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PUA Training, Get Girls NOW Book .pdf

Nombre del archivo original: PUA Training, Get Girls NOW Book.pdf
Título: PUA Training » Get Girls NOW with Self-Administered Hypnosis Method √PDF √eBook √Download | FREE 4 YOU

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Get Girls NOW
with S/A Hypnosis

Did you ever wonder why it is that some men have absolutely no trouble getting girls while others find
it most difficult?
Well there is a rather simple explanation for this. You see ... it takes a bit of confidence and selfassurance in the world. This type of man has a "positive self-image".
Girls also sense it when a man doesn't have very much confidence in himself. This type of man has a
"negative self-image". And this lack of confidence is exactly what turns girls off.... QUICKLY!
Some men just naturally possess the quality of self-confidence. And they put it to use whenever they
come in contact with girls. They let it work for them every time they approach a girl. They have
learned to rely on it. And it seldom lets them down.
On the other hand: Some men are not naturally in possession of this priceless asset of self-confidence
(positive self-image)... and therefore must find a way to change their negative self-image to one of a
positive nature.
Through S/A Hypnosis, you will be able to develop more than enough confidence to get just about any
girl you desire. Once you aquire this new inner-confidence, you will find it extremely easy to meet
girls. You will find it easy as pie to get dates with girls. And ... you will have very little trouble getting
most girls to sleep with you. THAT'S WHAT S/A HYPNOSIS CAN DO FOR YOU!

The Key to Meeting, Dating and Seducing Girls
Once you develop a moderate amount of self-confidence (through S/A Hypnosis), most girls will see
you as a man who they'd like to get to know better ... MUCH better.
Girls feel comfortable with a man who is sure of himself. They look up to him. They feel secure with
such a man.
You must have seen this type of "self-assured guy" in action plenty of times. He's the guy who simply
walks up to a girl and begins talking to her as if he has known her for years.
And what does he receive in return for this simple (simple for the truyly self-assured man, that is)
action? Well, we'll bet you our bottom dollar that he will have her name, her address and phone number
within minutes. Give him a day and he'll have a date with her. Give him a week (at the most) and he'll
have her in bed....
These are just some of the benefits available to the man who has a "positive self-image". And these are
the benefits that will be available to YOU.... once you develop your own positive self-image through
S/A Hypnosis.

Keep in mind as you read - we are not talking mere theory or giving you our opinions. We are giving


S/A Hypnosis - What Is It?
S/A Hypnosis is self-administered hypnosis. It is also known as auto-suggestion or simply called
self-hypnosis. But they all add up to basically ... for the purpose of replacing certain negative qualities
with those of a positive, more desirable nature.

S/A Hypnosis and Subconscious Mind
"We are what we "think" we are."
Read that sentence again. Think about it. It's quite true. We truly ARE what we THINK we are.

If you don't "think" you can't win a race, you won't. Not in a million years.
If you don't "think" you can jump the distance, you won't make it.
If you don't "think" you can meet, date and seduce girls. YOU WON'T! But it's a little more than
merely thinking about it. You must honestly BELIEVE. Believe in yourself.

Before you can beat the other guys at the high-jump, you must actually believe you are the best jumper
in the stadium.
And before you can expect to meet, date and seduce beautiful girls, you must honestly "believe" you
have that certain "something" that every girl desires in a man. You must believe it with all your heart.
Then...and only then... will you become a successful lady's man.

S/A Hypnosis - What Is It?
QUESTION: How do you "believe with all your heart" that women simply can't resist you?
ANSWER: You lead your subconscious mind to believe it.
Once your subconscious mind believes you are a new man ( a man who can have just about any girl he
wants), your conscious mind will begin to believe it. And once this begins to happen, you will
automatically come into possession of that all important "positive self-image". Which in turn, will lead
you directly to the success with girls you've always wanted.
Remember - we guarantee your success. But you must give it an honest try. If you do just that much,
the principles described in this book will lead you directly to the success with girls you are trying so
hard to find. BUT YOU MUST TRY!

