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Nombre del archivo original: Pokemon GO_ Tips, Tricks, and C - T Johnson.pdf
Título: Pokémon GO: Tips, Tricks, and Cheats. The Best Book On Pokémon Go Ever Written (Pokémon GO, Tips, Tricks, Cheats.)
Autor: T Johnson

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Pokémon Go:
Tips, Tricks,
And Cheats
The Best Book On
Pokémon Go Ever

© Copyright 2016 by
______________________ All rights reserved.
This document is geared towards
information in regards to the topic
and issue covered. The publication
is sold with the idea that the
publisher is not required to render
accounting, officially permitted, or
otherwise, qualified services. If
advice is necessary, legal or
professional, a practiced individual
in the profession should be ordered.
- From a Declaration of Principles
which was accepted and approved

equally by a Committee of the
American Bar Association and a
Committee of Publishers and
In no way is it legal to reproduce,
duplicate, or transmit any part of
this document in either electronic
means or in printed format.
Recording of this publication is
strictly prohibited and any storage
of this document is not allowed
unless with written permission
from the publisher. All rights
The information provided herein is
stated to be truthful and consistent,
in that any liability, in terms of

inattention or otherwise, by any
usage or abuse of any policies,
processes, or directions contained
within is the solitary and utter
responsibility of the recipient
reader. Under no circumstances will
any legal responsibility or blame be
held against the publisher for any
reparation, damages, or monetary
loss due to the information herein,
either directly or indirectly.

not held by


The information herein is offered
for informational purposes solely,
and is universal as so. The

presentation of the information is
without contract or any type of
guarantee assurance.
The trademarks that are used are
without any consent, and the
publication of the trademark is
without permission or backing by
trademarks and brands within this
book are for clarifying purposes
only and are the owned by the
owners themselves, not affiliated
with this document.

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: What Is Pokémon Go?
Chapter 2: Pokémon Go
Expressions And Their
Chapter 3: How To Play Pokémon
Go For Beginners
Chapter 4: Tips And Cheats To Help
You Get Ahead

I want to thank you and
congratulate you for downloading
the book, “Pokémon Go: Tips,
Tricks, And Cheats – The Best Book
On Pokémon Go Ever Written.”
This book contains proven steps
and strategies on how to play the
Pokémon Go mobile game; the
game that has taken over the world.
Are you curious? Do you want to
know what the fuss is about and
why your neighbors are moving up
and down the sidewalk, glued to
their phones at odd hours of the day

or the night? Perhaps, you’ve had
friends look at you in disbelief
when you admitted that you hadn’t
started playing this game yet.
The whole point is that you’re ready
to cave. You’ve said, “To heck with
it; I’ll download the game and play
it!” But now comes a problem: you
know nothing about Pokémon.
Maybe you played the games,
maybe you didn’t. Perhaps you saw
the TV series with Ash and friends
or perhaps you didn’t. If you’re like
me, you probably just heard of it
and are wondering why everyone’s
going so crazy about the game.
Well, here’s your chance to find out.

In this book, not only will I tell you
what the game is but what all the
terms related to it are and most
importantly, how you can play it.
I’ve also included some advanced
tips and tricks that novices
generally don’t know about so that
your gameplay gets a boost.
So, go ahead and get started and
join millions of Pokémon Go fans
(including me) around the world in
discovering what augmented reality
feels like and getting some exercise
while you’re at it.
Thanks again for downloading this
book, I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1: What Is
Pokémon Go?
In 2016, a new mobile game took
the world by storm. Suddenly, you
could see crowds of people
around, walking, even running and
doing all this while holding up their
smart phones. Articles and blogs
about the game went viral; the
game was the only thing being
discussed in various chat apps and
social media apps, and it was plain
to see that a whole new cultural
phenomenon was being born.

