. In modern
times, your appearance remains equally important.
Your face is the focal point of your appearance and you
are completely justified in wanting to have the best face
possible. It is the part of your body other’s first see and it
is the main body part used for communication. Therefore, it is easy to understand why the
way your face looks can impact your successes or failures in life.
Most of your body is relatively easy to perfect. It is not that achieving overall fitness is easy,
but it is gained through basic steps. If you eat right, live healthily, and exercise regularly
you will gain a lean, fit body which is the envy of all your peers.
Unfortunately, achieving a face that others are envious of is a more complex task. It
will take concentration and commitment. No matter how dedicated you have been to
improving your looks, you will have to do more.
A flawless face does require exercise, a healthy diet, and good lifestyle choices, but the
requirements do not stop there. You need to nurture your skin. You must learn to control your
facial muscles and expression. You must learn to release tension which ages and degrades your
looks. These are only a few of the changes you must make to reach your goals.
There are important changes you must make, but they are not impossible and you should
not feel overwhelmed. In fact, you will find these changes make you happier and healthier.
This will further increase your rejuvenated and vibrant appearance. With guidance, you will
finally learn the secrets to sculpt your face into the youthful, sexy, and strong vision you
want it to be.

Facial Exercises Guide


First, Skip the Injections
It may seem like a simple idea. You want to have a younger looking face and you believe
the easiest way to do that is to head to the doctor for a shot of Botox or whatever is the
latest beauty medicine. It does seem easy, but in the long run you are only adding to your
Next time you head to the market, check out the cover of the social magazines and tabloids
at the newsstand. You are bound to see dozens of people, men and women, who have
the unmistakable look of an artificially enhanced face. According to society, these are the
“beautiful people”, but what do you really see when you look at them?
Do you see people who are obviously insecure? Are you reading headlines blatantly
exposing their enhanced looks and essentially mocking them? Do you dismiss their looks
because they are clearly not earned and not naturally occurring?
If you answered yes to those questions, you are not alone. More and more, people are
turning away from unnatural beauty. People who are clearly using injections to improve
their looks are losing the respect of the public.
If the growing social unacceptability of artificial enhancements is not enough to stop you,
consider what you are doing to yourself physically. Injections leave you bruised for a day or
more, which is surely not how you want to present yourself. They also artificially plump up
your skin, leaving a hollow appearance once they wear off.
Finally, these injections are filled with harmful chemicals. Every day we learn about one
more chemical that causes deadly diseases like cancer or worse. Medicines that were once
thought to be safe are now known to cause vast damage. Do you really want to chance
your long term health and your most prominent feature, your face, just for a few weeks of
artificial skin rejuvenation?

Control What Your Face Says About You
Have you ever noticed someone who would otherwise be very attractive, but something
about their face gives them the exact opposite appearance? This is not a reference to a
scar or some other blemish that cannot be helped. It is someone who has a lean face with
defined muscle, yet something subconsciously detracts from their attractiveness.
No matter how fit their face is, they are projecting an image that is flawed. They might be
a strong individual, but their face does not send that signal. Assuming that no one would
purposely want to appear flawed, they probably not aware of the problem. Not being aware
of the problem means they have no control over it.
Facial Exercises Guide


Is your face betraying you in the same manner? Have you ever seen a picture of yourself
when you did not know you were being photographed? Did the image seem like a stranger?
Did you think you looked tired, depressed, mean, or was some other negative emotion
clouding the beauty of your face? If the answer is yes, then you are not in control of what
your face says about you to the world.

Training Involuntary Muscles
A smile or a frown is one of the simplest ways to communicate. There are over
43 muscles in your face, all controlled by the cranial nerve. They are responsible
for every facial expression or movement you have, but the most common and
understood is the smile or frown.
These two expressions are so simple and yet can change your appearance so much.
A rather plain person can look young and vibrant with a big smile on their face. An
otherwise stunning beauty can look horrid walking around with a frown.

