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Samantha Sanderson, Ex Back Experts System eBook .pdf

Nombre del archivo original: Samantha Sanderson, Ex Back Experts System eBook.pdf
Título: Ex Back Experts™ System PDF, eBook by Samantha Sanderson & Dean Cortez « ✔Truth & Facts ✔Real Results ✔Real Experiences ✔FAQ ~ ✘Reviews ✘Opinions ✘Scams
Autor: How To Get Your Ex Back... FAST!

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Very Important - PLEASE READ If You’re A Woman Who Wants Her
Man Back: The Re-Attraction Formula in its original form was created by
Dean Cortez and later passed to Samantha Sanderson (so that it would
apply to females) who is also from Ex Back Experts.
We have included the Re-Attraction Formula in it’s original form to ensure
that you get the information in it’s most complete form. Please note
however Dean Cortez is teaching a man how to get his girlfriend back. The
principles are applicable to women also and was proven to be effective for
both sexes. Samantha Sanderson has used this exact formula to help
women rekindle the romance with their boyfriends and husbands.
Page  1  


Hey, this is your wingman, Dean Cortez…
Some of you may know me already. You might have purchased one of my
books or dating programs for men, or read about me on the Internet while
searching for solutions to your current relationship situation.
I know you’re here to learn how to get your ex back, and don’t worry, I’m
going to help you handle it—but first, I want to properly introduce myself.
I’m the guy who created Mack Tactics, which is one of the most popular
(and proven) systems for attracting and seducing women.
I’ve taught thousands of guys around the world—from Boston to Brazil,
from Los Angeles to London—how to get the girls they want. I’ve been
responsible for a ton of guys getting laid (including more than one 40-yearold virgin).
In other cases, I coached guys on how to meet and marry the woman of
their dreams. (I always felt particularly proud when that happened.)
As for own dating life, I used to be a dynamo. I laughed at the notion of
“settling down” and waking up next to the same woman every day for the
rest of my life. (I thought, “why would I want to do that, when I’ve got the
skills to pick up a new girl every night?”)
But then, one one day…
I got shot.
By Cupid’s arrow.
I fell head over heels for a girl named Michelle. She
rocked my world. Before I knew what hit me, I was
in love.
And then one day, after two years of being
She dumped me.
Page  2  


Over email!
I figured she was just going through some emotional drama, and we would
work things out. We’d had temporary break-ups before.
But this time, she didn’t seem interested in making up. She acted totally
cold towards me. When I texted her, I’d receive a two-word reply (an hour
or two later). When I called her, she wouldn’t answer her phone.
So I went to her work place and confronted her, and she told me, “I just
don’t have the same feelings for you anymore. You’re a great guy, but I
think it’s probably best if we’re just friends from now now.”
Now, I’ll admit, I hadn’t been the “perfect guy.”
I’d made mistakes. We’d had our arguments. It happens with all couples.
We were always able to work things out (and the make-up sex was always
the best…)
But now, I couldn’t believe that she was actually DUMPING me!
And she meant it.
She really didn’t seem to want anything to do with me.
Had she found some other guy?! She wouldn’t say anything more to me. I
didn’t know what was going on.
I just knew that I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest…
After that, I barely left my apartment for two months. I survived on takeout
pizza, Chinese food, video games and Internet porn.
Then one night, my buddy (and former wingman) Jake showed up at my
front door and told me, “Dude, get dressed. We’re going out.”
I tried to tell him I wasn’t in the mood, but he was sick and tired of hearing
my sob stories and excuses. He ordered me to take a shower and get
dressed, and dragged me out the door...

Page  3  


We ended up at some dive bar, sitting at a table, drinking pitchers of cheap
beer. I was doing my best to drown my sorrows when Jake leaned in close,
looked me in the eye, and said…
“Bro, what the fuck is wrong with you?”
Jake looked pissed—like he was about to reach over the table and
strangle me. (Jake is a big friggin’ dude; he’s the head bouncer at a
nightclub in my city.)
“What’s your problem?” I mumbled, looking down into my glass. I was
remembering the time my ex-girlfriend and I came to this bar, and her
favorite song came on, and she danced for me...
Jake tore into me: “Dean, you’re supposed to be this ‘dating coach’ who
knows everything about women and female psychology…and for the past
six weeks you’ve been crying in your beer because you got dumped and
you don’t know what to do.”
“You don’t understand,” I moaned. “Michelle wasn’t like any of the other
Jake pounded his fist on the table. “But you’re the guy who figured out to
‘crack the code’ with women. The stuff in your Mack Tactics course is
genius. Hell, I used your techniques to meet Juliet!” (Juliet was a gorgeous
brunette who Jake had been dating for the past year. )
“Yeah, and I used those Mack Tactics techniques to meet my ex, Michelle,”
I replied. “So what’s your point?”
“My point is, you were able to get Michelle attracted to you in the first place,
right? She loved you just as much as she loved you. There was a time
when she would have done anything for you. And if you’re the guy who is
supposed to have a ‘tactic’ for every situation with a woman…there has to
be a way for you to re attract her and get her back.”
Suddenly, I experienced a “moment of clarity.”
I slowly looked up from my drunken, pathetic stupor.
Page  4  


Jake was right…
After all, I’d proven (to thousands of my students, and with the many
women I’d personally been with) that there is a set of tactics and
techniques that any guy can use to flip a woman’s “attraction switches.”
So what if I could “reverse engineer” these same tactics and techniques, to
learn how to your ex will hear a woman feel re-attracted to you again, after
a breakup?
After months of research and study, and interviewing many other top dating
experts and relationship counselors, the Ex Back Experts system was born.
When I used these methods on my ex-girlfriend Michelle, she wound up
practically begging me to give our relationship another try…even though
she had refused to speak to me for weeks, and was now dating some
super-rich dude.
Ultimately, even though I was still massively attracted to Michelle in a
physical sense, I decided it was best that we didn’t get back together as a
I’m now very happy in my current relationship. In my case, the Ex Back
Experts method helped me to bring my confidence back and make the right
decisions for myself.
I just want you to know this…
I’ve been in your shoes.
I know the emotions that are churning through your brain right now.
Frustration, sadness, confusion, regret…
And here’s the good news:
The more carefully you follow the steps in the Ex Back Experts system, the
better your chances of re-igniting your relationship with her.
This program has helped thousands of guys around the world to get back
the women they love. I’d say our success rate is around 85%.
Page  5  


