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The No.1 realistic sex doll manufacturer looking for distributors all around the world .pdf

Nombre del archivo original: The No.1 realistic sex doll manufacturer looking for distributors all around the world.pdf
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• We know that each batch of
products can not be 100%
perfect, so our production crew,
QC, QA are to carry out each of
their duties and the greatest
responsibility to ensure the
quality of products from the
production process to delivery.
• The defective rate we have been
detected in the production
process is less than 3%;
• The defective rate for products
after delivery is less than 1%.

Pre-production Inspection
Before productions, all the parts will be tested and
inspected to meet the production standards. We
will refuse to use for production any part even there
is only a trace of flaws

Processes Inspection
After the completion of their own processes (
Skeleton install, moulding, painting, cleaning, makeup, powdering, functions testing, and packaging) in
the production line, each worker will test and inspect
their processes immediately to ensure the processes
do not have any problem. If any problem occurs, we
will hold responsible to the individual worker.

Final Inspection
When each doll is finished, our Quality Control crew
(Q.C) will inspect it to ensure the doll is perfect with
workmanship, all required dimensions , and
functions. To make sure the product looks good and
works good, and 100% same as what customer want.
The dolls will be packaged after passed inspection.

Pre-production inspection ( make sure all parts
meet production standards).

Parts not pass inspection, replace them
with parts in perfect.

Parts are all perfect

Go for Production.

All processes inspected perfect.

Any processes fail inspection, will re-work
on it.

QC inspect to ensure doll perfect, and QA
Inspect to ensure doll is What customer want.

Package and delivery


If the doll we shipped has quality
problem (it has not been used), we
will send a new doll to customer at
our cost; If the doll has quality
problem (it’s over half a year from
delivery time), we will send a new
doll to customer at his shipping


If the doll is not used properly, we
will not responsible for this Sex
doll is a personal item, it can not
be returned for replacement.

We have an order supervisor follow
your orders when production. We will
update our customer each step of how
the order is going on.

We have FDA , CE and rohs

We have FDA , CE and rohs

• Our delivery time normally is 4-5 days. If the order volume is
large or in peak season, the delivery time may extend to 5-8
days with permission from our customer.

Shenzhen Joyflycn Industry Co.,Ltd
3F. Building No.8 DaXingChuangYe
Industrial park, Shajing Town, Shenzhen
City, China

Tel: +1(323) 647 5893
Cell: +86 15112501208

Facebook: idname here
Skype: skypeidname

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