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7 Ways To Make Your
Email List Really WORK For
Presented by

Steven Lucas

© Steven Lucas Marketing 2016

Method #1: Fortune Favours the Brave
Method #2: Niche Selection and Promotion
Method #3: Text or Html Emails?
Method #4: Tracking & Split Testing Email Blasts
Method #5: Subject Lines That Kills!
Method #6: Easy Autoresponder Series for Any Niche
Method #7: Reducing Email Marketing Costs
Closing Words
Free Info

Welcome and thank you for obtaining the 7 Ways to Make Your Email List REALLY Work
for You. This is a guide filled with tips and tricks for optimizing and squeezing the most out of
your email list. I’m going to assume you already have an email list of some sort. It doesn’t
matter the size or the niche of your list, this guide will show you some simple tips and tricks as
well as advanced methods to bring out more money in your email list.
Before we get started, I want to say that I am just like most of you. I have failed and
have given up on list building/email marketing many times. But one can only fail so many
times before realizing the missing ingredients to finally succeeding and making money with
email marketing.

Even with just a few thousand subscribers, I am now making a comfortable living by
sending out promo offers to my email list. If you can grow a quality email list of 2000+
subscribers, you can certainly make a nice monthly income from your email list.
You see… when someone is on your list, you can continue to promote to this person
over and over again. Let’s say in the span of 1 year, you send out over 200 email blasts to your
list, and the average subscriber only buys 1 product from you at $5 each. Not everyone on
your list will buy, but some may buy multiple times and even 5+ times in a year. But anyways,
so you’re making an average of $5 per subscriber for a year. That’s about $10,000/year with
just a list of 2000 subscribers, assuming you’ll lose some and gain some new subscribers along
the way.
With The 7 Ways to Make Your Email List REALLY Work for You guide, you are about to
learn are a compilation of tips and tricks from my years of email marketing failures and
successes. One last thing, I use Get Response (an email marketing & autoresponder service),
and so all of the screenshots of my email dashboards are from GetResponse.


Method #1:
Fortune Favours the Brave!
One of the biggest mistakes I’ve learned after all these years of failing at email
marketing is the fact that… I didn’t actually sell enough to my list. In other words, I was afraid
to sell to them.
I didn’t want to come off as someone that just only wanted to send spam to my email
list with affiliate offers from all over the place. I wanted to be the nice guy and build a good
relationship, giving out free offers and tips almost all of the time.
With all of the focus on building a good relationship and giving away free tips, I never
really tried hard enough to send out affiliate offers. Therefore, my list hardly made me any
money. Then soon after, I would mail less and less, and finally just give up on my email list.
So here’s the main idea I want you to understand from my Method #1 – Be Brave. The
sole purpose of building an email list is to make money from your list. If you want to make
money from your list, then you got to be brave and send out those promo emails. And you got
to send out a LOT of promo emails to make you the big money!
I try to send out 5+ promo emails before sending out free tips or a free report of some
sort. You want to spend most of your time and effort on crafting good promo emails to make
you some money rather than creating free reports all of the time to give out to your list at no
charge. Alternatively, if you get people to sign up for an email course (a series of tutorial
emails), try sending 2 or 3 ‘getting to know me’ emails to warm your audience to you.
I send out emails every 1-2 days and up to 6 days per week. I want my list to be familiar
with me and to really get to know me. Be personal, be funny, be a little irreverent. Put some
personality into your emails – preferably, your own!
You do not want to mail once a week or once every few days, you will soon be forgotten to
your subscribers this way.
You’re probably wondering… wouldn’t sending out too many promo emails cause the
unsubscribe rate to go up?... Well, of course, if you spam the heck out of your list with crappy
irrelevant products all of the time, then you will lose a lot of subscribers.
But, if you promote relevant quality products to your list, they would actually be okay
with it. Just trust me on this! Unsubscribe rate is just a part of email marketing. The chances
are, the unsubscribers were never going to be buyers anyway. You don’t ‘gel’ with everyone
you meet offline, so don’t be upset that you’re not pleasing everyone online either.

My idea of promoting an offer to my list is that I am simply recommending something
that can be useful to them. I don’t use the word “buy” or try to sound too aggressive in getting
people to buy the product.
I simply recommend by saying something like this, “Hey, I came across ABC, it’s a
brilliant way to XYZ, if you are interested, learn more here…”.

