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Where to Find FREE Money for College .pdf

Nombre del archivo original: Where to Find FREE Money for College.pdf
Título: Where to Find FREE Money for College
Autor: Shay Spivey

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Where to Find
Money for College
Shay Spivey, BSW, MSW

Copyright © 2016 Shay Mays
Published by Shay Mays. All rights reserved.
No part of this publication may be reproduced,
stored in or introduced into a retrieval system,
or transmitted, in any form, or by any means
recording, or otherwise), without the prior
written permission of both the copyright owner
and the above publisher of this book.
Every effort has been made to ensure that the
information contained is valid, truthful, up-todate, and correct at time of publication.
However, by the time this book is published,
some of the information may have changed.
The author makes no warranty to the accuracy,
applicability, or completeness of said
information. By reading this book, you

acknowledge that you will not hold the author
liable for any loss or other damages that may
This is a guide. By reading this book you
acknowledge that submitting an application
does not guarantee admission or an award.
Winners are chosen at the discretion of the
individual entities.
Layout: Shay Mays
Cover Design: McLabz Soultions
Printed in the United States of America

Table of Contents
Brief Summary
About the Author
Understanding Scholarships and
Financial Aid
Federal Financial Aid
State Financial Aid
Local Library
Free Websites
College Financial Aid Office
College Scholarships Office
College Mentoring Programs
Scholarship Books and Directories

High School Counselors
Trio Programs
Private Scholarships
College Preparatory Programs
Community Service
Religious Organizations
Athletic Scholarships
Business and Professional Organizations
Charities and Nonprofit Organizations
Tuition Reimbursement by Employer
Work for the University
Local Community Programs
College Resident Assistant Positions
Free Tuition Colleges
Scholarships for Older Adults
What to Avoid

The Next Step is Up to You
Other Books by Shay Spivey
Contact Shay Spivey

Brief Summary
If you cannot afford to pay for college,
this guide is for you!
College is expensive, and many families
cannot afford to pay the high cost of
tuition. Student loans are one option, but
an expensive one that often leads to
years of debt. Fortunately, there are
various “alternative” ways to pay for
college that are often overlooked,
forgotten, or simply unknown.
Do you want to know Where to Find
Free Money for College? Well, you are
in the right place! This book shows you

over 20 places to find scholarships and
free financial aid.
You CAN go to college without taking
out a fortune in student loans. Where to
Find Free Money for College is a great
resource for high school and college
students, families, teachers, and
scholarships and financial aid.

About the Author
Author and Social Worker, Shay Spivey,
was awarded over $100,000 in college
scholarships to fund her college
education. Shay earned her Bachelor
and Master of Social Work from Indiana
Today, the Scholarship Advisor Program
founder has written several books that
show students and families how to
access free money for education.
In an effort to pay it forward, Shay
teaches scholarship workshops in

organizations that make education more
accessible for disadvantaged students.

Thank you for taking the time to read my
book and congratulations on your
decision to search for alternative ways
to pay for college!
Scholarships are a hot topic! This guide
shows you Where to Find Free Money
for College.
As a scholarship winner and college
graduate, I have developed proven tips
and techniques that helped me win over
$100,000 in college scholarships and
free financial aid. I am devoted to
helping others find, apply for, and win

free money for college.
You CAN go to college without taking
out a fortune in student loans. Where to
Find Free Money for College is your
resource for finding alternative ways to
pay for college outside of student loans.
If you cannot afford to pay for college,
this guide is for you!

College is Expensive
College is expensive and tuition rates
are continuing to increase. The average
cost of tuition can range between $9,000
and $32,000 a year depending on which
college you attend. Whether it is public
or private; in-state tuition or out-of-state
community or Ivy League, or a
combination of the two or more of these
affect tuition costs.
Student Loan Debt Crisis
Fact: Americans have accumulated more

than $1 trillion dollars in student loan
Students need to understand the impact
of student loan debt on their future and
the financial strain the debt can cause
after graduation. Student loan debt is an
enormous financial burden for college
graduates. It is important that students
make an effort to apply for free money to
pay their college tuition before accepting
student loans.
Scholarships and free financial aid can
help students avoid trap of student loan

The Solution
scholarships make it affordable.


Looking for free money for college?
Scholarships are out there, and I will
show you where to look. When
searching for scholarships and free
financial aid, I recommend using
scholarships that are listed in one source
may not be listed in another. Also, I
recommend that students start their
search early.

Scholarships and
Financial Aid
Scholarships are financial aid that does
not require repayment. Applicants must
meet basic eligibility criteria to be
Grants are financial aid that does not
require repayment.
Student Loans:
Student loans are available as a means

of funding your education. Unlike gift
aid, such as scholarships or grants, loans
must be repaid.
-A subsidized student loan has no
interest charged while the borrower is in
-An unsubsidized student loan charges
interest at all periods, even while the
borrower is enrolled in school.

Types of Scholarships
Merit-Based Scholarship:
Merit-based awards are based on a
student's academic, artistic, athletic or
other abilities.
Need-Based Scholarship:
Need-based awards are based on the
student and family's financial record and
require them to fill out a Free
Application for Federal Student Aid
(FAFSA) in order to qualify.
Student-Specific Scholarship:

Student-specific awards are given to
applicants that identify with a specific
group (gender, race, religion, family and
medical history, etc.).
Career-Specific Scholarship:
awarded to students who plan to pursue
a specific field of study. Often, the most
generous awards are for students that
pursue careers in high-need areas.
College-Specific Scholarship:
offered by individual colleges to highly
qualified applicants. These scholarships
are awarded based on academic and

personal achievement



Types of Financial Aid
Financial aid that does NOT have to be
paid back.
The Federal Pell Grant
Financial aid that does NOT have to be
paid back.
Apply with the FAFSA.
State Incentive Grant
Financial aid that does NOT have to be
paid back.
Apply with the FAFSA.


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