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Kevin Richardson, Pure Natural Healing eBook .pdf

Nombre del archivo original: Kevin Richardson, Pure Natural Healing eBook.pdf
Título: Pure Natural Healing™ PDF, eBook by Kevin Richardson & Master Lim « ✔Truth & Facts ✔Real Results ✔Real Experiences ✔FAQ ~ ✘Reviews ✘Opinions ✘Scams
Autor: Nature's Simple Solution For All Diseases

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Pure Natural Healing™ by Kevin Richardson & Master Lim

pg. 2

Table of Contents
Introduction - Oxygen Therapy ............................................................................... 4

Section I - The Therapies
Chapter 1: History of Oxidative Therapies ............................................................. 13
Chapter 2: Modern Research and Evidence ..........................................................23
Chapter 3: Ozone Therapy ..................................................................................... 36
Chapter 4: Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy ............................................................... 60
Chapter 5: Hyperbaric Oxygen .............................................................................. 89

Section II - The Cures
Chapter 6: Body Cleansing and Food Grade........................................................ 110
Chapter 7: Oxidative Therapies and Antiaging ................................................... 127
Chapter 8: Oxidative Therapies and Heart Disease ............................................ 139
Chapter 9: Oxidative Therapies and Cancer ........................................................ 149
Chapter 10: Oxidative Therapies and AIDS and Other Infectious Diseases ...... 162
The Answer to Disease Resistant Antibiotics? .................................................169
Closing Thoughts - Our Toxic World .................................................................... 175
Resource Guide...................................................................................................... 183

pg. 3

Introduction - Oxygen Therapy
What The Medical Establishment Doesn’t Want You to Know
Clearly there are a few things that we all know are basic to our survival – food,
water, and oxygen. If we do not get enough food we starve to death, not
enough water we die of thirst, and not enough oxygen, then we simply die.
However, just as there are degrees of malnutrition and dehydration that can
leave us alive, yet cause us to be weak and unhealthy – so too can oxygen
Think of it this way. Picture a crystal-clear fast moving mountain stream. It is
pure and clean, flowing strong, and it is vitally oxygen rich. Now imagine a still,
putrid, pond in a swamp or forest. It just sits there in its own stagnation, filled
with algae, bugs and other festering microorganisms - it is oxygen deficient.
Your body is the same. If it is infused with life-giving oxygen circulating well
througout the body, the cells bathed in this richness thrive and your body
functions at peak performance.
And just as in the pond loaded with scum, the opposite is also true. If your
body lacks proper amounts of oxygen, it begins to stagnate, and fall into
disease and degeneration, allowing foreign invaders to flourish, just as in that
In fact, many of us are running around with our bodies “oxygen starved” and
do not even know it!

pg. 4

But we know its effects. It is given names by modern medical science such as
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Syndrome X, and a whole host of
other “unexplainable” conditions, but more on that later.
For now, here are some basic facts. You might think that food is what fuels
your body. But, did you know that in reality, 90% of our energy comes from
oxygen, and only 10% from food and water?
Think about it. You can survive for days or weeks without food or water, but
only minutes without oxygen.
It is oxygen that provides cells with their ability to convert the food we eat into
usable biological energy. That is why oxygen is vital to life. Fish use gills to
draw oxygen from water; we use our lungs to do so from the air that we
The human body must have oxygen to convert the carbohydrates, fats, and
proteins you eat into heat, energy, and all the processes that define living.
For centuries, yoga practitioners and even modern exercise pros have
recognized the health benefits and healing properties of deep breathing to
infuse your lungs and body with more precious, life-giving oxygen.
It’s not just the fitness gurus that say so. Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Otto
Warburg, President of the Institute of Cell Physiology, has had this to say,
"Deep Breathing techniques which increase oxygen to the cells are the most
important factors in living a disease-free and energetic life."

pg. 5

If we need oxygen to live, and to be healthy, it just stands to reason that
increasing the oxygenation of your cells improves health. There is a ton of
scientific evidence to support this, and there is very little dispute over the
health benefits of deep breathing, or oxygen supplementation.
Conventional medicine has long recognized and used oxygen for everything
from treating emphysema and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD),
to improving wound healing and preventing gangrene. There is not a hospital
room in America that is not equipped with the ability to provide oxygen via
nasal canula to patients to help stabilize them, and increase their comfort.
But that same conventional medical establishment is going to great lengths to
suppress this Truth: not only can oxygen improve overall health, but it can be
used to treat, and actually cure many of the diseases that plague modern man -even AIDS and Cancer, but more on that later.
The various methods of oxygen therapy that will be discussed in this book
including using ozone and hydrogen peroxide are commonly used to treat a
wide variety of diseases and conditions throughout the rest of the world.
However, in the United States, these highly effective and inexpensive
therapies have been practically ignored.