What Do You Look Like When You Are Not Concentrating?
Of the 43 muscles in your face, over half
are “involuntary” muscles. This means they
act without you having to consciously think
about moving. Unfortunately, for most
people the natural state of these involuntary
muscles is to form a frown. As busy
schedules and hectic lifestyles take a toll
on our psyche, those frowns become more
intense until they form lines on our face.
How do you think that frown is perceived by
the other people you meet? Here is a quick
way to find out. Get a darker makeup pencil
such as a blemish concealer or brow liner.
Get close to the mirror and let your face form its natural, resting expression. If you see
any obvious lines, color them in with the pencil.
Next, try to exaggerate your frown as much as possible, changing your expression
from sadness, to frustration, to anger. Each time you change your expression, make
sure you color in any obvious lines. Once you are confident you have contorted
your face for every negative emotion, resume your natural resting expression.

Facial Exercises Guide


Chances are, you are not happy with what you are seeing. However, what you are
seeing is how your face projects itself to the world when you are affected by negative
emotions. Even your resting facial expression probably projects a negative image.
Granted, these colored in lines on your face are an extreme representation. This does
not mean that the facial lines which exist naturally are not giving others the same
impression. You should also know if you continue to age with negative emotions
clouding your life, your face will begin to resemble these lines more and more.

Change Your Involuntary Expression
The best way to correct this problem is to change the expression on your face
even when you are not concentrating on it. Put simply, you need to smile more.
However, it is more than simply smiling when you think about it. You have to
retrain your brain to smile even in a natural resting state.
You may try to convince yourself that you already smile a lot. This is a very
common mistake. To prove it, set a timer for 5 minutes and then make sure you
maintain a smile the entire time. At the end of the 5 minutes, your face will feel the
same relief your arm would feel if you had just released a very heavy load.
If you were regularly exercising your smiling muscle, you would not have felt any
relief when you stopped smiling. In fact, not smiling would have been more work. It
is time you started working out your smile muscles.
Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, but it is not impossible. Any bad habit
can be broken. You can break the habit of letting your negative emotions keep you
from a flawless face.
Although it can seem contradictory, smiling is the quickest and most effective way
to relieve your negative emotions. A smile actually exercises certain facial muscles.
When these muscles are flexed, it makes the skin more radiant, firm, and supple.
The more you exercise your smile muscles, the more your involuntary muscles will
be trained to naturally stay in a smile-like position. Furthermore, the use of your
muscles in this way will signal your brain to release endorphins, the hormones used
to reduce stress and increase joy. Of course, being stress free and happy is the best
way to achieve a more flawless face that others are envious of.

Facial Exercises Guide


Smiling Exercises
You must make an effort to smile every
moment that you can. Even in the most
stressful situations, you must make certain
you are smiling. A good exercise is to set a
timer at 10 minute intervals throughout the
day. Each time it goes off, note if you were
Then, make an effort to keep smiling as long
as possible until the next interval is up. Bad
habit breaking is a slow process and it may
take more than a month to achieve the results
you want. However, if you focus eventually
you will find that you are smiling each time the timer sounds.
You also need to retrain your brain so that smiles come more naturally. Instead
of seeking out the negative, focus on the positive. If you are in a very stressful
situation, take a look around. It may be a person across the street who is
unconsciously whistling a happy tune or the child in the backseat of the car next to
you who looks ready to burst with energy.
Somewhere in sight there is always something to smile about. It is important that
you form a habit of looking for the positive. You should incorporate this idea into
the smiling exercise you learned earlier. Each time the timer goes off, make a note
of something worth smiling about, no matter how large or insignificant it will be.
This will train your brain to quickly and automatically seek out the happier aspects
of life.
There are also other diversions which will surely increase your smile frequency.
Taking a walk outside is bound to produce a smile once you are surrounded by fresh
air, sites, sounds, new faces, and the increased blood flow from the exercise. Taking
up a new hobby or getting a new pet will also help relieve stress and increase your
natural smiles.

Facial Exercises Guide


Use a Caring Touch
Without knowing it, we touch our face hundreds of time a day. A touch may be to apply
lotion in the morning, brush a stray hair away from our cheek, rub our weary eyes, or wash
our face at the end of a long day. No matter the reason, you should always handle your
face with care.

Don’t Let Delicate Skin Stand in Your Way
There is a myth that if you touch your skin you will cause wrinkles and discoloring.
Your skin is thinner on your face and more delicate, but not that delicate. In fact, it
thrives from being touched.
Touch is one of your most basic sensations. All of your skin is designed to feel and
be touched, including your face. Has a touch ever caused goosebumps or some other
emotional response? This is your skin’s way of telling you it enjoyed the sensation of
Your face enjoys touch just as much as the rest of your body. This is why facials and
other forms of facial massage are so popular, because your delicate skin still wants to
be touched. It is a subconscious desire that, when fulfilled, makes your skin thrive.