Method #2:
Niche Selection and Promotion
It does not matter what niche you are in; it is always good to have a list of subscribers
to promote to. But when picking a new niche for building a brand new email list, you want to
pick a niche that has plenty of products that you can use for promoting to your list later on.
For example, in the “weight loss” niche, you can promote things like yoga, belly fat,
dieting, new weight loss system, weight loss gadgets, face fat reduction, cellulite treatments,
muscle building, anti-aging creams, pills, and just about any beauty products imaginable.
Okay… but what if you have an email list for a micro niche or just some niche that
doesn’t seem to have a lot of products for promoting to your list. For example, let’s say an
email list full of subscribers that are interested in… “learning to play the piano”.
You need to get into the mindset of just a regular piano player that is subscribed to your
email list. After all, it’s a regular person that wants to learn something new and has subscribed
to your list to get more information. That willingness to learn is how we can recommend new
offers to your subscribers.
Thinking outside the box is the key when sending out promo emails to this piano
player list. But first, you’ll probably want to promote the obvious offers such as piano tutorial
systems, piano keywords (amazon & eBay), piano sheet music, piano tuning guides, and
anything else piano related.
But eventually, there are just not a lot of offers relating to the piano. So you need to
expand (think outside the box) and promote general offers or any offers that you may think
piano players may be interested in. Or you can promote in a way that can get the subscribers
to think that they somehow may actually want this product by relating it to the piano.
For instance, how about promoting a “how to sing product” to your piano player list.
In your promo email, you can craft your message like this, “So now that you can play the
piano, how about taking it to the next level and learn to sing with an amazing pitch like a pro.
It’s the perfect combination and now you can separate yourself from all of those other… piano
players that can’t sing while playing the piano.”
So you see… the subscribers signed up to your list to learn about playing the piano. But
now you can recommend a “how to sing” offer, and suggest to them that it is good to be able
to play the piano and sing as well.
You can apply this (outside of the box) method with numerous other offers as well,
how about… a yoga product. That’s right! You can tie a product like yoga to piano players. I
would craft my promo email like this, “Practicing piano all day while sitting in one position can

be quite unhealthy, and can produce aches and pain all over your body. Some piano players do
just 20 minutes daily of yoga on the side to help stay fit while easing the aches and pain away.”
The main idea for METHOD #2 is that it doesn’t matter what niche list you have, there
are always products you can use to promote with to your list. You just need to craft a promo
email that can somehow relate a different product to your niche. Believe me, there are a lot of
products that can be matched with just about any niche.

Method #3:
Text or HTML Emails?
I read a lot of mixed messages from email marketing gurus on whether to send out
straight text emails or HTML emails to your list. But I’ll tell you this… it’s a modern world now,
and probably 99% of your subscribers can view both text and HTML email messages. However,
if I can only choose one format over the other, I would definitely choose HTML all the way!
Why use HTML email messages? Look at all of the big companies that send out emails
nowadays, they all use flashy HTML emails. Companies like ClickBank, Amazon, eBay, Groupon,
and etc…
Here’s a promo email from Amazon to me... (They send out a LOT of emails to their

There are plenty of other reasons why HTML is better, such as HTML allows you to add
colour, change the font, add images & videos, and include hyperlinks (with anchor text) in your
email messages.

Seriously, do a split test between straight text and HTML emails, and it may just
skyrocket your click-through rates!
Also, HTML emails allow the autoresponder to do more tracking on your email, so you
can check the stats of how many opens and click-throughs you get from each one. This is
important so you can know which subject lines got the most opens and which body text got
you’re the best click-through response.

Method #4:
Tracking & Split Testing Email Blasts
Every single time I do an email blast, I always turn on 2 features inside of my
GetResponse, the tracking for click-through and the A/B test (split test). If you are not using
these features or if your email marketing service doesn’t have these features, then you are
just leaving money on the table!

Tracking for click-through is pretty straightforward. This is where GetResponse tracks
the number of clicks your email gets. It is very important to know how many clicks your email
blast is getting. Generally, the more clicks you get, the more money you can earn either from
generating sales or from selling solo ads (if you’re into that kind of thing).
A/B split testing is absolutely critical to every single one of my email blasts. The
purpose of split testing is to compare two or more variables and see which one performs the
best. For example, I want to compare 5 different subject lines to see which one gets the
highest open rate (when a subscriber opens the email). The subject line with the best open
rate will then be used and sent out to all of my subscribers.

