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others sat down. The seed of greatness is planted in every human being
at birth. Many fall on fallow ground and fail to take hold. Some sprout
and stand up when happenstance and serendipity find them in the right
place at the right time. They seize the moment, but often their deeds are
short-lived. Now and then one is nurtured slowly over many years.
Through time and hardship, that seed blooms. It grows straight; it
grows firm; it grows strong; and a patient universe waits.
A golden hue bathed her in soothing warm light. The light surrounded
her, enveloped her, calmed her very soul.
Somehow she knew she had to make an important decision, but she
couldn't quite grasp what was being asked of her. If she could just
understand, she could make the right choice...
A sharp pounding tore through her reverie, ripping her away from the
balmy golden light and into chilling darkness.
Cassie shot up, her heart pounding. It hadn't been the scariest dream,
yet cold sweat coated her body, trickling down her temples. The thudding
in her ears kept her from hearing her grandmother's voice.
"Ah, who could that be at this time'a night?"
Nana Rose got up from her thin mattress on the low lying cot, her
knees cracking, her body wobbling. Cassie was still too disoriented from
her dream to be of much help.
Fifteen-year-old Cassie was fully awake now. That dream again. The
golden light. What does it all mean? she thought to herself.
The pounding continued, this time accompanied by shouting. It
sounded serious. Clearly someone was in trouble.
"Who is it?" Nana Rose stood by the door of their small hut.
"Nana Rose, please. You've got to come help. It's Nancy," a man
pleaded, his voice frantic, strangled by tears. Cassie couldn't pinpoint