Someone exceedingly clever had
taken hold of an older but very
popular game and TV series and
breathed such new life into it that it
took on an identity of its own. This
is how Pokémon Go became the
latest, and perhaps the greatest,
viral sensation.
So, the first question for you newbs
who have picked up this book is –
what is Pokémon Go? Is it simply a
new mobile game? Well, yes and
no. It is a mobile game that was
developed by Niantic based on a
previous game that the company
had developed. But that is not all
that this game is. The game is not

just free, it is location based, which
means that the game is based where
you are based on the GPS location
of your smart phone. As if that
alone weren’t enough, it is an
augmented reality game. The
integrates a real-world environment
with computer generated input that
can be oral, visual, graphical or even
via GPS data. In other words, the
game enhances reality.
I think you’re getting the reason for
the hype now. This game didn’t just
build on a previously (and still)
popular game. It also brought that
game into our reality. Suddenly,

everything we saw on our TV or
through our gaming consoles
became that much more real. The
things we wished we could do when
we watched Ash and his friends
move around the fictional world of
Pokémon had suddenly become
doable. The lines between fantasy
and reality were exquisitely blurred.
It is no surprise, then, that
Pokémon Go has become the viral
sensation that it is.
Before we get started on how to
play the game, I’m going to give you
an overview of the game – a general
idea of what the gameplay is like
and what the different terms used

in the game are. If you already
know some of this stuff, feel free to
skip the topics and chapters dealing
with it and move straight on to the
chapters dealing with directions,
tips, cheats and so on.
Subsequent to creating an account
in the game, the player makes an
avatar by selecting a hair, skin, and
eye shade, style, and outfit. Once
made, the avatar is shown on a
guide utilizing the player’s present
geographical area. Highlights on the
guide incorporate PokéStops and
Pokémon gyms. PokéStops furnish
players with things, for example,

eggs, Poké Balls, berries, and
mixtures. These PokéStops can be
furnished with things called lure
modules, which pull in extra wild,
and some of the time uncommon,
Pokémon. Gyms serve as fight areas
for groups based on the ruler of the
slope matches. PokéStops and gyms
are regularly situated in areas of
interest. These regions are gateways
enlarged reality game, that have
been repurposed.
As players move inside their true
environment, their avatar moves
Distinctive Pokémon species dwell

in various regions of the world;
take, for example, water-type
Pokémon who are for the most part
found close to water. When a player
gets to see a Pokémon, they may
see it either in augmented reality
(AR) mode or with a live rendered
background that is non-specific. AR
mode utilizes the gyroscope and
camera on the player’s cell phone to
show a picture of a Pokémon as if it
were in the genuine world. Players
can take screenshots of the
Pokémon they experience; it
doesn’t matter whether the AR
mode is activated.

Contrary to the other games and the
TV series in the Pokémon game
series, players in Pokémon Go don’t
have to do battle with wild
Pokémon to catch them. When
coming into contact with a wild
Pokémon, the player may fling a
Poké Ball at the wild Pokémon by
flicking the Ball from the base of
the screen up toward the Pokémon.
If the Pokémon is effectively
caught, it will go under the
responsibility of the player. Things
that determine the achievement
rate of capture incorporate the right
amount of force, the ideal time and
the kind of Poké Ball utilized. In the

wake of catching a wild Pokémon,
the player is granted two sorts of indiversion
candies and stardust. The candies
granted by an effective catch rely
evolutionary chain is. A player can
utilize stardust and candies to raise
a Pokémon’s “battle control” (CP).
Notwithstanding, just candies are
expected to evolve a Pokémon. Each
Pokémon advancement tree has its
own sort of candy, which must be
utilized to develop or level up. If the
player runs out of candy, he or she
is able to give the Pokémon back to
the Pokémon teacher to gain one

more candy and make space for
more Pokémon. A definitive goal of
the game is to finish the passages in
the Pokédex, a Pokémon reference
book, by capturing and evolving to
get the first 151 Pokémon.
In spite of the fact that you can play
the game for free, it underpins inapplication buys, where players can
buy extra Poké Balls and other indiversion items. These things
incorporate incense (to pull in
Pokémon to you as you move),
draw modules to draw in Pokémon
to a settled area, and generate eggs,
which twofold experience focuses
picked up for a thirty-minute time