pg. 6

WHY? Two Reasons: Big Pharma And Their Errand Boys
The FDA.
As Dr. Terry McGrath, one of the pioneers in modern Ozone therapy, has said,
"...there's simply no economic incentive, since the process cannot be patented
and it provides for no real financial gain...”
The good doctor is absolutely right. This is exactly the environment that exists
in the US regarding therapeutic use of oxygen, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide
– collectively known as “Oxygen Therapy,” “Oxidative Therapy,” or “Biooxidative Therapy.”
It is a treatment and a cure that has been around for ages. You know how your
mom always poured Hydrogen Peroxide on every scrape and scratch, and
those little foaming bubbles healed it almost miraculously? She knew what she
was doing. Since its introduction in the 1920’s, long before the discovery of
antibiotics, hydrogen peroxide therapy was used to effectively treat all sorts of
But the use of therapeutic oxygen goes back much further. Ozone therapy was
first used as far back as the 1800’s.
In the time since their introductions, both Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone
Therapy have been indicated in thousands of independently documented
reports to be effective against just about any disease you can think of!
But it is because of its simplicity, it’s accessibly, and its awesome effectiveness,
that there has been an orchestrated and intentional cover-up to hide these
facts from the American public – and even much of the medical community!

pg. 7

Again why?
Because, if these treatments were readily exposed to
the public, 98% of all the drugs, diagnostic tests, and
disease related surgical procedures would be rendered
obsolete along with the medical industrial complex large for-profit hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and
health insurance providers -- that rely on them!
In a nutshell, there is little or no money to be made from the widespread
acceptance and use of Bio-oxidative therapies.
In western society we have been indoctrinated to rely on doctors and the large
retail drug stores to treat what ails us. And the massive industry that benefits
from this paradigm wants to do everything in their power to keep it that way.
Breakthrough, so-called “alternative” treatments are generally scoffed at be
this medical industrial complex, especially when they are inexpensive, and easy
to obtain. It is only after often bitter battles to get the Truth out there, such as
you will find in this book that the medical establishment must eventually yield
to public demand, and make these treatments available.
We are still a long way off from that point regarding Bio-oxidative therapies,
and in the meantime the medical establishment, who have a vested interest in
the financial gains to be made on a weak and sickly population, will do
everything they can to stop us from getting there.

pg. 8

This book is just the tip of the iceberg by those of us who want to get the
Truth about Oxygen Therapy known. In the years ahead you will undoubtedly
hear more and more about this remarkable healing technique.
You will also hear a ton of negative information about Ozone and Hydrogen
Peroxide coming from the press machines of the FDA and conventional
medicine, who want to continue to get rich, while people are denied these
inexpensive and life saving treatments.
They will do everything they can to convince you that Oxygen Therapy is not
only “a bunch of quackery,” but that it can be downright harmful to you. This,
despite almost two centuries of evidence to the contrary!
Sound far-fetched? It isn’t. There are hundreds of well-documented cases of
the FDA taking hostile action against those who advocate, accept, or perform
oxidative therapies.
For example, in January 2010, the FDA sent U.S. Marshals into the California
Headquarters of Applied Ozone Systems, a manufacturer of ozone generators.
The FDA effectively shut them down, and seized their generators asserting in a
press release that the agency’s action was in response to reports of “poor
manufacturing procedures” and the “generators known potential for
spreading infectious disease...”
The FDA managed to ban ozone therapy in the US in the 1940s, (right around
the time that the first patents for antibiotics were being given out) basically
turning a blind-eye to the fact that it had been used safely and effectively for
more than six decades prior.

pg. 9

The FDA not only has slapped a tight lid on the history of the effective use of
oxidative therapy in implementing its ban on Ozone Therapy, it has labeled
Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy “experimental” so insurance companies do not
have to pay for it!
To this day, the agency ignores the fact that ozone therapy is currently used
safely, effectively, and openly in Europe, Russia, Cuba, and many other places
across the globe.
Here is the bottom line -- we are all swimming in a
toxic soup of poor air and water quality, not to
mention the levels of chemicals and toxins that have
found their way into our food supply.
We are overweight, over-stressed, and over-exposed
to a lifestyle and environment that drastically
reduces the amount of available oxygen that we are
able to take in to keep our bodies, healthy strong,
and flowing like that crystal mountain stream.
Add to that, over-consumption of alcohol and processed foods devoid of
almost all real nutrition, and it is a recipe that keeps most of us in a constant
state of oxygen deficiency.
Did you know that scientists say that for normal human activities the air you
breathe is supposed to contain at least 21% oxygen?
According to recent EPA studies, the air in many large industrial cities can
contain as little as 10%!