The Nurturing Touch of Acupressure
Sometimes a caring touch does not necessarily
mean a soft touch. There are times when a stronger
hand is needed. This is when many people turn to
massage, but acupuncture can be more productive.
Many factors influence how healthy and flawless
your face appears. As you have learned earlier, your
negative emotions can disfigure you. Smiling is
important to keep your face lightened and healthy.
However, sometimes the muscles and skin of your
face can actually trap and store negative energy,
compounding the effects.
When your face traps this negative energy, it has
many consequences. Naturally, your expression
is going to remain in a constant smile or frown,
artificially aging you, detracting from your looks, and essentially turning people off.
However, the tension you feel will also become very pronounced on your face.
Facial Exercises Guide


The areas of your face which hold in your negative energy, such as your temples
or between your eyes, are going to quickly get deep lines. The same pressure that
forms these deep lines is also restricting blood flow to the area which will cause water
retention and skin discoloring. In the end, your dissatisfaction with your appearance
will cause even greater tension and start a cycle of negative energy.
This is when an extreme, but nurturing, touch is needed. Westerners are very
familiar with the alternative healing practice of acupuncture, but acupressure is
a better alternative for the face. The act of simply applying pressure to certain
locations of the face can help you release that stored energy and almost instantly
rejuvenate your skin.

A Sample Exercise
There are acupressure experts who can help you relieve the most severe cases of
negative tension. However, there are plenty of techniques you can do at home to
ensure it never gets that bad. For example, lay down on the floor with your head
fully relaxed. Use your finger tips to massage the top of your head. Then, move
them in a flowing motion from your crown to the base of your head at the spine.
Apply as much pressure as you can tolerate.
While the top of your head is not your face, applying pressure in this location
can have a tremendous benefit and greatly improve your appearance. The ancient
Chinese call this area of the head the “Pool of Wind” because energy stored here
can travel throughout the body. Releasing this energy is known to cure headaches,
improve vision, and repair stiffness at the neck.
Headaches are caused by muscles that are too taut. Eye vision is impaired when
muscles squeeze too tightly on the cornea and optic nerve. The neck becomes stiff
when muscles pull on it too greatly.
This one exercise can relieve this muscle based pain. Naturally, it also relaxes all of
the muscles in your face, softening your appearance. The relief of this tension will
naturally calm and relax you, further reducing your tension. Essentially, this one
exercise can break the cycle of tension and start a cycle that will keep your face
looking youthful and beautiful. If only one technique can be so powerful, imagine
how you would benefit using intensive acupressure.

Facial Exercises Guide


Eliminate the Fat, Increase the Muscle
Everything you have learned so far in this report will help give your face a more youthful and
bright appearance. Of course, all of this work is useless if your flawless face is concealed by
extra layers of fat and poor muscle quality. In this society, a face must also be lean and tone to
be considered attractive. To finally achieve your flawless face, you must also lose the extra fat
and weak muscles concealing your true potential.
Fat makes your face appear puffy and distorts the way the skin should naturally lay. It
stretches out the skin and causes irregular bagging and discoloring. It makes skin more
prone to acne and other skin problems. Facial fat also increases water retention in your fat,
making chubby cheeks appear more bloated and full. Essentially, extra fat in your face adds
years to your appearance and masks the brightness it should have.
It has been said that body fat can act like an additional entity in your body, affecting your
overall health and changing the shape of your body. It can be very difficult to lose body fat.
Unfortunately, even after losing body fat many people are still left with lingering facial fat
because they gain fat in their face first but lose it there last.
Think about how many people you have seen who have fantastically fit bodies, but they
still have facial fat. It throws off their appearance. No matter how youthful their body looks
and feels, they still seem haggard and unhealthy. Facial fat has to be eliminated and muscle
tone increased to take their appearance to the next level.