I’ll now show you how to create a GetResponse A/B Split Test. So after you’ve typed in
your subject line and have written your email message in the GetResponse dashboard, you will
then be able to choose one of the following split tests: subject lines, the ‘from’ field, email
content, or delivery time.

It is good to try and use each one of these split test features. But, GetResponse will
allow you to only do one type of split test per email blast.
Here’s a brief explanation of each split test types:
 Subject lines are where you can split test up to 5 subject lines (I use this most of the
 From field is where you can split test the from names and email addresses. You should
test this a few times to see how your email list responds. For example, I get a higher
email open rate when I use my name as Steven Lucas rather than just Steven, or Steven

 Content is where you can split test up to 5 different email messages. This is an amazing
way to see the different email messages and email designs (graphics and layouts) that
can generate the highest click-through rates.
 Delivery Time allows you to split test up to 5 different times. This is important to see
which time of the day your subscribers respond better to.
After selecting the split test (subject lines) and selecting which email lists to send to, I
would then be able to make some last A/B split test configuration.

I normally turn on the “send best message automatically”, this way I don’t have to
manually log into GetResponse, view my split test results, and then click the send button.
Choose the best message by, you can either use open rate or click-through rate. I like to
use open rate. Which means that the best subject line that most subscribers click to open the
email message, will be the winning subject line.
Test analysis duration upon each messages delivery. I normally leave this at 3-8 hours.
So this means that after 3 hours, the split test will be completed and the winning subject line
will be used to send to the rest of my subscribers. The longer you leave the split test running,
the more accurate your stats will be. But I would not recommend anything longer than 24
hours, though. Because most of the time, I like to blast my email out to all in a 1-day time
frame including the split test.
From the screenshot above, the default configuration shows that each of the subject
lines will be sent to 10% of my list. So this means that 50% of my subscribers will receive the
emails with the 5 subject lines. After 3 hours, the remaining 50% will automatically be sent the
email with the winning subject line (the one with the highest open rate).

After a day or so, the results of the split test will look something like this below:

As you can see, from the left column (A, B, C, D, E), the winning subject line “C” received
100% more email opens than “E”. Therefore, the “C” subject line would automatically be sent
to the rest of my list.
From now on, whenever you do an email blast, remember to stop leaving money on
the table. Make more money by simply split testing to find the best combination of subject
line, from name, content, and delivery time.
It doesn’t matter what you split test, just make sure you do it! If you can master all of
these split test features, and you know exactly all of the key elements that make your
subscribers open and click, you will be very successful in your email marketing! The more you
learn and know about your subscribers, the more powerful your email marketing efforts
become. Even a small email list of 2000 can outperform a list of 10,000 subscribers!
So at first, I would spend a couple of weeks to split test things like: from names,
delivery times, and email content layouts/designs. Once I know exactly the ‘from’ name,
delivery time, and content that my subscribers respond to the best; then I would normally just
choose to split test the subject lines during my regular email blasts after that.
Not all autoresponders have all the features mentioned, but some have different
features instead. The 3 main ones also have a free trial period, so it’s a matter of trying each
one for a while to see which you feel most comfortable with.
All of them will allow you to import lists from the others, so your list building efforts will
not go to waste. However, this is not a list building course, so don’t expect hot traffic tips and
squeeze page ideas. They’re for other books!

Method #5:
Subject Lines That Kills!
Besides using the A/B split test method from Method #4 to increase the email open
rates, you can also do a few other simple Methods to the subject line to boost the email open
By simply adding special symbols to the subject line, I’ve noticed that this will increase
the email open rates as well.

So here are
the results for a simple 6-hour split test that I’ve run for a free WSO promo email blast:

When adding some weird symbols to the subject line, it really does increase the open
rate. Below are the results after 24 hours with the winning subject

Here are some more quick and easy tips to increase the email open rates with the
subject lines:
Creating urgency: “In 12 hours this will be gone forever…”
The shocking subject line: “95% of marketers are WRONG about THIS!”
Using a lot of punctuation: “>>>Easy List Methods<<< is LAUNCHED Today…! “
The mysterious subject line: “What 95% of IMers are doing wrong every day…?”
Have a funny subject line: “An internet marketer and a priest walk into a bar…”