(The other 15% are the guys who allow their emotions to control their
actions and can’t stop themselves from making the 7 Deadly Mistakes…)

The Seven Deadly Mistakes
1. Not accepting the situation. You need to accept the fact that she broke
up with you and that you’re not going to get back with her today, or
tomorrow. Doing this the correct way is going to take time, and it requires
patience and self-discipline. But it will be worth the wait. For now, accept
that you won’t be seeing her for a while, and focus on the steps that we
explain in the program. 30 days from now you’ll be a better man, and a
man she finds a lot more attractive than the one she broke up with.
2. Putting pressure on her. The Ex Back Experts program explains that
you must allow a certain period of time to lapse before you make contact
with her. Putting pressure on her right now could be the final nail in the
coffin for your relationship. Give her time…to miss you. We’ll show you how
to make the best use of this “no contact” time to your advantage.
3. Obsessing about the breakup. In this post-breakup phase, staying
active is key. Get out of the house. Go to the gym. Hang out with your
buddies. Try some new activities. When you follow the steps in this
program, pretty soon you’re going to be sitting down with your ex, face to
face… and at that point, you need to be able to show her that you’re living
a busy, fun lifestyle without her. This is a key part of the Re-Attraction
4. Not being honest with yourself about WHY the breakup occurred. In
this program, you’re going to learn how to play “detective” and take an
honest look at why your relationship really ended. Once you get back with
your ex, this will allow you to avoid those same relationship problems in the
future. The goal isn’t just to get her back; it’s to build an even stronger
relationship with her than before. One that will last.
5. “Being friends” with her. Do not enter into a “friendship” with your ex,
where you wind up listening to her problems, providing a shoulder to cry
on, and acting like you are helping her through the breakup. You don’t want
Page  6  


to help her through it! You want her to miss you and want you back. Plus, if
you give her this type of emotional support, you’re giving her less reason to
need you as her boyfriend. (Be sure to read the section in the Ex Back
Experts manual about the guy who turned into a “Cuddle Buddy”’s
painful just to read it!)
6.Trying to use mutual friends to find out what your ex is up to. You
might be tempted to ask your mutual friends (the friends you shared with
your ex) about how your ex is doing, if she’s been dating anyone, etc.
These mutual friends are a direct pipeline to your ex. You should assume
that they will report anything you say to her. If they see that you’re
miserable and desperate to get back with her, they’ll let her know this—and
it will hurt your chances of a reconciliation. On the other hand, if your
mutual friends observe that you’re positive, upbeat and appear to be doing
just fine without her, your ex will hear about this, too—and it will make a
So during the no-contact phase, if you encounter any friends who you
share with your ex, and they ask how you’ve been, be upbeat. If the subject
of your breakup comes up, speak about your ex in positive terms: “I think
it’s the best thing right now for both of us, I care about her and I want her to
be happy.”
Mention that you went out on a date recently. Whether it’s true or not, this
is a powerful message to relay to your ex: you’re not moping around your
house and waiting for her to call, you’re back on the dating scene and
moving on with your life. This will trigger her fear of loss and possibly make
her start questioning whether breaking up with you was the right move.
Another way to let your ex know that you’re enjoying an active social life is
to make some “ambiguous posts” on your Facebook account. When you go
out with friends, take some pictures. Upload a pic of you and a cute girl
hanging out and post something like, “Had a great time at Jack’s Pub last
night.” (You don’t want to overdo it and make it look like you’re out whoring
around with a bunch of different girls. Be subtle; your ex is going to see

Page  7  


these posts, and they should make her wonder who these women are that
you’re spending time with.)
7. Not following a strategy. Right now, you’re in a highly emotional state
and the BIGGEST mistake you can make is allowing your emotions to
dictate how you go about trying to win her back. Trying out the Ex Back
Experts program was a smart decision; now, you’ve got to keep your cool,
follow the steps, and stay on track. Remember, this is about more than
reconciling with your ex; it’s about laying the foundation for a new
relationship that is going to be happier and more fulfilling for both of you.
Did you know that 80% of couples who break up and get back together,
break up again within three months? This is generally for two reasons.
First, they never “patch the leaks” in their relationship, and the same old
problems and arguments keep coming up. Second, the man never reattracts her. If your girlfriend made the decision to break up with you, it’s
usually because she lost the attraction she felt towards you in the
Begging her to take you back, or trying to make her feel sorry for you, are
signs of a needy, insecure man—and this is terribly unattractive to women.
You need to re-ignite that attraction she once felt for you…and the Ex Back
Experts program will show you how.
So good luck, stay positive, and get started with the steps!
Your Wingman,