Through S/A Hypnosis, you will be able to give your subconscious mind "suggestions". After a short
time (it could take a few weeks, a week, or only a couple days), your subconscious mind will begin to
believe the information that you have been feeding it and will finally accept it as "truth".
At that time when your subconscious mind takes the suggestions you've been giving it as "truth", a
change will immediately take place in your conscious mind and, thus, in your every-day way of
thinking and acting.
Example: There was a very popular heavyweight fighter who turned to self-hypnosis for aid when the
going got rough. For years he was just another pug. Then he began to practice the techniques we are
about to teach you.
Through these techniques, he was easily able to reach his subconscious mind ... at which time he gave
it certain suggestions with the hope that he would be "lifted" to the level of greatness that produces
IT WORKED. His subconscious responded to the suggestions that were given to it.
Before long, he was beating every opponent he came up against. With the help of self-hypnosis, he
climbed that steep ladder of success. WITH EASE.

Does S/A Hypnosis work ? You bet it does!
These principles have helped countless men achieve success in their own particular calling. And...these
principles will help you achieve success with girls. Before long, nine out of ten girls you approach will
be quite interested in getting to know you better....MUCH better!
Remember - we guarantee it will work for you IF you give it an honest try.
And remember also - there is not hard work involved. The basic simple formula you will be following
is this: 1) Reach your subconscious mind through S/A Hypnosis, then 2) give your subconscious
certain "suggestions" that will (after a short period of time) be accepted as "truth" by your subconscious
as well as your conscious mind at which time, 3) you will automatically become the person that you are
commanding your subconscious mind to help you become.
Don't worry if you don't understand exactly WHY these principles work. The important thing is that
you accept the fact they DO work.


Preparing Your Subconscious Mind to Receive
Before you can give your subconscious mind suggestions, you must "prepare" it to receive them. This
is known as: putting yourself in an altered-consciousness. Let us begin.

Procedure #1
Retire to a quiet room free from any outside disturbances. This room will require enough light so you
can read and be dark enough for a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.
Relax by stretching out on a bed or in your favorite easy-chair. It is suggested that you do not lie
entirely flat. Just drop your head and shoulders on a couple of pillows.
Now, get comfortable and relaxed. Close your eyes and relax. Relax every single muscle in your body.
Now, blank your mind of all thoughts. Simply relax ... and think of nothing at all. Block all outside
noises and distractions completely from your mind. Keep your eyes closed.

Procedure #2
Now, you will silently command each and every part of your body to relax (be sure and actually fell
each body-part totally relax as you give each command).

Command your feet to relax (take your time and actually feel them relaxing).
Command your ankles to relax.
Command your calves to relax (feel the muscles in your calves relaxing).
Command your knees to relax.
Command your thighs to relax (feel every muscle in your thighs relaxing).
* NOTE - Don't Rush ... Take Your Time Between Each Command

6. Command your stomach to relax (feel your stomach muscles relaxing).
7. Command your chest muscles to relax ( feel them relaxing).
8. Command your shoulders to relax (feel them relaxing).
9. Command your upper arms to relax.
10. Command your elbows to relax.
11. Command your forearms to relax.
12. Command your wrists to relax.
13. Command your hands to relax (feel each finger and joint in your hands relaxing).
14. Command your lower back to relax.
15. Command your upper back to relax (feel all the muscles in your upper and lower back
16. Command all the muscles in the back of your neck to relax (feel them relaxing).
17. Command the back of your head and scalp to relax.
18. Command all the muscles in your face to relax (feel your eyes, mouth, cheeks, etc. relaxing).
19. Command your entire body to relax (actually feel all your muscles, joints, nerves and mind
totally relax).
At this point, your entire body should be in a completely relaxed state. Also, your mind should be
completely relaxed and completely free from all Thought. You should be thinking of nothing.

Procedure #3
Now, you will relax your mind and body even more.
With your eyes still closed…with your mind blank…and with every muscle in your body totally
relaxed, begin to count from 1 to 20 slowly.
As you count, tell yourself that your mind and body are becoming more and more relaxed.
As you count 1-2-3-4, feel your mind and body becoming more relaxed. As you count 5-6-7-8-9-10
etc., feel yourself going into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation.
As you count 17-18-19 and finally 20, tell yourself (and actually FEEL ) that your are now in a very
relaxed, almost sleep-like conditon – with your mind and body totally relaxed and your mind
completely free of all worry, emotions, problems, etc. Think of absolutely nothing!
NOTE: Do not use the principles real late at night or when you are real tired. By doing so, you may
easily fall asleep (this is something you do not want to happen).
The best time to practice S/A Hypnosis is mid-morning, mid-afternoon, or evening.
You are now ready to give your subconscious mind suggestions. But first, it is important for you to
learn a little about the suggestions themselves before you actually put them into action.


