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Valley recruitment scam .pdf

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Executive Search
There are plenty of reasons organizations turn to us for their executive
search needs. It is truly a lack of ready-now internal talent to lead during
difficult times; expansion into new markets or geographies
requiring different knowledge and skills; inadequate resources or time
constraints restricting their capacity to recruit; or circumstances requiring
third-party involvement to ensure transparency and eliminate potential
conflicts of interest.
Search needs a sophisticated combination of industry knowledge to
comprehend business needs, assessment science to mitigate risk, and the
subtle art of human relations to have the perfect match. While the entire
world has changed radically in the decades, some principles still hold fast.
The most successful executive search is actually conducted by experts who:

Understand the issues and opportunities within your industry.
Appreciate your corporate culture.
Recognize the challenges which can be unique to your
Know the candidates which are best worth lead just how

Board & CEO Services
When boards, CEOs, and leadership teams thrive, entire organizations
succeed with them. But the potency of your leadership team might be
endangered by such issues as personal differences, insufficient strategic
alignment, or failures of structure and governance.
We use the boards, CEOs, and executive teams of most of the world's
leading organizations to handle the non-public, strategic, and organizational
drivers affecting team dynamics and performance. Having partnered with
senior leaders for significantly more than forty-five years, we could leverage
our experience and expertise to assist you achieve alignment on strategic
direction and risk, secure the proper people for the proper executive roles,

and build the leadership capabilities necessary to provide superior business

Improving the performance and impact of the board.
Our research indicates there are three important elements that influence
board effectiveness:

Composition — does the board have the proper mixture of members?
Focus — do the members of the board have a shared give attention to
the organization's strategy and capabilities?
Team dynamics — could board members be working together more

Our approach is to concentrate on these three elements in concert while
helping to construct a fruitful governance model. We can offer solutions in a
variety of areas, including board composition, strategic alignment, team
effectiveness and succession.

Rewards & Benefits
Rewarding your people is now increasingly complex. The workforce is more
demanding. There's a focus on transparency. New jobs, without any pay
precedent, are emerging most of the time. And flatter structures and the
utilization of contingent workforces mean career paths are no longer clear.

Valley Recruitment Inc. can help you
navigate these challenges
We develop flexible, fair reward programs that attract, retain and engage a
diverse workforce and encourage them to behave in line with company
culture and goals. We optimize your pay spend by ensuring you're not under
or over investing in any role. And we develop career frameworks to structure
your rewards and retain your absolute best people.

Why choose Valley Recruitment Inc.?

Market leaders in reward for over 70 years.
Local reward experts in most country we operate in.

The most comprehensive pay database in the world, giving you use of
data on 20 million+ employees from 25,000+ organizations in
significantly more than 110 countries.
The most robust and popular job evaluation methodology in the world.
70% of the Fortune 500 are already our clients.
Independence, integrity and insight.

How we work
We offer three ways to access our reward insights:

Pay data – We've a portfolio of self-service reward tools to
accommodate your needs and budget. Whatever option you select, we
put all of it our data into context for you personally and present it in
an obvious and compelling way.
Reward services – We package our insight and trademark methods
together to provide you with proven, consistent ways to deal with your
reward and job evaluation needs.
Consulting solutions – Our consultants' partner with you to
comprehend your organization, your challenges and your opportunities
to be able to create the proper reward solutions to help you achieve
your strategy.

The very first few weeks and months of an executive's tenure are critical.
Setting it up right can dramatically accelerate the transformation of a fresh
recruit into a completely functioning business leader. But getting it wrong
can be extremely costly. Research indicates that the typical cost of an
unsuccessful executive hire is $2.7 million USD.*
Our Onboarding services grab where in fact the executive search process
ends, and help a few of the world's top organizations integrate new
executives in a far more structured and effective way. Focusing on early
stages of an executive's tenure, we reduce enough time it takes for him or
her to begin creating a meaningful impact, and maximize the leader's
personal engagement with the business and brand. We work with new hires
and internal promotions.

A mix of experience and evidence-based expertise.

Our extensive experience in this area, combined with our comprehensive
and ongoing research, means we realize the weather that basically count
toward early success in an executive role. We also understand what kinds of
support and guidance are probably be most effective.
The advantages of our onboarding services.
We offer three kinds of onboarding services: Executive Onboarding,
Transition Coaching, and Team and Diversity Onboarding. Those all provide
several key benefits:

Accelerate the assimilation of new hires and promoted employees,
permitting them to make value-adding contributions sooner
Enable new hires to totally integrate into the enterprise culture
Protect investment by minimizing the chance of new recruits departing

Professional Search
Valley Recruitment Future step is uniquely positioned to help you identify and
attract professionals at the middle to upper degrees of management, in both singlesearch and multiple managed search projects.
Our search consultants are aligned to an industry practice or functional center of
expertise, and combine their recruitment expertise with extensive backgrounds in
the areas in which they recruit. Our expertise spans consumer, financial services,
healthcare, industrial, life sciences, and technology, and covers functional roles in
finance and accounting, human resources, information technology, non-profit and
education, sales and marketing, and supply chain management. Each industry
practice and functional center of expertise is seamlessly integrated using its Valley
Recruitment Executive Search counterpart, ensuring a broad view of top talent
within in the market.
Future step's best-of-breed methodology includes innovative tools and technologies
that complement our consultants' expertise to provide statistically validated
superior results, including the industry's richest data on salaries, engagement, and
leadership skills. And through Valley Recruitment Inc., we've all the equipment your
leaders need for continued success, from leadership development to assessment
and succession.
We operate seven Talent Delivery Centers, recruitment hubs conceived and builtout to higher serve clients wherever it is you need talent. Our centers, positioned in
Dallas, Buenos Aires, Warsaw, Bangalore, Manila, Shanghai and Auckland, boast
capabilities in 27 languages.

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