Page  8  


Page  9  

Hey girl,
This is Samantha Sanderson from and I have a very
special report that I wrote for my friend Carlos Cavallo. He wanted me to
share this information with you.
Some of you may know me already. You might have purchased one of
my books or dating programs, or read about my company, Ex Back
Experts, while searching for solutions to your current relationship
In this report I’m going to give you some really important advice on how
to “re-attract” a man you used to have a relationship with. This could be
a guy you dated briefly a while ago, and maybe he stopped returning your
messages because his interest in dating you cooled off for some

reason…or, it could be your ex-boyfriend who recently broke up with
you, and you miss him—and want to know how to get him back.
I’m going to focus on some of the key mistakes that women make in
these confusing (and often painful) situations. I call these mistakes “The
Seven Deadly Sins Of Re-Attraction.”
But first, I want to properly introduce myself and tell you why you
ought to pay close attention to what I have to say.
For years, I’ve been providing relationship and dating advice to
women through my websites, blogs, and personal coaching…
I’ve taught women around the world how to make themselves
more attractive and meet the perfect man of their dreams…
Because as I discovered, that’s what most guys really want, deep
down inside, no matter what they tell their buddies…
They want to meet their soulmate…that one amazing woman
they want to wake up next to every day… to hold, protect, and
love unconditionally.
How do I know this is what men really want? Well, let’s just say
I’m personal friends with some of the top dating coaches for
men. I’ve spoken at their seminars. I’ve gotten to know their
male students. I’m the expert they call when they want to
understand the dating game from the female perspective.
And by getting to know all of these guys, and listening to their
stories, I became an expert on how men really think when it
comes to dating and relationships.

I even figured out a set of “psychological triggers” that can make
any man…even a “player” who swears he never wants to settle
down… want to be 100% committed to a loving relationship
with one woman.
Now, here’s where it gets really interesting…
One day my friend Christine came to me for help...
Christine has been one of my best friends ever since college.
We took the same subjects and even had the same crushes on
the same boys…
Like most friends, we’d have our occasional arguments, but in
the end, we were always there to help each other out with
advice… or to offer a shoulder to cry on…
I remember back in the day we used to joke about meeting
Prince Charming and if we ever found “the one” we would
make sure we’d grab on him tight and never let him go.


So now, fast forward a bunch of years…we’re both living in the
same city… she was working her tail off at a big law firm, and I
was writing my books and making a name for myself as a “dating
Even though we only lived a 10-minute subway ride from each
other, I hadn’t seen her in over a year.
She’d had a serious boyfriend for a while…a guy named Tim (I’d
met him…super nice guy, he obviously loved Christine
dearly)…and between her job and her relationship with Tim, it
didn’t leave much time for her to hang out with me and
reminisce about old times.
But then one day she emailed me out of the blue…
She said she needed my “expert help.”
So on a rainy Sunday afternoon I met her at a coffee shop
And with tears in her eyes, she told me that Tim and her had
broken up…
They’d been having problems lately, and arguments, and then
one night everything came to a head…
They said hurtful things to each other in the heat of the
moment, and they decided right then and there to go their
separate ways.
Christine knew they still had love for each other…
But Tim wasn’t replying to her texts or phone calls, and now
she needed to know how to get their relationship back on track.

Maybe you’ve been feeling the same way…
You feel this overwhelming desire for him…and a sense of guilt
because you did things, or said things, that you didn’t mean.
You’re trying to figure out a way to get him back, you’re questioning why
and how this could have happened…
And you might also want to know if there’s some other woman he wasn’t
telling you about.
(Just the thought of your man holding another woman in his arms…kissing
her…making love to her… can make you crazy!)
Christine had texted Tim over and over (but he ignored her
She left a long, rambling message on his voicemail…(which she
regretted doing as soon as she hung up…)
She contacted his friends to ask for their help, and to try to find
out if he was dating someone else (this totally backfired on
One time she even showed up at a place she knew he’d be at, to
try to talk to him (another deadly mistake that only made the
situation worse…)
She did everything she could think of to try to get back the
relationship she had with the man she loved…
But none of it was working.
So Christine said to me (and I’ll never forget this)…


“Samantha, you’re an expert on teaching women how to find
the right man, and you also understand what really makes men
‘tick.’ Well, what if a woman DOES find the right guy, but the
relationship runs into problems…and now she needs to make
him realize that they had something special together, and they
shouldn’t give up on it, and they should fix their relationship
instead of breaking up forever?”
It was an interesting question…
Because when it comes to patching things up with your ex, it
isn’t about creating attraction with him…
You and your ex already were powerfully attracted to each
other at one point.
I realized what Christine needed to do is re-attract him, and
rekindle the romantic sparks which had burned out over time.
There’s a way to do this, and I can show it to you.
You can do this without having to beg him to take you back…
Without using dirty tricks…
And without you and him deciding to “give things another try,”
only for the same old problems and arguments to come
up…and the next thing you know, you’re breaking up all over
So how did I figure this out and “crack the code?”
Well, I already knew about the “attraction loopholes” that exist
in every man’s mind (this is stuff that 97% of women never
figure out)…

Now I needed to come up with a
step-by-step method…a way to use
those same “loopholes” and
“psychological triggers” to RE-attract
a man.
To make him forget the hurt and the
bad feelings and make him feel that
same desire and intense passion that
he felt for you in the beginning…
So I went back and studied all of the relationship advice and
material I’d learned, back when I was trying to get a handle on
my own dating life...
I re-read all of the books and articles I’d written after becoming
an expert on how to land the right man…to figure out how
some of the most powerful techniques could be “reverseengineered” and turned into re-attraction techniques to help you
get BACK with your man…
I also studied every book on relationship dynamics and human
psychology that I could get my hands on…
I tracked down other relationship experts, therapists and even
marriage counselors to find out the truth about why breakups
like yours happen…the “hidden” reasons that your ex isn’t
telling you…
And after hundreds of hours of research, the “pieces of the
puzzle” finally started coming together.
A set of patterns was revealed to me…

And I was able to come up with the best possible strategy for
someone in your situation to win back your man and make your
relationship with him better than ever before.
More honest.
More romantic.
More passionate!
I realized, there is a “short cut” for you to re-capture the magic
and make your ex miss you, need you and even fantasize about
So I showed Christine the step-by-step “method” I came up
with (I wrote down the basic steps on a cocktail napkin for her,
it’s really that simple…)
She followed my advice to the letter, even though she was a
little unsure about it at first.
This is not the “regular” advice your friends have been giving
you… no way, this method I’m about to give you is proven to
actually work.
And this is when something really interesting started to
One night I was out with Christine, we were out having a
And her ex-boyfriend Tim called her.
He sounded very emotional on the phone, like he was choking
back tears…he told her that he’d been thinking about her
lately…about them…and he said she missed her…