span from utilize. All Pokémon are
shown with a battle control. A
Pokémon’s battle power is a harsh
measure of how intense that
Pokémon is in a fight. For the most
part, as a player steps up they will
get Pokémon with higher CP.
Players acquire focuses for different
in-amusement exercises. Players
ascend in level as they win
encounter focuses. At level five, the
player can fight at a Pokémon gym
and go along with one of three
shading coded groups (red for Team
Valor, blue for Team Mystic, or
yellow for Team Instinct), which go
about as groups inside the

Pokémon Go world. In the event
that players enter a Pokémon gym
that is controlled by a player that is
not some portion of their group,
they can challenge the pioneer to
bring down the gym’s “esteem.”
Once the eminence of a gym is
brought down to zero, the player
will take control of the gym and can
store one Pokémon to guard it.
Correspondingly, a group can
redesign the notoriety of a gym
under their control by engaging the
gym pioneer. Every time a gym’s
level is raised, another player from
the same group can store one of
their Pokémon.

reported a “Buddy Pokémon”
highlight, which permits players to
pick a Pokémon to show up nearby
them on the profile screen and get
in-diversion rewards and rewards in
light of the picked Pokémon. The
component was discharged later
that month. During that same
Pokémon Go to forestall players
with established or jailbroken
gadgets from signing into the game
with an end goal meant to lessen
and anticipate cheating.

Chapter 2: Pokémon Go
Expressions And Their
As Pokémon Go assumes control
over your life, make certain you’re
familiar with the language you’re
using with your fellow players. Here
are some important terms that are
utilized all through the Pokémon
Go universe.
A battle is a battle between your
Pokémon and a wild, adversary, or

agreeable Pokémon. In Pokémon
Go, you can just battle at Gyms.
When you arrive at an adversary’s
gym, you have the opportunity to
battle other groups’ (blue, yellow,
or red) Pokémon for a chance to
assert the gym itself.
For each adversary Pokémon you
overcome in battle, you bring down
the gym’s prestige, and once you
diminish it to zero, you can catch
the gym for yourself and your
Combat Power (CP)
A Pokémon’s combat power will
decide how solid it is amid a battle

against another Pokémon. This is
the manner by which you measure
a Pokémon’s assault quality.
Defender Bonus
A defender bonus is a day by day
remuneration you can get for
guarding a particular gym. You can
get rewards like Stardust and
PokéCoins. These defender bonuses
can be guaranteed at the shop in the
Eggs are things that
discover all through the
will bring forth into
Pokémon Eggs can be

you can
game that
found at

PokéStops, and once you walk a
specific separation with the egg in
an incubator, the egg will bring
forth into a Pokémon!
Evolution is the thing that happens
when your Pokémon steps up and
turns into a more grounded form of
By utilizing candy, you can develop
and change your Pokémon into a
more propelled type of Pokémon.
Candy is critical! It can be utilized
to develop and fortify your




You can get your candies by
Professor Willow, by finding
Pokémon, or by bringing forth
Pokémon Eggs.
Experience Points (XP)
Your Experience Points (XP) is the
means by which your advancement
is measured all through your Pokéwander. By upping your XP, you can
progress to higher trainer levels.
Fainted Pokémon

When a Pokémon is totally drained
of hit points (HP), it will black out.
You can utilize Revive or Max
Revive to bring your fainted
Pokémon once more into the game.
Gyms are particular areas where
you can go and battle the Pokémon
of opponent groups. You can
likewise go to gyms possessed by
your group to prepare your
Pokémon by doing combat against
the Pokémon allotted there by
different colleagues.
When you’re playing, you’ll see that
gyms having a place with your

group are known as “well-disposed”
gyms, while gyms that have been
asserted by different groups are
known as “adversary” gyms. Gyms
that have not been asserted,
nonetheless, are known as open
gyms – so what are you sitting tight
for? Go guarantee a gym!
Hit Points (HP)
Hit points are the manner by which
a Pokémon’s wellbeing is measured.
At the point when a Pokémon has
zero HP, it swoons and can never
again be utilized as a part of battle
until you restore it with a Revive or
Max Revive booster.

