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A book for us, mommy and daddy .pdf

Nombre del archivo original: A book for us, mommy and daddy.pdf

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Dedicated to my daughter Lamia and my nephew
Special thank you for the drawings to: Benjamin
Mandic, Kay Kutwin, Lea Koubati, Aya, Alma & Dean

Introduction: 5-12
Chapter 1 — The park 12- 20
Chapter 2 — School time 20- 32
Chapter 3 — Groceries & objects 32- 39
Chapter 4 — Pool time 39- 51
Chapter 5 — Exercise & Fun Si- 58
References 58
Biography 59

Children’s boom
Every child’s development is crucial for his/hers parents. Ideal book
for the age of 5-10 years old should consume all of their activities
and interests in one place. The idea is to create a book
full of colour, not just by illustration but also by adding the events
and education provided, combined with methodology subject for
that age.
First of all, the book is arranged in an order of every day activities
and hobbies that shall build an interest in the reader and the parent
as well. As parents, we all know that this particular age range goes
to school, being the age of formed little child who is fully capable of
attending other activities, hobbies and so on.

Therefore, instead of fully leaning on the cartoons to educate them,
we should incorporate the books and educative daily routines of
parents with cartoons.
The cartoons shall be watched daily, only a certain amount of time
and the choice of cartoons is important as well.
These ideas could be as well shown in a book or a cartoon by simply
creating a shorter one full of educative and playful scenes with
music with the closing such as: “sleep time”, “nap time” or “time to
read the book and bye.” The idea is that this age does not hold the
attention as long as the adults, therefore, the chapters should be
shorter and more interesting.”
Secondly, the central figures of the book, brother and sister, or
simply boy and a girl shall convey healthy spirit ideas for the

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