If I hadn’t been coaching her, she probably would have hopped
in her car right then, sped over to his place, and jumped into his
But Christine didn’t do any of those things.
Look, I knew Tim would reach out to her. I knew the method
would work. And I’d already taught her exactly how to handle
this situation the right way…
So she used a few more re-attraction techniques I’d taught
And it wasn’t long before Tim was emailing her, sending her
messages on Facebook, and practically begging her talk about
“working things out” and “giving it another try.”
I’m happy to say that Christine and Tim are now married…they
have a beautiful 2-year old daughter and they’re expecting
another child soon.
I was thrilled that I was able to help them get through that
rough patch in their relationship. But I didn’t just want to put
that story behind me and forget about it…
Because I knew there were a lot of women in your situation
that are going through emotional hell right now and need help.
In fact, after I helped Christine reunite with Tim, girlfriends of
Christine’s who recently broke up started to approach me and
ask me, what was the process that I taught Christine?
First it was one friend, who she was able to get her husband and
kids back, then she referred another one of her friends to me,
who was later able to get her fiancée back...

Then all of a sudden I was getting calls and messages from all
these other women who were interested in “rekindling the
romance” with their ex boyfriends.
And I realized it would be selfish of me to keep this formula to
myself. I decided I should share it with other women in your
situation who desperately need this information right now, at
this critical moment.
Because I know you’ve thought about this…and you’ve decided
that you definitely want him back.
You know he’s the one for you.
And you cannot afford to make any more mistakes.
In a moment, I’m going to show you the best way to get him
back and make him want to hold you and protect you forever…
But first, let’s run down The 7 Deadly Mistakes Of ReAttraction. Because chances are, you’re making at least one of
these mistakes—and not even realizing it!
If you are making one (or more) of the following mistakes, don’t
worry about it. There is a way to recover your relationship and
re-attract the man you love into your arms, where you know he
belongs. In fact, I can show you how to “reset” your relationship
with him so that it feels brand-new—except this time, it’s going
to be more loving, honest and passionate than ever before.



The 7 Deadly Sins Of Re-Attraction
Deadly Sin #1: Taking Desperate Measures. You need to accept
the fact that you’re not going to get back with him today, or tomorrow.
Doing this the correct way—so that he not only comes back to you, but
enters into a new relationship with you that is better than before—is
going to take some time, and some strategy.
There are several reasons why you need to take some time to cool
down and work the right steps. First, if you just went through the
breakup, you’re not in a normal state of mind right now and if you text
him, call him, hit him up on Facebook, or (God forbid) track him down
and try to talk to him face-to-face when he least expects it, you’re going
to say the wrong things and push him further away.
This type of behavior makes you look needy and desperate, which are
attraction-killers and only reinforce in his mind that he did the right
thing by leaving you.
In order to attract him back to you (so that he begins to obsess about
being with you again), you’ve got to take some time to “plant seeds” in
his mind about your attractive qualities and the special times he shared
with you. This will make him realize how much he is losing by not being
with you.
At the same time, there is a way for you to “wipe away” the negative
feelings he may have towards you right now, and replace them with
positive ones.

We call this technique the Negative Emotion Neutralizer, and in
the Ex Back Experts system you’ll learn how to use it on him by
following a few simple steps.
You also need to give him some time to miss you. In the Ex Back
Experts system, you’ll learn how to plant the right emotional seeds and
use the Negative Emotion Neutralizer in a “sneaky” way, so that he
never even realizes that you’re trying to win him back.
The final reason why you’ve got to give him a bit of time is that when
you see him again (and if you follow our method, he’ll be the one who
suggests meeting up), you want him to see an upgraded, “2.0 version” of
your former self. We’ll show you how to make this upgrade so that

you’ll be irresistible to him when he sees you again. But in order for

this transformation to be believable, you do need to stay away from him
for a period of time.
Don’t worry, this won’t take long to pull off. Other books that teach
“how to get your ex-boyfriend back” often have a strict 30-Day “No
Contact” rule— meaning, you must stay completely out of contact with
your ex for at least 30 days before trying to reconcile with him.
I don’t agree with this time frame. 30 days is enough time for him to
move on and become attached to another woman. With many of the
students I’ve successfully coached after a breakup, 2-3 weeks is enough
time to carry out the Ex Back Experts strategy.
Deadly Sin #2: Freaking Out Over His “Rebound”
Relationship. Men and women tend to handle breakups differently,
and this is something I want you to keep in mind. I’ve noticed that after
a difficult breakup, women tend to pre-occupy themselves with their
work, or their hobbies, or their children. (Or if she’s young, she might
go out and party with their friends far more often than usual, to take
her mind off of the breakup.)
Women aren’t eager to jump back into the dating scene after the
breakup. Even if they’re going out to bars and clubs with their friends,
they aren’t really concerned with trying to find their next boyfriend.
They focus on other things to take their mind off the breakup.
Men, on the other hand, will often get right back out there and try to
date someone new (or at least have sex with someone new). This is a
natural male response. I mention this because if you’re “keeping tabs”
on your ex-boyfriend—whether it’s by checking his Facebook profile
to see what he’s been up to, or asking his friends about him—there’s a