Incense will pull in wild Pokémon
to your area as a result of its smell.
Toward the start of your enterprise,
you are given two. You can likewise
get one incense in the shop for 80
When you get an egg, you place it
into an incubator. This will give it a
chance to bring forth into a
Pokémon as you walk.
You can upgrade your incubators as
you are playing the game, which

separation it takes to bring forth an
Lure Module
Lure modules work as a more
grounded adaptation of incense by
cajoling Pokémon to your area.
Every player can see a lure module
and everybody can exploit a
dynamic one, regardless of the fact
that they aren’t the first individual
to set it up.
By utilizing a lure module, you can
pull in wild Pokémon to a PokéStop
temporarily. At that point, you
should simply get them!
Lucky Egg

Lucky eggs can twofold the measure
of XP you procure for all activities
for around 30 minutes.
You can either purchase lucky eggs
in the shop, or you can get them as
a reward while you level up. For
instance, getting the opportunity to
advance to level 9 will gain you a
lucky egg.
You get granted medals as you get
gameplay accomplishments all
through your experiences. There are
a couple of various sorts you can
get, including:
• Jogger: Walk x kilometers

• Kanto: Register Pokémon
• Collector: Capture Pokémon
• Scientist: Evolve Pokémon
• Breeder: Hatch Eggs
• Backpacker: Visit PokéStops
• Battle Girl: Win gym battles
• Ace Trainer: Train x times
• Black Belt: Catch battling
• Pikachu Fan: Catch Pikachu
• Schoolkid: Catch typical

• Bird Keeper: Catch flying
• Dragon Tamer: Catch dragon
• Hiker: Catch rock Pokémon
• Ruin Maniac: Catch ground
• Psychic: Catch psychic
• Bug Catcher: Catch bug
• Fairy Tale Girl: Catch fairy

• Gardener: Catch grass
• Swimmer: Catch water
• Punk Girl: Catch harm
• Hex Maniac: Catch phantom
• Kindler: Catch fire Pokémon
Poké Balls
Poké Balls are what you use to
catch wild Pokémon! They can be
obtained at the shop or found at

There are diverse sorts of Poké
Balls all through the game.
Awesome Balls, Ultra Balls, and
Master Balls are superior Poké Balls
with a superior shot of getting wild
PokéCoins are the cash in the Pokéworld! Trainers can trade coins for
premium things in the shop.
Individuals can likewise purchase
PokéCoins in the shop.
A definitive Pokémon control! The
Pokédex is the place you will
discover data about all the

Pokémon you have gotten or
experienced in your undertakings!
PokéStops are particular areas that
you can go to assemble things like
Poké Balls, eggs, and potions.
A PokéStop will change its shape
when you draw near to it. To
communicate with a PokéStop,
basically touch it and turn the
photo disk to get things.
Potions are utilized to mend your
Pokémon. When you utilize a
potion, you reestablish your

