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But unless you manually log into YouTube and delete those videos linked to
your site (which hardly anyone does) then they stay right there… and the
traffic and popularity of the video grows, not in every case of course but
believe me they are there.

So what does that mean for you?
OK, so let’s assume you picked a keyword, hoped over to YouTube found a
bunch of videos and started going through them looking for the golden
nuggets the channel owners left behind.

What you need to do…
1. You need to look for videos with traffic… obvious
2. Check to see it still gets traffic… makes sense right?
3. Check the video description just under the video and look for a link
4. Now click that link to see if the site it relates to is still active
5. If it isn’t then there is a very good chance you can actually buy the
domain. And when you do, then you have effectively just hijacked all the
traffic that video gets… it’s yours in an instant… and no I’m not joking, look.

Case Study