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Curate, Snip, Score .pdf

Nombre del archivo original: Curate, Snip, Score.pdf
Autor: Steven Lucas

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Curate, Snip, Score
Free Traffic is one of those things that everybody wants, but very few
are exactly sure how to go about it without spamming.
The method I’m showing you here will allow you to use the popularity of
many famous sites and merely add a discrete link to a link of your
It is not black hat or spammy and is genuinely useful because you will be
sharing great content. It also provides people with useful information
from around the web.
Once set up, it can take up as much or a little time as you wish – around
15-20 minutes per day maximum is fine. Apart from your time, it does not
have to take up any of your money at all, although there are cost options
to increase your reach if you wish.
And so we begin…

Content Curation and The Art of Sharing
Social media is a sharing environment. People love to share snippets of
entertainment and information that they have found elsewhere. I have
found a great way to profit from this information sharing, using some of
the biggest sites on the web. What’s more, what you share, others can
share as well and multiply the reach of your findings and therefore the
links you choose to share.
I will explain the basic outline although it can be used with almost any
news, story, curation or blog site. Anything that provides a stream of
changing and useful information in your chosen niche. This last bit is
important if you want to get useful traffic from these sources.
You will need the following:
Firefox or Chrome web browser - free account
Buffer – free account
optional – free Hootsuite account – is a good curation source but many others are usable. A free
account will do to start with.
3 or 4 social media accounts with good followings / friends. I suggest
Facebook, Twitter at least. I haven’t tried this with Pinterest or Instagram
but if Buffer and / or Hootsuite support them, I don’t see a problem
provided they allow links.
The process is quite simple. We are going to use a curation source
( to find good content. enables us to shorten the link and
at the same time add a button or text link to the bottom of the page.
Buffer and Hootsuite allow us to share the link at times of our
Here’s the detailed story.
Start by creating your Buffer account and link up your social media
accounts to it. I could spell it out for you, but you’re an intelligent person
and you don’t need me to tell you in nauseating detail. One of the
options if you’re using Firefox or Chrome is to have the site install apps
inside the browser. Take these options.
Link up your social accounts.

Also, while you’re at Buffer, set up the timings for your posts to go out for
each of your social accounts. They don’t all have to be a t the same
times or frequencies. For instance, I post 10 tweets per day but only 5
each to Facebook and LinkedIn.
Do the same for Hootsuite if you want to. There is a reason you might
and I will explain later why. Again, install the browser add-on.
Go to and create a free account there too. Also install the
browser add-on (that little S in the blue square will become your best
friend) and integrate Buffer and Hootsuite at the same time. You may
also need to add your social accounts into this site too.
While in you’re in you can also set up some links, which will be
where you want to send traffic. I suggest squeeze pages, but there is
nothing to stop your links being to your blog, to a CPA offer or direct to
an affiliate offer, if that’s your wish.
A free account does limit how your links will look, especially in the
color department. If you want red buttons, you’re going to need to have a
paid account. If you can accept the standard blue button, you’ll be fine.
You can add an image and one of yourself will engender more trust or
at least, a brand or logo. You only have a limited space for your
message so make good use of it. A good call to action on the button is
also a requirement.
Finally, head on over to and create an account there. With a
free account you are only allowed one keyword phrase so try to make it
niche related. Of course, if you have other sources you wish to use then is optional, but it’s a good place to start.
Now down to business…

The Business End of the Deal
For this to work best, you really need a page where there is a single
article, so the page will have a longer URL than the home page of a site.
The length of the URL is not a problem as our first action will be to
shorten it.
When you’re on the page you require (if you’re using, right click
the headline and open it in a new tab to make it easy) simply click the button at the top of your browser.
This brings up the pop-up with the page URL already snipped for
you and allows you to select which CTA you want to use. By default, the
last one you used will be ready, but you can use others or create a new
one. Click the blue SNIP button at the bottom of the pop up to go onto
page 2.
You will now see, at the bottom of the page, what your CTA will look like
to people that you send to your snipped link. You are also given the
option to copy your link and to post it to various social sites. The
important one as far as we’re concerned in the Buffer icon.
Clicking on that icon brings up the Buffer pop up where you can add
your snipped link to your queue as well as selecting which of your social
sites you want the link posted to. By default, all the sites are selected.
If you have Facebook as one of your social accounts, you will need to
copy and paste the info from the top box into the Facebook one or write
some additional information. You will be reminded if the Facebook block
is empty.
Buffer will overwrite your link but don’t worry. It will still work OK.
And that’s it. Just repeat this for other interesting articles that you find,
but bear in mind the following limitations of ‘free’.
A free account only allows 1000 pop ups (not clicks). If an article
you share goes really viral, you could miss out.
A free Buffer account only lets you queue up 10 posts at a time per
social account and 4 social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and
Google+). This is when having the Hootsuite account (with 3 more
accounts or the same ones) can be useful as you can now use the
timing feature there or select ‘best time’ and let Hootsuite decide when

to send it. You could also put up a different set of social accounts on
Hootsuite and have more coverage again.
A paid Buffer account will also let you have a 100 links (so you can do 4
updates an hour, if you wish) at a time and add an RSS feed so if you
update your blog, it will automatically be fed into your Buffer stack.
However, using IFTTT (If This Then That) is a better site and more
versatile as to where you can send your blog feed.
Now occasionally, a link on the pop up there will be a warning
that the site you’re snipping does not support iframes and that your snip
will work but the CTA will not show. Whether you carry on at this point is
up to you. The snip link is still good, but your pop up with your link on it
won’t appear.
You may well find, if you are promoting interesting comment that your
friends/followers list will start to grow with interested people (my Twitter
followers went from 1500 to over 5000 in a few weeks after I started
sharing content).
Now I won’t say that the click-through rate is very high but all this is free
apart from 10 to 20 minutes of your time each day. Once you get used to
doing this you will be able to fill up Buffer very quickly for a day.
If you set up Buffer to do 10 posts over 24 hours to each of your social
media accounts, you can make this procedure part of your daily routine.
Should you need more help, please feel free to contact me:
Steven Lucas

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