A Nutrient Rich Diet
You already know that you have to eat
right to look good. To eliminate facial
fat, you must increase your efforts to
eat right. This does not mean you need
to starve yourself, it just means you
should optimize your food to include
the most nourishment.
Eating a nourishing diet is not
complicated; it is based on making
smart choices. If you are already
focusing on fitness in your life, then you are probably already avoiding fast foods, sugary
drinks, and starchy foods. This is a great step in the right direction.
Some people go over board and often choose fat-free and sugar-free foods believing they
are making the right choice. However, this common mistake can actually increase your
Facial Exercises Guide


facial fat instead of decrease it. Sugar-free foods are often artificially sweetened. Did you
know that artificial sweeteners are made from the same chemical compounds as household
cleaners such as bleach? Obviously you would not want to consume bleach because of
the dangerous side effects, but you should not expect any different result when you eat
artificially sweetened food.
Fat-free foods often have a disproportionate amount of sugar to make the product more
appetizing. Additionally, they are filled with chemical fillers to keep the same consistency as
the normal version. These chemicals slow down your metabolism, causing you to gain weight.
Furthermore, fat-free fillers also strip your body of chromium which is an essential nutrient
for building muscle and breaking down excess fat.
Instead of these unhealthy alternatives, you should choose naturally healthy foods. Certain
foods can specifically enhance the youthfulness and fitness of your face. For example, you
already know that chromium is essential to weight loss and muscle gain, but did you know
whole grains and broccoli are an excellent source of chromium? This is only the beginning;
there are literally thousands of foods rich in the nutrients you need to have a stronger,
leaner face and more vibrant skin.

More Exercise = More Tone and Less Fat
If you are in good shape, but still have
lingering facial fat then you are going
to have to kick your exercise regiment
up a notch. Unfortunately, the fact
is that simply exercising your face
will not guarantee you will lose facial
fat. You cannot direct fat burning to
a specific portion of your body. You
must exercise enough to keep the fat
off of your entire body. The more you
exercise the less facial fat you will have.
However, not being able to direct fat burning to your face does not mean you should stop
your exercises at your shoulders. Exercising your facial muscles to increase tone gives you
a lean look that matches your lean body. It makes the cheek bones and chin become more
defined. Tone facial muscles accentuate your best features, without having to artificially
achieve those qualities with chemicals of makeup.
When you have more muscle definition in your face, it changes how you are perceived. It
provides the appearance of strength and power. These attributes are socially associated with
beauty and success.
Facial Exercises Guide


Ask your grandmother, she will probably tell you about a “chin firming” secret that her
grandmother taught her. They knew beauty did not only include healthy skin and a nice
smile, it meant having a lean, muscular face. You have to exercise your face.
If you are dubious about the effectiveness of facial exercises, try this simple test. Hold your
breath and puff out your cheeks, as if you were a famous trumpet player squeezing out a
high note. Hold the facial position for 60 seconds.
When you release the position, were your facial muscles clearly fatigued and ready for rest?
If you answered yes, this means those muscles were out of shape. Now, imagine how your
face would look if those weak muscles were stronger.
Performing facial exercises has three benefits. Of course, you build muscles in your face to
achieve the tone you want. However, the increased activity in your face will proportionately
increase the blood flow to your face. Fresh, oxygenated blood will give your skin a youthful
blush and luminescent appearance. If you have any discoloring in your skin, exercise will
help flush away those old skin cells. It will nourish skin as it grown healthy, new cells.
Also, muscle uses fat as fuel. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn.
Although you cannot direct fat burning to your face, any body part that has greater muscle
tone will help the overall body, including the face, stay fat free.

Getting Facially Fit
Eliminating fat and improving muscle tone are the final steps to getting a flawless
appearance of youth and vibrancy. However, normal dieting and the age-old “chin firming”
secrets are not enough to get the best results. You need to become facially fit.
The models, actors, and fitness stars you see with naturally strong, youthful faces did not
achieve those results by chance. They used intensive techniques to eradicate facial fat and
build up facial muscle. While they may have had professional coaching, this does not mean
you cannot achieve the same fantastic results.
You can get those same professional results using the Face Fitness Formula program. This
30-Day program can help you finally eradicate your chubby cheeks and build facial muscle.
Essentially, the program can turn a mediocre face into a tone, sexy one.