pg. 10

It is normal to age, and over time, the body degenerates, and experiences
some loss of vitality. But the overwhelmingly vast numbers of people
experiencing real disease states and declining health these days, is mostly due
to this one simple fact: There is just not enough oxygen in your body to
function normally, stay healthy, and fight off dangerous toxins and
microorganisms that thrive in an oxygen-depleted environment!
While we are convinced otherwise by so-called “modern medicine” and the
pharmaceutical industry, there really is very little mystery to what causes most
illnesses, how to prevent them, and naturally cure them.
But the “problem” is there just isn’t any money in preventing disease, or
curing a patient. Big Pharma and the for-profit medical establishment prefer
repeat business!
Over the last three decades there have been more than 7000 articles on
Hydrogen Peroxide published in respected, peer-reviewed medical journals.
That is an overwhelming amount of data on the effectiveness of anything -- let
alone something that has been painstakingly attacked and suppressed.
Hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people outside the US have
received Oxygen Treatments by licensed physicians and legitimate medical
practitioners, and have beaten diseases, even AIDS and Cancer!

The cure is right out in the open. Yet we don’t hear it or see it because the
special interests of the medical establishment have used disinformation just
like slight-of-hand in a magic show, to turn our heads in another direction, so
that we cannot see The Truth that is right in front of us!

pg. 11

Section I

The Therapies

pg. 12

Chapter 1:
History of Oxidative Therapies
Oxidative Therapies are not a new idea; in






generations. Again to “clear the air” the





combines a few different techniques and
treatments, with the common goal of
increasing the level of oxygenated blood
coursing through your body.
Collectively these therapies, which include the use of hydrogen peroxide and
ozone, have been around for well over a century with Ozone Therapy for
example, stretching back to the 1890’s.
No matter how they are employed, the idea behind any oxygen therapy is to
introduce increased levels of oxygen in order to combat disease causing
microorganisms, improve overall cellular health and longevity, and to
encourage the healing of damaged tissues.
The documented way in which this appears to work is that along with a diet
rich in antioxidants, oxidative therapy stimulates the movement of more
oxygen atoms from the bloodstream and into your cells.
Most disease causing germs are what are known as anaerobic, meaning they
cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. When you have high levels of

pg. 13

oxygen in your body most harmful bacteria and viruses are killed along with
dead and decaying cells.
The healthy cells survive and multiply more rapidly, resulting in a major boost
to your immune system.
Ozone is actually a form of oxygen. It is “O3”, rather then the more familiar
“O2” of oxygen. Ozone is produced when ultraviolet light or an electric spark
passes through air or oxygen.
You may get a bit confused here, because you may have heard about things
like ozone being a major component of smog, and that it is a toxic gas that
causes oxidation – creating free radicals – the exact opposite of what natural
antioxidants and vitamins do.
However, oxidation is actually a good thing when it occurs in harmful foreign
organisms, or cancer cells that have invaded the body. Ozone destroys many
disease bacteria and viruses. As with anything that could be potentially
harmful, from medical lasers to simple X-rays, it’s all in the matter of how you
use it.
You know all of those laundry detergents or cleaning
products that are called “oxy-this” or “oxy-that” because
they “have the cleaning power of oxygen...” That is
because the oxygen in these formulas breaks down organic
stains on your clothes, etc., through the process of
oxidation. Think of bio-oxidative therapies the same way.
They clear out the entire gunk in your body through safe

pg. 14

Oxygen and bio-oxidative therapies have been shown to:

 Stimulate white blood cell production
 Destroy viruses and other dangerous microorganisms
 Improve the delivery of oxygen to cells and tissues of the body
 Improve the breakdown of petrochemicals and other toxins
 Destroy cancer cells by increasing the production of interferon
 Increase the efficiency of antioxidants
 Improve metabolism and the immune system

pg. 15

When It All Began
Ozone has been used since 1856 to disinfect operating rooms in European
hospitals, and since 1860 to purify the municipal water supplies of most of
Germany’s larger cities.
Ozone was not used directly to treat patients until 1915, when a German doctor
named Albert Wolff began to use it to cure skin diseases. During World War I,
medics in the German Army used ozone effectively to treat wounds and fight
infections in the field.
Since then, although banned for therapeutic use in the United States in the
1940s, medical application of ozone has been used extensively in Germany and
througout Europe for:

 Performance enhancement
 Increased longevity
 Accelerated wound healing
 Dentistry applications
And the treatment of:
 Heart disease
 All types of infections
 Gastric diseases
 Cancer

pg. 16

In the 1950s, several German physicians used ozone to treat cancer alongside
mainstream therapeutic methods. It is estimated that as of the close of the
20th century, nearly 10,000 doctors in Germany were including ozone and/or
other bio-oxidative therapies in their practices.
Doctors in Russia also document over four decades of successful ozone
treatments, especially for victims of tuberculosis. Cuba legalized ozone
therapy in 1986 and it is a standard procedure in all of its hospitals. The same is
true of hundreds of clinics througout Mexico and many other parts of the
But the oxygen treatment that you are probably most familiar with, is no
doubt sitting in your medicine cabinet right now – Hydrogen Peroxide.
Hydrogen peroxide, or H2O2, in the familiar brown bottle is known to just
about everyone as being easily available and a great antiseptic for cleansing
minor cuts and scrapes.
Chances are it happened to you as a kid you fell, got scraped up, mom poured
the peroxide on it - and you remember the tingling, bubbling and fizzing. But
what was it really doing?
The hydrogen peroxide was not just “cleaning out the wound” like mom
thought. All that tingling, bubbling and fizzing was oxygen being released as it
interacted with the dirt and germs in the wound.
As stated earlier, most harmful bacteria, in addition to many parasites, and
viruses, cannot live in the presence of a lot of oxygen. It is that oxygenation

pg. 17

that provides hydrogen peroxide with its great antibacterial qualities, making
it a great first aid treatment for minor wounds.
But it has a long history of being used for so much more than that, which most
of us are not aware of.
Long before the introduction of antibiotics hydrogen peroxide was used
medicinally to treat infectious disease. It was first used intravenously by a
British physician in India, T. H. Oliver in 1920 to treat a group of over 25 patients
who were deathly ill with pneumonia. Almost half of Oliver's patients lived, as
opposed to the standard mortality rate at the time of 80% for those who have
contracted the disease.
Also in the 1920s, an American physician named William Koch experimented
with hydrogen peroxide as a treatment for cancer. He left the United States
after a legal battle with the FDA.
You may not know this, but hydrogen peroxide is not only found on your drug
store shelves, it is a natural compound, that is actually made by your body!
Hydrogen peroxide is a byproduct of what is known as intermediary
metabolism, and it is a necessary ingredient for quite a few biochemical
reactions in the body.
What hydrogen peroxide does is stimulate oxidative reactions.

The chemical formula of hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. Look at that closely and
even if you are not a chemistry whiz, you can see that it is basically made up of
water, H20, and oxygen, O2. Within all of the cells of our body, there are

pg. 18

enzymes that are released in the presence of hydrogen peroxide that break it
down to its components – water and oxygen.

Those increased oxygen molecules in the blood stream then cause more
oxidative reactions in your body. These oxidative reactions drive tissue repair,
cellular respiration, immune functions, energy metabolism, most hormone
systems and the production of white blood cells.
In the early 1960s, researchers at Baylor University studied the effects of
hydrogen peroxide in removing plaque from the arteries as well as its
usefulness in treating cancer. Their findings were published, yet largely
ignored by the medical community at large.
In the 1980’s Charles Farr, MD, who is generally known as the “Father of
Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy” in the US, showed how intravenous hydrogen
peroxide could be used effectively to treat patients with flu symptoms.
Today, the FDA has not forbid use of medicinal H202 in the U.S., but has
labeled such treatments “experimental” which means they are hard to obtain,
and impossible to have health insurance pay for.
Practitioners claim that hydrogen peroxide therapy can positively affect
conditions as far ranging as asthma, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis,