The "Suggestions"
Suggestions are nothing more than ideas handed over to your subconscious mind. The manner in which
this is done may seem a little strange to you. Just keep an open mind. If you will just give these
principles a chance, they will work for you.
To begin with, all suggestions are put forth in a present, positive first-person manner.
Example: if you happend to be in training to become the heavyweight champion of the world, you
would not say to yourself, "I will become the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time".
Instead, you would say to yourself: "I am the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time".
The difference between the two may not seem that important to you. BUT, BELIEVE ME, IT IS! That
little difference in wording holds the key to your success with girls.
Example: let's say that one of your hang-ups with girls is that you are shy and afraid to approach
girls....and you want to use S/A Hypnosis to correct the problem.
OK - now if you worded the suggestion to say: "I will approach girls that I am attracted to," IT WILL

First of all, when you say, "I will approach girls," you are reminding yourself that your are presently
uncomfortable in approaching girls that you are attracted to. This will have a negative effect on your
subconscious mind and is simply wrong.

The "Suggestions"
Secondly, when you say, "I will approach girls," you are delaying the time when you will receive any
positive results...when will you approach girls that you are attracted to? Next week? Next month? Next
So, if you want to get positive results right now...simply change the wording of the suggestion to: "I am
now approaching girls that I am attracted to".

Mix in Feeling and Emotion
Take the above example: "Iam now approaching girls that I am attracted to". This suggestion is worded
correctly...but it isn't quite enough to merely say the words to yourself. When giving suggestions to the
subconscious mind, you must mix in a little "feeling" or emotion. This is very important.
For example: when you say to yourself, "I am now approaching girls that I am attracted to, "actually
form a picture in your minds eye of you approaching hot and sexy girls that you are attracted to.
See yourself being very relaxed and self-confident after approaching her. BELIEVE that you are
relaxed and self-confident as you are talking to her.
Do this....and the next time you are in a real life situation - and you see this beautiful girl that you are
attracted to - YOU WILL APPROACH HER IMMEDIATELY!!! You won't freeze up anymore when
you see a girl you would like to meet.
Just have faith in these principles and have faith in yourself. Believe that these principles will work for
you, and they won't let you down. Do your part (practice S/A Hypnosis faithfully), and nature will do
the rest.


Putting S/A Hypnosis Into Action
We will now continue from where we left off at the end of CHAPTER II.
Your mind and body should now be completely relaxed and totally "prepared" to receive suggestions.
You should be going from Procedures 1-3 in CHAPTER II directly to Procedure #1 below:

Procedure #1
Open your eyes long enough to read the following suggestion. Read it to yourself a few times....
"I am now approaching girls that I am attracted to".
Now....close your eyes and repeat the suggestion to yourself several more times .....WITH BELIEF!
As you say the suggestion to yourself, SEE yourself approaching girls, FEEL yourself being totally
relaxed and self-confident when approaching girls. BELIEVE that you are actually relaxed and selfconfident when approaching girls.

Procedure #2
Open your eyes just long enough to read the next suggestion. Read it a few times.
Now close your eyes and repeat the previous suggestion to yourself several more times.
before...repeat it to yourself with belief.
As you say the previous suggestion to yourself, SEE yourself taking action when you see a beautiful
girl you would like to meet. FEEL yourself being totally self-confident and self-assured when you
make the first move to meet a girl. BELIEVE that you actually do have all the confidence and selfassurance to make a move on any girl you desire.

Procedure #3
Go through the remaining suggestions we have listed below on this page, following the same procedure
as outlined above.
NOTE: It is important that you use the SEE...FEEL...BELIEVE technique for each suggestion. This is
the only way you will be able to reach your subconscious mind, and thus, receive positive results.
NOTE: You are to open your eyes between each suggestion ONLY until they are memorized. Once
memorized, simply keep your eyes closed throughout the entire procedure. You should memorize the
suggestions as soon as it will be more beneficial to you to keep your eyes closed
throughout the entire process.
NOTE: do not get discouraged if you find it somewhat awkward (in the beginning) when trying to
"see" - "feel" - "believe" each suggestion. This is to be expected. Don't worry about it.
You will become more and more at ease with these principles each day that you practice them.