Facial Exercises Guide


Face Fitness Formula
There are basically four components to Face Fitness Formula. First, you will be taught
how to detoxify and cleanse your body of unhealthy foods, chemicals, and other dangerous
substances. These toxins are the primary cause of chubby cheeks and discolored skin.
The next stage will teach you how to revitalize by teaching you skin care, diet, and facial
exercise techniques which accelerate the production of healthy skin and muscles. In the
third stage, your diet and exercises will intensify with the purpose of strengthening the
facial muscles. Finally, you will learn the techniques to finely sculpt your muscles to achieve
the definition you want.
In addition to the 30-Day program, Face Fitness Formula, will show you how to maintain
your results long term. You will learn more about stress, mental outlook, and sleep to help
you further master a youthful, bright appearance. Although the diet to achieve a flawless
face is very detailed, the program will give you plenty of help with suggested menus and
grocery shopping lists.
Face Fitness Formula is a one-stop source to completing your face transformation by
losing fat and gaining muscle. You have retrained your face to voluntarily project happiness
and vibrancy. You have retrained your mind to focus on calm and relaxing thoughts instead
of the stress that ages your appearance. If you can retrain your body to build up facial
muscles and stop storing fat, you will finally be able to put your best face forward.

Download The Face Fitness Formula Today!

Facial Exercises Guide

The Easiest, Most Affordable Way To
Add Definition To Your Jaw Line And Cheeks
So You Too Can Now Look And Feel Sexier...


Dear Friend,
Congratulations and thank you for your purchase! You’re all set to take
advantage of this proven 30-Day program to lose face fat and sculpt higher
cheekbones – without surgery.
Setting out on a month-long regime which requires you to stick to a
disciplined diet and exercise regime can seem like a very uphill and even
overwhelming prospect especially if you are confused and unsure about
where to begin.
And hence, to simplify this transition from a relatively unhealthy lifestyle to a
more holistic, well-balanced one, we recommend that you follow these six
simple steps which take you from chipmunk cheeks to a perfectly sculpted

STEP #1:
Take your time with the e-book, exploring "Part One" thoroughly so that you understand the
basics of my 30-day program.
Don’t try to jump the gun and simply skim through the chapters in a bid to save time and effort. In all
probability, doing so may confuse and flummox you even further, and even lead to misguided efforts
which lead you further away from your goal than when you first started out.
Click Here To Expore Part 1

STEP #2:
Read and understand the 30-Day Plan.
Unlike all the other instant quick-fixes that you have tried, tested and discarded, my 30-day plan does
recommend a well-balanced approach to your dietary and fitness regimes. And so, before you set out
to implement the guidelines which the e-book recommends, spare a few minutes to customize the
plan as per your daily schedule, to ensure the best possible results with a minimal investment of time
and resources.
Click Here to Read & Understand 30-Day Plan (Part 2)

STEP #3:
Print the "Weekly Meal Planners" and put them up somewhere convenient so that you can refer

to them at a moment’s notice.
The four Weekly Meal planners provide you with a comprehensive outline of the milestones – both in
terms of diet and exercise – that you need to achieve everyday.
Having this information close at hand works wonders in helping you organize your day better instead
of spending unnecessary amounts of time hunching up in front of your computer.
Click Here to Download

STEP #4:
Download and Print the Grocery Lists and make sure you have everything you need for your
weekly program.
Although buying all the groceries at one go may seem like a much easier solution, we do recommend
that you stock up on a weekly basis to ensure that the food you eat is as fresh as possible.
Storing your food, especially vegetables for too long, can result in a large number of nutrients
withering away, leaving you with a mere fraction of what your body needs.
Click Here to Download

STEP #5:
Setting Up an Appointment With Yourself to Start the Program.
When you resolve to implement the 30-day diet, make sure that you have plenty of time to devote on
yourself on the very first day. If possible, start on a Saturday, so that you can devote every Sunday
during this 30-day period to relaxing and rejuvenating yourself.
Take a picture before you begin to allow you to track the changes in your facial contours as you
advance from one week to the next.

STEP #6:
Follow the Program & I’ll Send You $100!
Once you have completed the 30-day course, take a picture of yourself and compare it with the one
you took right before you started out.
Send us both these pictures, along with a little video clip of yourself telling us about your experiences
with my program. If we are impressed with what we see – as we are very likely to be – I’ll personally
send you $100!

And remember, I am here to help you. If you ever need help or just want to ask a question, contact us at or by phone at +357-25-581-478.
Once again, thank you for your purchase and keep reading!
Talk soon,

John Socratous
CEO of The Face Fitness Center

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