pretty good chance you’ll become aware of other women he’s been
spending time with.
Do not let this get you down, or cause you to commit one of these
Deadly Sins. I want you to operate under the assumption that even if
he is hanging out with another woman, it is nothing more than a
“rebound” situation and he’s only seeing her because it’s his “guy” way
of trying to get over the breakup.
Don’t resent the “other woman.” You should actually feel sorry
for her, because she’s with a guy (your ex) who has lots of unresolved
issues bouncing around in his head and is still trying to get over his
feelings for you. And if you use the Ex Back Experts method on
him, he’s going to ditch this “other woman” soon and SHE will be the
one who is left confused and upset .
Deadly Sin #3: Obsessing about the breakup and not making
“upgrades.” In this post-breakup phase, staying active is key. Get out of
the house. Exercise. Hang out with your friends (and re-connect with any
friends you stopped hanging out with because you were always with your
boyfriend.) Get involved with some new activities. Or re-discover a
passion you used to have, but put aside because you got busy with your
Make it your daily mission to upgrade yourself, your social life,
and your overall lifestyle.
When you follow the steps in the Ex Back Experts program, pretty
soon you’re going to be sitting down with your ex, face to face… and

at that point, you need to be able to show him that you’re living a busy,
fun lifestyle without him. You want him to see that you have passions
that don’t include him.
Keep in mind, women who are passionate about their interests and
goals are attractive to men. Whether it’s fitness, writing, launching your
own business, or travel, your passions also make you a more
interesting, well-rounded person.
On the other hand, women who allow their relationships to define who
they are, and go through a monotonous daily routine rather than having
a clear sense of purpose…some type of mission that makes them feel
excited and inspired…well, it’s easy for a man to lose interest in this
type of woman.
Unfortunately, a lot of women I know allow their identities…WHO
THEY ARE…to revolve around their relationships. They’re eager to
talk to me about their boyfriends, and what they boyfriends have been
doing lately, and their upcoming plans with their boyfriends, etc…but
they really don’t have much else to talk about!
Having passions and being able to display this to your ex is a key part of
the Re-Attraction process. The bottom line is, it’s sexy to a man when
you have goals, passions, and a PURPOSE, because he knows you have
the capacity to be passionate towards him—and that you have other
things going on in your life that do NOT involve him.
This also suggests to him that if you never wind up dating him
again, you’ll be ok. You have OTHER THINGS in your life that are
important to you.

Men thrive on challenges. It’s how their brains have been hardwired since the caveman days. If he senses that you have nothing
much going on in your life and you’re desperate to be with him
again, he’ll run in the opposite direction. But on the other hand, if
he senses that you’re busy, accomplishing things, and you have a
full life without him, he’ll feel that he might have messed up by
letting you go.
Men start to feel suffocated and “boxed in” when they are in a
relationship where it feels the woman’s main purpose in life is to
be with him. Neediness is not attractive.
4. Not “getting real” with yourself about WHY the breakup
occurred. Men rarely tell you the real reasons why they broke up with
you, or why they stopped returning your phone calls or emails. Men will
make up excuses and phony reasons, because they want to avoid drama.
Again, this is how they have been mentally hard-wired since the caveman
days. (I could give you a whole explanation of male psychology and how
they’re basically the same simple creatures they’ve been for the past
10,000 years, but I want to keep this report short.)
In the Ex Back Experts program, you’re going to learn how to “play
detective” and figure out why your relationship really died. You’ll be
able to figure why he “checked out” on an emotional level. Once you
get back with him, this will allow you to avoid those same relationship
problems in the future.
Remember, the goal isn’t just to get him back; it’s to have an even
stronger relationship with him than before. A relationship in which
he feels bonded to you and 100% committed, so that the thought of

cheating on you, or leaving you, never crosses his mind.
Deadly Mistake #5: “Just being friends” with him. Do not allow
yourself to slip into a “friendship” with your ex, where you wind up
listening to his problems, providing a shoulder to cry on, talking about
your dates with other people…NEVER act like you are helping him
through the breakup. (You don’t want to help him through it! You want
him to miss you, desire you,
and want you back—not just
your friendship, but the sex,
the intimacy, everything!)
If you give him this type of
support, you’re giving him no
reason to need you as his
girlfriend again.
6.Trying to use mutual
friends to get the
“scoop” on your ex. You might be tempted to ask your mutual
friends (the friends you shared with your ex) about how your ex is
doing, if he’s been dating anyone, etc.
These mutual friends are a direct pipeline to your ex. You should assume
that they will report anything you say to him. If they see that you’re
miserable and desperate to get back with him, they’ll let him know this—
and The Negative Emotion Neutralizer technique (the most
effective Re-Attraction method ever invented) will not be as effective for
You can quickly learn The Negative Emotion Neutralizer by
watching this short presentation.

On the other hand, if your mutual friends observe that you’re positive,
upbeat and appear to be doing great without him, your ex will hear about
this, too—and it will make him wonder whether breaking up with you
was a terrible mistake on his part.
So during the No-Contact phase (you’ll discover how to handle this
phase in the Ex Back Experts program), if you encounter any friends
who you share with your ex, and they ask how you’ve been, be upbeat.
If the subject of your breakup comes up, speak about your ex in positive
terms: “I think it’s the best thing right now for both of us, I care about
him and I want him to be happy.”
Mention that you went out on a date recently, or that you met a really
cool guy the other day. (This could simply be a guy you chatted with
during a night out, or someone you met online.) This is a powerful
message to relay to your ex: you’re not moping around your house and
waiting for him to call, you’re back on the dating scene and moving on
with your life. This will trigger his fear of loss and possibly make him
start questioning whether breaking up with you was the right move.
Another way to let your ex know that you’re enjoying an active social life
is to make some “ambiguous posts” on your Facebook account. When
you go out with friends, take some pictures. Upload a pic of you and a
cute guy you all met (maybe a bartender or waiter) and post something
like, “Murphy’s Pub rocks on Thursday nights! Watch out for Mike, he’s a
rock star and he makes the best margaritas in town.” (Or, it could be
any good-looking guy you encounter while you’re out with your friends.
Write a caption for the picture that suggests he is hilarious and

You don’t want to overdo it and make it look like you’re out whoring
around with a bunch of different guys. Be subtle; your ex is going to see
these posts, and they should make him wonder who these men are that
you’re spending time with (and who seem to be into you).
Deadly Mistake #7: Not following a PROVEN set of steps. Right
now, you’re in a highly emotional state, and if you let your emotions take
over you’re never going to get him back. You’re only going to push him
further away...and probably into the arms (and the bed) of another
Re-attracting your ex and hitting the “reset” button on your relationship
requires you to follow a “counter-intuitive” plan.
In other words, you’re not going to do what every other woman does
in these moments of desperation—texting him, calling him, freaking out
over some slut they heard he was with, etc.
And if you simply “wing it” and
don’t follow a proven strategy,
there’s always a chance he will
give you one more chance. But
his feelings towards you, and the
relationship, haven’t really
changed. He’ll still have his
doubts, or resentments, or
whatever other negative feelings
led to him leaving you.