Pokémon’s hit points (HP) so they
can battle once more.
By utilizing a candy and stardust,
trainers can power up their
Pokémon. This will build their CP
and HP.
Prestige is the means by which a
gym’s advance is measured as
various groups attempt to claim it.
Prestige is earned when Pokémon
prepare at the gym.
To propel a specific gym to more
elevated levels, you need to expand

a gym’s prestige. The higher a gym’s
prestige, the more Pokémon can be
added to protect it.
Razz Berry
While Razz Berries can’t be
obtained and must be found at
PokéStops, you can bolster them to
wild Pokémon to make them
simpler to get. Razz Berries will
show up in later levels of the game
when more troublesome Pokémon
start to show up.
In the event that a wild Pokémon
has a high CP level or is
uncommon, the player can utilize a
Razz Berry to expand the odds of

the Pokémon really staying in a
Poké Ball.
To see what Pokémon you can
discover around you, tap the strip in
the base right corner of the screen.
This will open the Sightings menu,
which demonstrates to you what
Pokémon are within 70 meters of
your present area.
You get stardust by bring forth eggs,
finding Pokémon, and gaining the
day by day defender bonus. It can
be utilized to power up your

When you’re at a cordial gym,
A.K.A. a gym run by your group,
trainers can battle Pokémon that
have been allocated there by
different colleagues. This will build
the prestige of the gym and their
experience points.
Trainers are the general population
who enterprise, investigate, play,
and battle in the realm of Pokémon
Go: You!
Wild Pokémon
Pokémon that have not been
captured are called wild Pokémon.

Chapter 3: How To Play
Pokémon Go For
Before you jump into Pokémon Go,
you’ll need to get the hang of how
the game works. This means that
you need to know the world, its
mechanics, and how to get to your
Pokédex, items, and that’s only the
tip of the iceberg.
To agree to the game, you’ll have to
utilize your Google record or agree
to a Pokémon trainer club account.
All your information is stored on
the game’s servers, so you’ll have to

utilize one of these two approaches
to hook up your Pokémon
information to your smart phone.
Step by step instructions to
sign on for Pokémon Go
1. Open the App Store from your
home screen.
2. Tap Top Charts on the base
tab. (On the other hand, tap
Search and enter ‘Pokémon
3. Explore to Free tab.
4. Tap Get and after that Install.
5. Approve with Touch ID or
enter your secret key.

6. Come back to your home
7. Tap the Pokémon Go symbol.
8. On the join screen, tap the
Google symbol.
9. Enter your Google username.
(On the other hand, tap Create
account and take after
10. Enter your Google password.
11. On the off chance that you
need to, use the two-factor
authentication process.
From that point, you can find out
about Pokémon Go from Professor

Willow, and




Right now, it appears that signing
on for a Pokémon Go record is
simpler and more dependable with
a Google account, as the alternative
for Pokémon trainer club is
regularly over-burdened or — on a

In the event that you don’t have a
Google account as of now, it might
be a smart idea to make one while
signing up for Pokémon Go since it
might be valuable later on. Agreeing
to a Google record is just accessible
to those more than 13 years of age

in the U.S. and all different nations
(16 in the Netherlands, and 14 in
Spain and South Korea). In the
event that you are under 13, please
converse with a parent before
Subsequent to joining, you’ll need
to redo your avatar. You can pick
your sex, hair and eye color, hat,
shoes, pants, shirt and your
rucksack. Try not to stress over it
excessively: If you change your
opinion later, you can backpedal
and re-modify it.
Once you’ve done as such, you’ll
enter the primary range of the
game: The Pokémon Go map.

Basically, the primary range of the
game is a brilliantly enlivened
adaptation of Google Maps. You’ll
see (unmarked) streets, stirring
grass (stamping Pokémon in the
zone), and nearby milestones
camouflaged as PokéStops and
Pokémon Gyms. As you move in
this present reality, your avatar will
as well. Pokémon will appear on the
guide with a vibration as you walk
along, and when that you tap on
them, you can attempt to catch
Player symbol: Your player symbol
is at the base left corner of the
screen. Tap on this to see your

character’s data, and additionally a
Rucksack: This is the place every
one of the things you get on your
excursion is put away.
Pokédex: Your file of Pokémon,
filled with data on every one of the
animal types you’ve as of now got.
Pokémon: Here, you can see all the
Pokémon that are in your
Sightings Screen: In the base right
corner of the screen, tap on the dark
box to see which creatures are close
to you.

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