pg. 19

arthritis, even aids and cancer – and there is mounting evidence to support
such claims.
Finally, the third type of oxygen therapy, and the one most widely accepted by
the medical community is the use of hyperbaric oxygen. The term "hyperbaric"
means that the oxygen is given under pressure higher than normal air
“Hyper” means “more” or “increased” and “baric” relates to pressure.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, also called HBOT, is the administering to the entire
body 100-percent pure oxygen at greater than normal atmospheric pressure,
usually about twice normal or at 2ATA. This increased pressure, combined with
an increase in oxygen to 100 percent, can increase the level of oxygen
dissolved in the blood by as much as 10%.
You may know this term from the familiar “hyperbaric oxygen chambers” used
as a treatment for scuba divers, suffering from “the bends,” or too much
nitrogen in the blood.
The use of HBOT is not a new idea, and has intrigued, and in many instances
been embraced by the medical community. The earliest recorded use of
hyperbaric oxygen to treat a patient was by Dr. J. A. Fontaine in 1879. In the
1950s hyperbaric oxygen treatment was used by cancer researchers.
Today, many mainstream hospitals are using HBOT for the treatment of a wide
variety of chronic degenerative health problems where oxygen depletion is or
could be a factor. Including, but not limited to arteriosclerosis, stroke,
peripheral vascular disease, diabetic ulcers, wound healing, brain injury,
multiple sclerosis, macular degeneration, and many other disorders.

pg. 20

In any condition where circulation and the delivery of life giving oxygenated
blood to vital organs is reduced, function could be improved, and healing
promoted by HBOT. Dr. Edgar End, clinical professor of environmental
medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, who is generally recognized as
one the world's foremost authorities on hyperbaric oxygen therapy has said,
"I've seen partially paralyzed people half carried into the HBOT chamber, and
they walk out after the first treatment. If we got to these people quickly, we
could prevent a great deal of damage."
As you can see oxygen therapy has had a long, respected, and successful
history, even in the United States. It is only due to pressure from the FDA and
Big Pharma that these life-giving treatments fell from favor.
But, in today’s world of lightening fast global communications, the realities of
this highly beneficial and very effective treatment are finally coming into back
into the light.
Is there still controversy? Yes. Are all oxygen therapies the same, and all as
effective? No. As with any kind of medical treatment, you will find degrees of
skill among practitioners, and degrees of success among patients who are
treated. That is to be expected with any treatment, let alone one as broad as
oxygen therapy.
The point is, history cannot be denied, and what history tells us about Oxygen
Therapy is that it is an extremely effective method of treatment for various
health conditions because in the presence of life giving oxygen the cells of the
human body thrive, and the enemies of the body – toxins, germs, and
pathogens – are destroyed.

pg. 21

Final Thoughts
There remains much controversy about the use of oxygen therapies, but in the
near future the truth will no longer be able to be denied
Once medical science, especially in the United States, is forced to accept the
healing properties of oxygen, the various methods of oxygen therapy will be
more closely studied and perfected to the point where all will have access to
their proven benefits.
Whether oxygen therapy turns out to be a universal treatment for all that ails
us, as many claim, and a ton of evidence supports, remains to be seen.
However it is clear that it will most likely make very significant contributions to
the medical community and the health of millions in the years ahead.

pg. 22

Chapter 2:
Modern Research and Evidence
"There is so much medical evidence to support oxygen therapies that no media
dared cover it."—Duncan Rhoads, Editor, Nexus Magazine
There has been a long history of the effective use of oxygen therapies. Despite
what the FDA and the U.S. pharmaceutical industry would have you believe,
there is a wealth of scientific evidence proving the claims made by advocates
of therapeutic oxygen, stretching back to its earliest uses.
Conventional medicine does completely recognize “Oxygen Therapy” in terms
of providing supplemental oxygen for patients suffering from Chronic
Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and many other respiratory and
circulatory disorders.
The website of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute describes “oxygen
therapy” as “a treatment that provides you with extra oxygen, a gas that your
body needs to work well.”
The site goes on to say that, “oxygen is considered a medicine, so your doctor
must prescribe it. Oxygen therapy helps many people function better and be
more active. It also may help: Decrease shortness of breath and tiredness,
improve sleep in some people who have sleep-related breathing disorders, and
increase the lifespan of some people who have COPD.”
The website, which is part of the National Institutes of Health
continues, “your doctor may recommend oxygen therapy if you
have a low blood oxygen level. Normally, your lungs absorb oxygen
from the air and transfer it into your bloodstream.