I saw a study that said 80% of couples who break up and get
back together, break up again within three months. This is
generally for two reasons:
First, they never “patch the leaks” in their relationship, and so the same
old problems keep coming up. (He might not tell you about some of
these problems; there might be aspects of your personality that make
him feel uncomfortable or unappreciated, and \he’ll just break up with
you, or stop talking to you, rather than explaining her reasons for doing
The second reason is, the woman (yes, that’s you, girl) never re-attracts
her man. If he made the decision to break up with you (or stopped
answering your calls or texts), it’s because he lost the attraction he felt
towards you in the beginning.
Begging him to take you back, or causing drama, or trying to make him
feel sorry for you…these are all signs of a needy, insecure man—and
this is terribly unattractive to men.
You need to re-ignite that attraction he once felt for you. You can take
the spark he felt for you in the beginning and turn it into a roaring fire.
The Ex Back Experts system will show you how.
Click here and learn how you can use the Negative Emotion
Neutralizer to “wipe the slate clean” and magnetically attract him back
into your arms…and into your bed.
Right now, the clock is ticking. With each passing day, his positive
memories of you (and thoughts of a possible reconciliation) are fading,
and the chances of him becoming emotionally attached to another
woman are growing.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below and let’s get started:

Click Here To Make Him Miss You & Adore You Again
Wishing you all the best,
Samantha Sanderson



How to Become a Guy Magnet

By James Scott

Special Report For

Ex Back Experts


“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


How To Read A Man’s Mind &
Figure Out What He Is
Thinking – The Sure Fire



“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


Do you believe men are complicated? Do you find them to be
confusing and frustrating at the same time? Do you ever wish that you
had a secret window which could help you look inside a man’s mind
and figure out what he is thinking?
Isn’t it truly frustrating…
When a man never calls you back after a great first date when he
promised he would? And you desperately wait for that one special
phone call which never comes?
When he says he likes you but at the same time takes you for granted?
And you hate it when it keeps happening over and over again?
When he shows loads of interest in you but then withdraws completely
for no reason? And you don’t even know why?
Isn’t it absolutely crazy when men say things they don’t mean…Make
promises they don’t keep and leave you hanging in the middle?
And the ugly part is…When this happens men usually never have a
good enough explanation.
And this is where you always wonder – WHAT’S ON HIS MIND? WHAT IS
Why can’t he just be a bit more considerate towards my feelings and
let me know what he is thinking in regards to me?
I know…I know…It kind of leaves you hopeless and you start to feel
that there is something seriously wrong with most men out there.
But let me give you some truth on this matter…When a man says one
thing but ends up doing the exact opposite of it…He has his
reasons…And in order to understand all that I am going to show you
how to read his mind.
I am sure you are probably thinking – Can it really be that easy to read


“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


his mind and figure out exactly what he is thinking? Well yes it is…And
if you truly want to master this art…I expect your complete attention.
Stop whatever else you are doing at the moment and pay full attention
to this report. (And no skipping any parts…)
So do I have your attention now? YES? Good…Let’s get started…

The  Truth  Sits  In  What  He  Does…Not  What  He  Says…  
If you really want to know what is going on in a man’s mind all you
have to do is to focus on his actions and completely ignore his words.
Let me illustrate with some examples –
Let’s say you went out on a date & the guy promised to call you back
but never did….
What could it possibly mean…
- Maybe he lost your phone number.
- Maybe he is busy.
- Maybe he is nervous about it.
I am sure you can come up with more maybes but if you were to study
his action…There is one thing which is screaming out loud and that is
this –
If he did…He would call you…What’s on his mind will reflect in his
You aren’t on his mind and you aren’t on the top of his list of
priorities. I know it sounds harsh but it’s the truth. A man can never be
busy enough to forget to call a girl he likes…In fact! If he truly liked
you…he would put you above everything else going on in his life and
will call you for sure.


“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


Now let’s take another example – let’s say you are confused about your
current relationship and don’t know whether your boyfriend will marry
you or not. And whenever you ask him he either completely avoids the
question or just changes the topic.
What’s going on here? You can again sit there and come up with more
maybes such as –
- Maybe this isn’t the right time to talk about it.
- Maybe he is really stressed at work and I should avoid this topic.
- Maybe he is waiting for the right time to propose.
- Maybe he wants to be financially stable before he commits etc etc.
But what do his actions say? If you were to purely focus on his actions
you’d know that something isn’t right. Since he isn’t ready to discuss
it…He is indirectly letting you know that he won’t marry you.
This doesn’t mean that this same guy won’t be married some day but
the harsh truth is that he won’t be married to you. If he truly wanted to
marry you, then you won’t even have to do the asking…He will do the
There is no such thing as the “RIGHT TIME”…It’s all about the “RIGHT
WOMAN”. And when a guy has found the woman who triggers all the
right buttons in his head…He will do everything necessary to keep her
and settle down with her.

If  It  Is  This  Easy  To  Figure  Him  Out…Why  Do  So  Many  Women  
Still  Struggle?  