Your Remaining Daily Suggestions

I don't stand around anymore watching other guys pick up girls. I now take action and score with

I have absolutely no limitations when it comes to meeting, dating and seducing girls.
I am now going out often and pursuing girls by every means possible.
It is extremely easy for me to walk up to any girl and start talking to her.
My failure days with girls are gone forever. I am a new man and see myself through the "success"
eye for now.
I am constantly going where and being where girls congregate and put all my efforts into trying to
meet and go out with as many girls as possible.
I always think in terms of succeding whenever I approach girls. I never think in terms of failure.
When I see a girl I like, I am able to move into action quickly and easily.
I am able to pick up any girl I desire.
Being that it is quite natural for girls to wait for a man to make the first move when it comes to sex.
I follow my sexual urges and proceed to seduce my date whenever I feel the time is right.
If I see a girl that I am attracted to, I approach her immediately, strike up a conversation and get her
phone number.
I am not tongue-tied around girls anymore. I always know exactly what to say to girls.
Whenever I approach a girl, I am totally free from all negative feelings...such as worry,
nervousness, or inferiority.
I am a sexual magnet with the dynamic ability to attract and captivate any female who comes into
my range.
I close the door tightly on my negative experiences with girls...and keep it closed. NOTE: You may
add on any suggestions of your own that you feel will benefit you.

Procedure #4
After completing your daily suggestions, remain relaxed. Remain in the same position and relax your
whole body. Think of nothing...keep your eyes closed...and relax. Relax...relax...relax...relax and enjoy
After two or three minutes of this you will be ready to come out of S/A Hypnosis.


Coming Out of S/A Hypnosis
The "coming out" phase of S/A Hypnosis is just as important as any other part.
When you come out of S/A Hypnosis correctly (in the manner which we are about to teach you), you
instantly feel much better (physically as well as mentally) than you did before you started the session.
You will feel greatly refreshed and rested. You will feel more alert, energetic, confident and selfassured. You will truly feel like a new man!

With your eyes still closed...and your mind totally blank...start counting backwards from 20 down to 1.
Count slowly.

As you count down...20-19-18-17-16-15...feel your body and mind begin to "awaken". (Your eyes
should remain closed).
As you count down 14-13-12-11-10...start to become aware of the sounds and atmosphere around you.
As you count down...9-8-7-6...say to yourself: "When I open my eyes, I will feel simply GREAT! I will
feel totally rested and greatly refreshed. When I open my eyes, I will feel terrific. I will be full of
energy and will feel greatly refreshed." (All the while you are saying the above, believe it!)
As you count down...5-4-3-2..."feel" yourself starting to feel just great. "Feel" yourself starting to come
"alive". And finally, as you say 1....OPEN YOUR EYES...and immediately GET UP!
How do you feel?
Each S/A Hypnosis session should last about twenty minutes - total. And you should have a session
once a day...every day.
Choose a time and place where you would be least likely to be disturbed. It can be before lunch, during
your lunch-break, after lunch or sometime during the afternoon or evening. But NOT late at night or
after eating a heavy meal (wait a few hours after eating a big meal). You are likely to fall asleep at
these times.
Sit in your favorite easy-chair, on a bed, couch, in your automobile, or even on the grass. The important
thing is that you are comfortable and completely alone.


How to Use "Booster Sessions" For Faster Results
In addition to your daily S/A Hypnosis session, you may use two Booster Sessions; once upon arising
in the morning, and once just before you retire for the night.
These additional sessions will help you achive your goal much faster.

Procedure #1
Upon arising in the morning, reach for your list of suggestions.
NOTE: You should write out the suggestions on a separate sheet of paper before hand...copying them
exactly as they appear in this book. (This list should also be used for your daily S/A Hypnosis
session.) This positive action of writing your suggestions out will make your subconscious mind much
more receptive to them. After a short time, you will have automatically memorized the suggestions and
will no longer need the list.
Continue: Say each suggestion to yourself several times.

This can be done as you prepare for work, as you eat breakfast, or even as you ride to work. The
important thing is that you say each suggestion with feeling and belief. See yourself in each
situation...reacting just as the suggestion states you will.

