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Find the Best Laptops Under £200 2017 .pdf

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Find the Best Laptops Under £200-2017
Technology is getting cheaper. Laptops can be as cheap as £200 only. It is not the standard prize, but

if you look at it, there’s a reasonable price for an excellent laptop. Even the brand new
convertible laptops with Windows can get this low if you search enough to come up with a very
good deal. The many brands and vendors have created enough competence to let us choose a
cheap laptop under £200.
Laptops are an excellent alternative to PCs. The designs are comfortable, and portability is plus
PCs don’t have. They are also not expensive anymore. A laptop can easily change a traditional
PC under £200. If you are replacing your old PC, you can even take advantage of some of its
components, like the mouse and monitor, to use them with your new laptop and get some added
To recycle your old PC’s components comes handy when you are talking about getting a laptop under

£200. The best screens will hardly appear on options for this price. Depending on why you need
a laptop for, the deal can be a good one. If you just want to use the standard office packages, then
there is nothing to worry about. They will run as good in a not so fast processor. You might also
have to sacrifice the integrated webcam most high-end computers now have. If you are not a
frequent Skype user, then it is possible. Mobile smartphones nowadays can also substitute the
mic and camera functionalities on a laptop. There are apps for any sort of communication you
might think that requires a mic and a camera.
Laptops for less than £200 come in a straightforward and non-fancy package with the lowest set
of hardware. That is how they lower the price so much. It is feasible to get one of this laptop
when you just want to perform simple tasks. To help you on your search here is a list of some
laptops we found under that price.
LAPTOP UNDER £200 NUMBER 1. Chrome Book C201PA-FD0009 11.6-inch Laptop
Asus has proven to be one of the cheapest laptop manufacturers around. They are engaged in
developing great solutions at an affordable price. That is why options 1 and two on this list are
coming from Asus.
The first option is the Chrome Book C201PA-FD0009. It is equipped with a broad range of
features for the price. The best from this option is the long life of the battery. Battery life is one
of the most desired features for a portable device. That is more than a fair deal for a laptop under
£200. Some people also find the integrated touchpad excellent for such a cheap laptop.
The laptop is built with a strong case, and quality seems to have been well taken of on this
affordable option. The small screen (11.6 inches) allowed Asus to develop a compact design.
This makes it portable and comfortable. It uses Google Chrome as Operating System, and that is
one of the main reasons Asus could lower the price. Chrome is now much more affordable than
the traditional Windows. The shortcoming comes from a slow processor, with only 1.8 GHz.
However, all other functionality is worth more than £200.

LAPTOP UNDER £200 NUMBER 2. Eee Book E402MA-WX0055T Notebook (Asus)

Again Asus, which now offers a bigger notebook. The E402MA has a much wider screen than
our previous selection, with 14.6-inches. This growth was taken from the lower general
specifications. However, the processor is faster, in a mobile version, which makes it cheaper. It
runs at 2.66 GHz, featuring the mobile processor N3540. Only 2 GB of RAM memory and a 32
GB hard drive for storage makes cloud storage a valuable asset to use this kind of laptop.
Since the Eee Book E402MA is meant to work in the cloud, Asus has included Office 365
subscription for an entire year. That is much more than what most manufacturers give, including
only a 30-day trial (which you can freely download any time). Other useful subscriptions are also
included for the same price. This makes it fully prepared to start working right away.
It includes a webcam to use web-based apps. The low-profile screen comes with a resolution of
1368x768. It also features a reflective surface, which has caused some troubles when working
outside. For a portable device it might be a problem, but for less than £200, that is something we
can overlook.

LAPTOP UNDER £200 NUMBER 2. N22 11.6-inch HD Chrome Book Laptop (Lenovo)
Lenovo made it to this list. The N22 has a semi-rugged design, which makes it resistant and
durable. For the naked eye, it does not look like a £200 laptop. It has a camera that can rotate in
any direction. The Celeron N3060 processor inside is perfect to run the Google Chrome OS.
We consider it as a high-performance laptop for such a small price. The screen may seem small,
with only 11.6 inches. The resolution is HD, which is perfect for the size. The small size makes it
portable, and it is the sacrifice you’ll make for getting a laptop under £200. The laptop is perfect
for traveling and for home entertainment.

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