Very good question…And I’ll give you a very good answer too. It’s
because most women make excuses and become blind to the truth.
I guess you know what I mean…Nothing is more painful than learning
that the man you desperately love doesn’t have similar feelings
towards you. It’s extremely terrifying and in order to avoid all the hassle
and pain. Women do the next best thing…And that is to give their man


“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


the benefit of the doubt…
Here are common examples –

When a guy isn’t asking you out…

Possible Excuse Women Use…

The Real Truth...

Oh he is shy, and waiting for
the right moment.

If he liked you enough he’d
know how to ask you.

When a guy keeps you waiting on the phone or won’t
return your phone calls…
Possible Excuse Women Use…

The Real Truth...

He must be busy with other
more important things.

He is giving other things more
priority since you aren’t that
important to him.

When a guy always says hurtful things….



Possible Excuse Women Use…

The Real Truth...

He must have been angry I
know he doesn’t mean it.

He isn’t concerned about your
feelings and is inconsiderate. If
he was, he would never say or
do anything which hurts you.

“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


When you aren’t sure if he likes you or not…
Possible Excuse Women Use…

Maybe he likes me but is too
shy to say it to me.

The Real Truth...

A guy won’t keep you guessing
if he really likes you, in fact he
would be afraid that some
other guy might take you away
from him and will do
everything in his power to let
you know that he likes you
either by words or by his
actions around you.

When a guy has regular sex with you but he won’t
really take you out or talk on the phone…
Possible Excuse Women Use…

The Real Truth...

I like what we have currently
and I don’t want to ruin things.
I’ll wait for him to get more

You are his sex toy, nothing
more and nothing less. If he
only wishes to see you when he
is in the mood for sex then that
alone tells you a great deal
about what he wants from you.



“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


When he is in a relationship with you but also flirts
with other girls…
Possible Excuse Women Use…

The Real Truth...

Oh! He’s always been the flirty
kind and I know he only does it
occasionally for fun. Not
something I should worry

If he is flirting, it means he is
keeping his options open.
Which means that he isn’t
exclusive to you, which also
means that some day in the
near future something will
happen which won’t please
you, which means you better
be prepared for it right away.
Accept it now or be prepared
for something shocking in the
near future.

It’s insane the lengths women go to when they are excited about some
guy and really like him. They try to make sense of the most senseless
situation and try to come up with really odd excuses to turn an
unsatisfying situation into a satisfactory one.
Always remember that his actions speak louder than words. What he
does is what he is thinking. And what he says might not be the
truth…Make it a habit to always focus on his actions.

What  You  Must  Remember...
- Men are not as complicated as most women think. They are very
simple and straightforward. The story going on in their mind will
always reflect in their actions. So study the actions and ignore the
words. You will never face confusion that way.
- Never get tricked with his words, a man could say a thousand things
to you and not mean any of it. You should only believe his words when


“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


they are followed with suitable action.
- If he makes a commitment and never follows through, then you must
know right there that something isn’t right.
- Always judge a man’s character based on how often he follows
through with his commitments. A man with a solid character will
always do what he says he is going to do. His words and his actions will
be in perfect harmony.
- Never give a man the benefit of the doubt more than once. If he failed
you once, he is very likely to do it over and over again.



“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


How To Stop Being A Nice
Girl & Make Any Man Want
You – The Perfect Guide...



“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


Have you ever heard the story of the so called “Nice girl”?
Well if not, let me tell you the tale…A nice girl is someone who puts all
her heart and soul into a relationship. She is someone who would wait
for hours & hours next to the phone expecting a call from that special
She is someone who a guy keeps around for the sole and only purpose
of oh well – Just keeping around…
She is the girl a guy only thinks about when he needs sexual
She is someone a guy turns to, right after he has broken up with his
true love, in other words – She is usually the re-bound girl.
She is the girl who would pursue a guy long and hard even when he
isn’t interested in her…She believes that if she chases him long & hard,
eventually he will like her.
She is the girl a guy would only consider dating when he has run out of
possible options and the only reason why he keeps her around is
because she is easy to use & throw.
She is someone who spends endless hours in deep worry thinking
about whether her man is cheating on her or not.
She is someone who struggles endlessly to keep a guy attracted
beyond the first date or if she is in a relationship she struggles to make
her man commit.
She is someone who says a yes even when she honestly wants to say
no just because she doesn’t want to disagree with her man.
She is someone who does all the things she doesn’t wish to do just to


“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


please her man & keep him happy.
She is someone who always feels like a string along because her man is
physically with her but emotionally into another girl.
She is someone who is always more invested & more in love with the
guy when the guy doesn’t love her at all.
Ok ok…I guess you get the point. It really sucks when you realize that
he settled for you only because he couldn’t get the other girl. And if
you can relate to any of the points mentioned above then I am sure
you know exactly what it feels like to be this girl.
But here is the biggest problem – Most women usually sit around with
their girlfriends talking about how much, men don't make sense or
how they won't act right. And never ever bother to attack the REAL
They rather accept their reality the way it is & assume that this is how
things will be for them for the rest of their life. Most women believe
that men want to end up with the "nice girl", the one that cooks for him
and makes him feel like a king. This is utterly WRONG.
They feel frustrated when the guy who promised them the moon and
the stars turns into a jerk over time & starts getting distant. Men get
bored and restless and lose respect for you. The reason for this is
Most women are standing in their own way and if you truly want things
to get better then let me give you the 2 most important concepts
which will change everything for you…
1- Men will work extra hard to win you over, when they know they
don’t have control over you.
2- Men want to be kept curious (Even if you are already in a
relationship with him.)