pg. 23

Some short-term and ongoing diseases and conditions can prevent you from
getting enough oxygen.”
The site then goes on to list the various conditions that supplemental oxygen
supplied in this way has been shown to effectively treat, such as:
 Severe pneumonia
 Severe asthma
 Respiratory distress syndrome
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
 Late-stage heart failure
 Cystic fibrosis
 Sleep apnea
However, while often suppressed, there is just as much validation for the use
of the other “Oxygen Therapies” described in this book.
In the 1960's, Dr. Robert Atkins, of Atkins Diet fame, temporarily lost his
license after he publicly reported that he had cured, completely cured --a
woman's breast cancer by injecting the tumor with ozone. The resultant
public outcry forced the New York State Medical Board to reinstate his license,
but only on condition Atkins' agreed to stop using, or publicly encourage the
use of ozone therapy.
However, Dr. Atkins was hardly the first medical professional or research
scientist to publish reports on the successful use of oxidative therapies. Here
is just a brief sampling from the comprehensive list as compiled by Ed McCabe,
“Mr. Oxygen,” author of Flood Your Body With Oxygen.

pg. 24

1885 –
Florida Medical Association published "Ozone" by Charles J. Kenworthy, MD
from Jacksonville Florida. This journal article documents medical usage of
ozone in the U.S before the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act, its subsequent
revisions, and the FDA as well. Therefore, according to McCabe, ozone's
medical usage is “grand-fathered” in the United States, and as such is perfectly
legal for any M.D. to use without censure.
1898 –
The Institute for Oxygen Therapy-Healing is started in Berlin and they begin to
report on the first successful injection of ozone into animals.
1898 –
Dr. Benedict Lust from Germany opens a practice in NY. He was the originator
and founder of “Naturopathy,” and wrote many books and published articles
on positive benefits of ozone.
1900 –
Medical ozone was used in the U.S. by Nikola






Company" which was the first company to
use high voltage, high frequency, low
amperage AC systems and was granted many
ozone patents.

Medical ozone and ozone

products were used widely in the beginning
of the 20th century and their use actually
predates the FDA's inception in 1906.

pg. 25

1902 –
London Author, J.H. Clarke's "A dictionary of Practical Materia Medica,"
describes the successful medical use of "Oxygenium" in treating Anemia,
Cough, Cancer, Diabetes, Influenza, Morphine

poisoning, Canker Sores,

Strychnine poisoning, Whooping-cough. Oxygenium is ozone charged water.

1904 –
As reported in nineteenth edition of "The Medical Uses of
Hydrozone and Glycozone" by Chas. Marchand, Ozone
charged olive oil was being sold in pharmacies for years all
over the U.S. and used by thousands of physicians under
the trade name "Glycozone".
1911 –
Noble M. Eberhart MD, PhD, published "A Working Manual Of High Frequency
Currents." The book contained an entire chapter on Ozone Therapy. Dr.
Eberhart used ozone to treat Tuberculosis, Anemia, chronic middle ear
deafness and Tinnitus, Whooping Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis and Hay Fever,
Insomnia, Pneumonia, Nervous Disability, Diabetes, Gout, and stated in the
book "Its beneficial action in syphilis has been attested to by many physicians."
1920 –
Dr. Charles S. Neiswanger, MD, publishes "Electro Therapeutical Practice --A
Ready Reference Guide for Physicians in the Use of Electricity and the XRays." In Chapter 32, Ozone as a Therapeutic Agent, Dr. Neiswanger says,
"Ozone acts as a powerful antiseptic in contact with diseased mucous
surfaces, consequently its beneficial action is quickly apparent in the

pg. 26

treatment of bronchial and laryngeal affections, hay-fever and all diseases of
the respiratory organs."
1929 –
The book, "Ozone and Its Therapeutic Action," is published. It names 114
diseases and applications of ozone and reprints the research from more than
15 centers and doctors around the world using ozone, including: American
College of Physical Therapy, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Chicago College Of
Medicine and Surgery, and Harvard University.
1930 –
Journal of The American Medical Association article: "The Therapeutic Use of
Oxygen in Coronary Thrombosis” by Robert L. Levy, MD, and Alvan L. Barach,
MD describes how oxygen tents help oxygen starved heart attack victims.
1930 –
German dental physician E.A. Fisch was regularly using ozone in his dental
practice in Zurich Switzerland and writes a large number of ozone papers in
Italian, French, and German.
1931 –
Dr. Otto Warburg wins first Nobel Prize for work
proving cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen in the

He states in “The Prime Cause and

Prevention of Cancer" that the cause of cancer is
no longer a mystery; we know it occurs whenever
any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements.

pg. 27

This occurs through a buildup of pollution or toxicity within and around the cell
which blocks and then damages the cellular oxygen respiration mechanism.”
1938 –
A published report in the Parisian Medical Bulletin states that in 8000
applications of ozone, there were no accidents or harmful side-effects.
1940 –
German Doctor Hans Wolfe publishes the book "Medical Ozone."
1943 –
During the Second World War, Dr. Robert Mayer treated the POWs held in on
Ellis Island. Dr. Mayer subsequently learned of medical ozone from one of the
German prisoners and has since been applying ozone to patients in the United
States for over 45 years.