Procedure #2
Follow this same procedure just before you go to bed at night. You may conduct these late night
Booster Sessions as you lie in bed...just before you try to fall asleep. Each Booster Session should last
for about ten minutes. Or as long as it takes you to go through your list of suggestions "correctly".
I know the regular sessions and the Booster Sessions may seem like a lot of time-consuming work on
your part, but it will pay dividends in being able to get any woman you desire. Just be patient and do
your sessions faithfully and soon you will be dating and making love to all the hot and sexy women
you can handle. We guarantee it!!!


You Are What You "Think" You Are
Why do some men succeed with girls while others fail time and time again? You should know the
answer by now. What's the major difference between the man with all the beautiful girls and the guy
with none? What's the difference? The way the man thinks! That's the difference.

Start Thinking Right and You'll Start Living Right
The man who is successful with girls thinks in terms of 100% success at all times. While the guy who
fails with girls thinks in terms of failure most of the time.
Perhaps, in your case, you've been having a hard time meeting, dating or seducing girls (or all three)
because you subconsciously EXPECT to have a hard time. When you try to meet a girl, you fail. Why?
Because you subconsciously EXPECT to fail. When you ask a girl for a date, you get turned down.
Why? Because you subconsciously EXPECT to get turned down.And its the same story all the way to
the bedroom.

S/A Hypnosis; The Key to YOUR Success With Girls
Once you begin to change the way of thinking - subconsciously - through S/A Hypnosis - your success
rate with girls will automatically rise...rise...and continue to rise until you have more girls than you
really have time for.
Remember - it isn't really important that you understand WHY these principles work...As long as you
know HOW to apply them (as put forth within these pages).
And remember also - it isn't enough to just think about practising S/A Hypnosis. You must go ahead
and DO IT!!!

In Conclusion
S/A Hypnosis is working for thousands of men. Many of whom had their doubts when they firstheard
about these principles. But, they put their doubts aside long enough to give S/A Hypnosis anhonest
It didn't take them long to realize how much of a change S/A Hypnosis can make in their lives.Maybe
you too, don't realize at this time how much of a change S/A Hypnosis can make in your life.It
this is the case - let us suggest this: Give it a try. Give it an honest try.
If you will do just that much, we guarantee that your life...and your relationship with girls...will take on
such a complete change that you will think you were reborn by some kind of miracle.
But we assure you, it will be no miracle. It will be mighty force of nature's law working for you. It's all
up to you. Good luck. It's been our pleasure talking with you - and remember: "Future success with
girls lies within YOUR MIND"!

The following are some of the questions and anwers that seem to always arise whenever the subject
S/A Hypnosis comes up. Look them over. Perhaps we have included questions that you yourself have
on your mind.
QUESTION: Why must a person be in a sleep-like condition when applying S/A Hypnosis?
ANSWER: When in this sleep-like condition (altered consciousness), your subconscious mind is more
receptive to ideas or suggestions given to it.
QUESTION: Do I have to practice S/A Hypnosis every single day?
ANSWER: Yes. Missing one day is like missing a month. In order to get full benefit from these
principles, they must be practiced every day.
QUESTION: How many minutes to spend on S/A Hypnosis each day?
ANSWER: The more the better. But the average time per session is about 15-20minutes.
QUESTION: Do I have to practice the booster session?
ANSWER: It isn't absolutely necessary...but we do recommend them. The more you give your
subconscious mind positive suggestions, the sooner you will reach your goal!
QUESTION: How many weeks, months or years do I have to practice S/A Hypnosis?
ANSWER: Once you begin to use the principles, you won't ever want to stop. It seems to have that
effect on most people. Besides...remember "You will never get something for nothing." And you're
only kidding yourself if you try. So if you seriously want to become that ladies man you've always
dreamed about becoming, it's only fair (and required) that you give something in return: your
dedication to S/A Hypnosis.

QUESTION: Can I add on suggestion of my own?
ANSWER: Most definately. At any time, you may add on suggestion of your own or omit some of ours
(the ones you feel you do not need) with yours. However - we suggest you stick to our routine for quite
awhile before making any changes.
QUESTION: What is the number one cause of failure when practicing S/A Hypnosis?
ANSWER: Disbelief. If you expect S/A Hypnosis to work for you, you MUST have faith in it and
believe in what you are doing.
QUESTION: Is it alright to tell others about what I am doing?
ANSWER: No! People enjoy making fun of the other guy. Especially when they do not understand
what he's doing. Don't let ignorant, narrow-minded people influence you.


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