Method #6:
Easy Autoresponder Series for Any Niche
Coming up with quality autoresponder email messages is a very time-consuming task.
After all, not everyone is a copywriter, how much time and effort do you think it would take to
write up months of good autoresponder messages for each one of your email lists? That’s a
LOT of time!
How about this! What if you can easily write up a new autoresponder email message in
less than 5 minutes that will also promote an offer at the same time. On top of that, these
email messages will get your subscribers thanking you for sending these to them! The best
part is that this works for just about any niche in the market.
Okay, so what are these powerful 5-minute autoresponder email messages? The
answer is jokes and motivational email messages.
Why do these work? They work because just about everybody likes to laugh and find
motivation for success. These email messages are so easy to create and can be applied to
practically any niche. Use these when you just run out of stuff to write about.
For example, for my “how to play piano” email list, here’s a sample funny
autoresponder email message.
Subject line: A piano player and a monkey walk into a bar…
A couple of jokes you might enjoy today…
Joke 1…
Joke 2…
Today’s jokes are sponsored by >>> Relevant Affiliate Offer
Hope you had a good laugh today.
Until next time,
-Steven Lucas
P.S. >>> Relevant Affiliate Offer

Here’s another example for a motivational email message.
Subject line: When life gives you lemons…
Everybody could use some motivation once in a while, these two are just for you…
Motivational quote 1…
Motivational quote 2…
Today’s motivational messages are sponsored by >>> Relevant Affiliate Offer
Have a GREAT day!
Until next time,
-Steven Lucas
P.S. >>> Relevant Affiliate Offer

By using these types of autoresponder email messages, I’ve gotten SO MANY “thank
you” from my subscribers all around the world. It truly feels really good to receive these emails
every single time!
You can find all sorts of motivational and joke content by simply searching on google
for your niche + jokes, or niche + motivational quotes.

Method #7:
Reducing Email Marketing Costs
Are you getting charged extra without knowing? First, and foremost, you need to
select a quality email marketing service at a good price. There are only a few email
marketing services that I recommend: GetResponse, SendLane or Aweber. I believe the
majority of internet marketers use one of these. With a list of 2000 subscribers, this will cost
around $15-25/month. I personally use GetResponse, but Aweber is almost exactly the same
in terms of prices, services, and features.
With my Autoresponder account, it automatically removes bad emails from my list.
Like the ones that bounces, like the fake emails that don’t go anywhere. So if your email
marketing service does not have this automated feature, these extra fake subscribers or
bounced emails are costing you money.
How often should you remove subscribers that never open your emails? It is
recommended to do a yearly pruning (removal) of subscribers that never open your emails.
But I suggest even once every 6-8 months is okay. What’s the point of having zero-responsive
subscribers on your list and costing you money when they never read your email?
You need to separate the freebie list and buyer list, otherwise, each subscriber may be
counted as double. For example, you have a freebie list of 1000 subscribers, and 500 bought
something and now these subscribers are added to your buyer list. So now you have a freebie
list with 1000 subscribers and a buyer list with 500 subscribers, that’ll be counted as 1500
subscribers in your account and thus will cost you more money.
So a good thing to do is to use the automation feature which automatically removes the
subscriber from the freebie list when this subscriber is added to the buyer list. In the end,
you’ll still have 1000 subscribers but they’ll be separated into the two lists. The GetResponse
automation feature looks like this:

So with the above screenshot, I’m telling GetResponse to remove the subscribers from
“freewarriorwso” list, whenever these subscribers get added to my buyer list or whichever list
I choose.
By using these list optimization Methods, you will certainly keep your email marketing
costs down and your list in tip top shape.

Closing Words
Take action today and start using these Methods to charge your way to email marketing
success by using the tips and tricks from this guide. There’s nothing complicated, you got your
email list, now let’s work on squeezing the most out of your email list, one Method at a time.
Be Brave!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this little offering. Please carry on a little further
and take a look through some further resources – many of which are free.

About Me
My name is Steven Lucas – IM blogger at Steven Lucas Marketing as well as managing several
other websites. I’m growing in success as an internet marketer and feel well qualified to pass
on my snippets of success.
I’m not in the millionaire department yet, but I’m working my way there.

Resources for List Builders
Get Response

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Further Internet Marketing Education
100k Apprentice – Make Money Giving Stuff Away

In the interests of disclosure, all of the links here are ‘affiliate links’. This means if you click on them and buy a product at the other
end, I will get paid a small commission. It does not mean you’d pay any more than you would have done if you ‘went directly’. It’s
how many marketers make their money.

Other Free Information Sources
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