Dr. Mayer is now a practicing pediatrician, and has safely and effectively given
ozone therapy to over 12 thousand people, most of them children.


pioneered the technique of ozone being injected directly into the spinal fluid
to end meningitis. Dr. Mayer has authored many medical papers including:
"Using Ozone As A Chemotherapeutic Agent For the Treatment Of Diseases"
Jumping ahead some four decades, the medical evidence for oxidative therapy
continues to mount, and become even more compelling in the battle against
the scourge of the 1980’s – AIDS. In fact, out of compassion, Dr. Robert
Mayer, recently came out of retirement and began treating hundreds of AIDS
patients with medical ozone.

pg. 28

1989 –
"The Treatment of Virus Infections with Ozone-Oxygen Mixtures;" is published
by Alexander Preuss MD. He cites 8 of his AIDS case studies wherein ozone
therapy had dramatically improved their health. "Therefore I may conclude
that AIDS in the state of an opportunistic infection is treatable for at least 17
months - nobody has to die from it any longer."
1989 –
German Physician Dr. Harald Vetter ND, publishes "AIDS, Can Ozone Help?"
1988 –
In an article published by the Associated Press, "Ozone may limit AIDS
Symptoms?" Dr. Kenneth Wagner with the renowned Bethesda Naval Hospital
reports “ozone stopped the HIV virus from multiplying, and left cells
Througout the late 80’s and well into the 90’s there continued to be 100’s of
published reports of the effectiveness of ozone and oxidative therapies
against the HIV virus.
In 1991, a brave humanitarian in the southern United States came forward with
the results of his secret clinical ozone/hyperbaric therapy trials. All his testing
was performed at a major hospital and within independent labs. Out of 248
HIV POSITIVE patients he reported bringing 113 to HIV NEGATIVE, each within
60 Days, using ozone autohemotherapy immediately followed by hyperbaric
oxygen therapy.

pg. 29

The Evidence for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
There has been far less controversy from the medical community regarding
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. It is used regularly for the treatment of traumatic
brain injuries, most recently in those injuries suffered by so many US military
veterans from roadside bombs in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring
Freedom. In addition hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been used to treat
strokes of all kinds, newborns with apnea, near hanging victims, near
drowning victims, and to help bring people out of acute comas.
Besides the types of injuries and traumas just
mentioned, HBOT is also regularly used to
promote wound healing in those who’s
healing is compromised such as cancer
patients undergoing radiation treatment, or
in the case of diabetic ulcerations.

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Since the 1960’s there have been no less than 30,000 papers published in
respected medical journals on the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
About 20 medical schools in the US are now equipped with HBOT chambers,
and about another 20 train students in HBOT at affiliated hospitals with
chambers. However, most of the 400 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers in U.S.
hospitals are still restricted only for use to treat victims of diving accidents.
While becoming more “main stream” even HBOT therapy has a long way to go
to gain widespread acceptance by the conventional medical establishment for
the variety of conditions it has been shown to improve.

pg. 30

The Evidence for Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy
The clinical evidence for the safe and effective use of hydrogen peroxide
therapy is almost as extensive as that for ozone therapy, and it has been
equally suppressed.
There have literally been thousands of articles published in respected and peer
reviewed medical journals on H202 Therapy over the last 100 years. But
perhaps none so compelling as the body of work of Dr. Charles H. Farr M.D.,
PhD, that started with his breakthrough report in 1986 "The Therapeutic Use
of Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide."
Dr Farr discovered "a positive metabolic effect to intravenous infusions of
hydrogen peroxide," and created his landmark report and subsequently a
workbook on the subject. In this book, Dr. Farr makes the case for intravenous
H202 therapy as follows: "[Hydrogen peroxide’s] ability to oxidize almost any
physiologic or pathologic substance, in addition to producing increased tissue
and cellular oxygen tensions, has proven it to have therapeutic value."
He goes on to note that hydrogen peroxide "is
produced by all cells of the body for many
different physiological reasons." He cited its
role in the destruction of infectious pathogens,
and mentions that it is "involved in many
metabolic pathways which utilize [oxidative
enzymes], and hydrogen peroxide is involved in protein, carbohydrate, fat
metabolism, immunity, vitamin and mineral metabolism, and just about any
other system you might wish to explore or discuss."