“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


Now let me explain why these two concepts are extremely important –
As humans we always pursue what we can’t have, we always want
more of the things which are hard to get. We love challenges & feel a
strong sense of satisfaction when we achieve something which once
was very challenging.
This is just basic human nature – No one can change it. But this can
become very problematic when it comes to a guy-girl relationship.
When a girl usually likes a guy – She automatically starts doing things
to please him, starts being too nice, starts giving more than she’s
supposed to, stars doing things she wouldn’t normally do.
The main issue is that guys are a lot different. If a woman is too nice
they assume they have already won her over and do not have to try
any harder.
And when a guy does this a woman usually feels irritated because after
trying so hard she isn’t getting the result she expected. In the process,
she becomes needy & this usually drives the guy further away.
Are you wondering what you should do? Well for starters, stop being
the nice girl, stop trying to please him, stop trying to make him like
you, stop working hard for his attention, stop waiting on the phone for
that call which never comes. STOP IT!
From now on, only do things which will show him that he doesn’t have
complete control over you & only focus on things which will keep him
curious…Let’s focus on some examples here –
Situation  1  –  What  to  do  when  he  is  starting  to  lose  attraction  for  you  &  is  
taking  you  for  granted?  

Solution – You have been overly available & haven’t given him the
space & time to miss you. Take two steps back & let him come to you
this time. Don’t call him for a few days and let him wonder what you
are up to.


“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


A confident woman isn’t insecure about losing the guy and gives him
plenty of space and in the process the guy doesn’t feel caged.
Situation  2  –  What  to  do  when  he  wants  sex  too  early?    

Solution – Tell him that you aren’t comfortable with such things early
on, you aren’t someone who is open to something physical unless you
really know the guy on a deeper level.
If a man has to wait for sex, he will automatically think of you as
someone of very high value. Every man wants sex as fast as possible
but by holding it, you automatically become that special woman he
would do anything for.
Situation  3-­‐  What  to  do  when  he  doesn’t  call  you?    

Solution – Sometimes a man just wouldn’t call to see how you react. Do
not, and I mean do not call him no matter what. He is the one who
should do the calling. If he likes you enough, a simple phone call
shouldn’t be that big of an issue for him.
Situation  4-­‐  What  to  do  when  he  is  playing  too  hard  to  get?    

Solution – Your world doesn’t revolve around him. The sooner he gets
it the better it would be for both of you. Don’t react to such petty
games and stand your ground. Sometimes when you have to choose
between a guy and your dignity, it’s better to keep your dignity.
Situation  5-­‐  What  to  do  when  he  doesn’t  listen?    

Solution – Men usually don’t respond to words, they respond better to
actions. And by actions I mean – You should give him space when you
can clearly see he isn’t giving any importance to your words.
By doing this you are telling him two things –
1- You don’t like being ignored.
2- You aren’t scared to walk away.
Trust me, he will get the message loud and clear after that.


“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


What  you  must  remember  –    

- Never ever assume that you are not good enough or attractive
enough. You are a woman and that’s enough. You don’t have to chase
a man, it’s his job to do so.
- A man will always want what he can’t have, don’t let him have easy
access to yourself, let him do the work needed to win your affection.
- A truly strong woman is someone who has a lot of self control & isn’t
scared to walk away from a man who doesn’t respect her.
- When he does something you don’t like, punish him by getting
distant. Let him know that you aren’t someone who will let him play
around with her.
- Never ever do the things you aren’t comfortable doing just to please
him. And if you do, trust me – He won’t ever be pleased and you won’t
ever be happy.
- Don’t expect him to spend all his time with you, do not check up on
him 100 times a day, if you think about him most of the time then you
have already given most of your power away.



“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


How To Get A Man To Do
Just About Anything – The
Method Which Always



“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


A Gentle Warning: What you are about to discover in this report is a
very effective psychological tactic which will give you the power to
make your man do almost anything.
Now, I expect that you use this responsibly. This report is definitely not
for the following people –
- Women who want to manipulate a man for personal amusement
or benefit.
- Women who stalk men.
- Women who love playing mind games just to feel powerful.
- Women who want to trap a guy & use manipulation to keep him in
a relationship.
- Women who seek revenge from an ex or a guy who rejected them.

What  you  will  NOT  learn  in  this  report  –  
I am not going to show you how to rule a guy & make him eat out of
your hand. What I will rather teach you is how not to be taken
advantage of. I won’t tell you to be negative or do the things which are
manipulative just to get a certain reaction from your man.
Neither will I teach you how to make yourself seem like you are better
than everyone else or house an attitude. What I will show you are
proven tactics you can employ in your daily dealings with a guy & how
to effectively get what you deserve out of your relationship.
Alright! Now that we have that out of the way let’s get to the real

Men  Are  Driven  By  Ego  -­‐  They  Would  Do  Anything  To  Protect  
It  And  Every  Man  Has  A  Secret  Desire  To  Look  Like  A  Hero  In  
Your  Eyes.    
Have you ever wondered why men never ask for help or directions? In


“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  


their world, asking for help is a sign of weakness. They want to feel like
they are doing the right thing and they want to feel like they have the
power & control in the relationship.
Now here is the big secret in a nutshell – If you learn the art of tickling
his ego & giving him the illusion that he is in control, he will always do
what you want him to do. Deep down every man wants to be in control
& wants you to treat him like he’s your hero.

The  process  –

Step 1 - Give him the illusion that he has the power or he is in
control(tickle his ego).
Step 2 - Say something positive about his actions which will make him
feel like a hero.
Step 3 – Then gently suggest what you want him to do by creating a
positive expectation.
For example – Let’s say you want him to keep his commitments, here is
what you must say when you’re in conversation with him…
“Tom, I really appreciate the fact that you are a man of your word &
always deliver on your promises. This is one quality I really love in a
guy. I know you are someone who will go out of his way to deliver on
his promises & will never disappoint anyone.”
Now let me explain why this works so well –
1- By saying that you believe he is a man of his word, you have
indirectly tickled his ego & now he will feel powerful.
2- By saying you love such a quality in a guy you have given him an
appealing compliment which will make him feel like a hero.
3- And here is the important bit – By saying that you know he’s not
someone who will ever disappoint you & will always deliver on his


“How  To  Get  Your  Ex  Back  &  Save  Your  Marriage  To  Rekindle  The  Romance  -­‐  For  

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