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Anyway, to cut a long story short… I found out that there are a number of
what certain people in the know call ‘Stealth’. Stealth methods do exist but
they remain hidden from most of us because they are very, very easy… and
they make certain people a lot of money.

So, they are not sharing.
But I found one.

…Here’s how it works
So, there are MILLIONS of videos on YouTube right… and as I write this there
were probably another thousand or more added. I don’t need to tell you the
obvious but YouTube is huge and people are uploading videos like they are
going out of fashion.

But here’s the thing… while many people upload videos, not all actually
monitor them or stick with whatever they are doing, in fact many don’t.


Imagine you set up a site based around s specific niche… you put up a few
videos and… Nothing

No Traction, No Visitors and No Sales…
Chances are you would dump the project, forget about the videos and let
the domain expire. That’s what hundreds of thousands of would be Internet
marketers actually do… Yes I discovered that.

The interesting point to this is… when you give up on a website and let that
domain expire then the site and the google rank vanishes… it’s gone.