pg. 31

He concludes: "Because of its importance in regulating multiple metabolic
functions, hydrogen peroxide could best be described as the ‘Master
Regulating Molecule’ of the body."
One of the clearest studies Dr. Farr performed was a simple, controlled study
in which he gave intravenous H2O2 to patients with “Type A/Shanghai
influenza” during the winter of 1989–1990. He reports that 20 treated patients
lost an average of only 0.25 days of work, as compared to an average of 2 lost
days for those in his control group.
Spurred on by his successes with flu patients, and his deep set belief that
infusion of H2O2 could be equally effective for any number of other aliments,
Dr. Farr continued to experiment with direct injections of hydrogen peroxide.
Farr became the founder and director of the International Bio-Oxidative
Medical Foundation (IBOMF) and its close affiliate, the International Oxidative
Medicine Association (IOMA), which have shared information through
conferences, advertisements, and research. The First International Conference
of Bio-oxidative Medicine was held February 17-19, 1989 in Dallas/Ft. Worth,
Texas. Farr and many other physicians presented scientific papers on the
efficacy and safety of hydrogen peroxide therapies.
The non-profit IBOMF grew rapidly, attracting many respected physicians who
also presented scholarly reports and papers based on their work with patients.
The group has now merged with the American College for Advancement in
Medicine (ACAM), and continues to present evidence of the benefits of
"Oxidative Medicine."

pg. 32

Based on his published results, Dr. Farr recommended H2O2 therapy for
myriad problems, including arthritis, asthmatic reactions, bronchitis, COPD,
Epstein-Barr virus, herpes zoster, HIV, influenza, type II diabetes, vascular
disease, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and migraine
In his workbook he also described how H2O2 could be used effectively to treat
hypothyroidism, remove arterial plaque, thereby helping to prevent stroke or
heart attack – and destroy tumor cells. He declared intravenous infusion of
H2O2 to be "an important therapeutic tool for every physician."
Dr. Farr found that not only was his H2O2 regimen effective, it was completely
safe: "No significant acute toxicity has ever been observed in several hundred
patients, some receiving up to 40 to 50 infusions with concentrations up to
0.3%. Also, no chronic or long term toxicity has been observed up to two years
post-multiple infusions.”
Farr went on to report, “We have given intravenous infusions of hydrogen
peroxide in a variety of pathological conditions. Infection, allergy reactions, flu
syndromes and other toxic phenomena, and had rapid improvement from
their morbid state with infusion of hydrogen peroxide without further
Dr. Farr passed away in 1998. His widow Skoshi Farr, still runs the company
dedicated to food grade hydrogen peroxide and other alternative medicine
products they founded together in 1978.
While many consider Farr’s work the “gold standard” of evidence for the
effectiveness of Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy, it is hardily all that there is.

pg. 33

Between 1888 to 1904, there were more than 150 articles, many of which
appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) – that
detailed the effectiveness of the use of hydrogen peroxide.

Among the

diseases that were reported in JAMA and other peer reviewed medical journals

 Acne

 Periodontal disease

 Anthrax

 Pneumonia

 Bee stings

 Scarlet fever

 Cancer

 Sore throat

 Cholera

 Tonsillitis

 Diphtheria

 Tuberculosis

 Gangrene

 Typhoid fever

 Gastritis

 Vaginitis

 Gonorrhea

 Whooping cough

 Measles

pg. 34

Final Thoughts
For centuries, scientists, doctors, and others
have delved deep into the inner workings of the
body trying to find the ultimate biochemical
cause for all disease, and the “cure-all” that
discovering this fundamental process would
The extensive amount of research that has only
been touched upon in this Chapter seems to
indicate that the cause and the cure have been
found – Oxygen Depletion and Oxygen Therapy.
Researching the collected and studied medical texts from the later part of the
19th and early part of the 20th centuries, it was easy to see that many
treatments and some actual cures for diseases existed that were commonly
used to effectively treat, and even eradicate diseases and conditions which we
are now told are “mysteries” and incurable.
The politics of “modern medicine” has seen to it that our healthcare system
has become corrupt, and as a result, many effective means such as ozone and
hydrogen peroxide therapies, for dealing with the ravages of chronic disease
were intentionally buried.
This is no myth or conspiracy theory. Medical textbooks were systematically
re-written, actually expunging many of these reports and cures -- due mainly to
greed on the part of medical politicians and the powerful pharmaceutical

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