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Forever Yours The Secret Password To His Heart eBook.pdf

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Okay, let’s start with...

Tease The Mystery
Tell him you want to give him a “night to
remember,” and use those exact words: “I
want to give you a night to remember.”
Here’s what Jen actually said to me. We
were talking on the phone, and she said,
“Want to have some fun?” And I said, “Of
course, you bet.”
She said, “I want to take you out on Friday.
Are you man enough to let me do that?”
Now, a little note here: What did she do by
saying that? She challenged me, and you
need to challenge him, too.

I’ll give you an example of this. A girl that I
coached with this little tip was taking her guy
out and she told him, “Make sure you bring a
pair of your worst shoes.” He’s like, “What?
Why?” She’s like, “Don’t worry, just do it.”
And where did they go? Well, she ended up
taking him bowling. Of course, which made
total sense because you don’t want to leave
your good shoes there at the bowling alley.
Now, the day before the date, Jen also
texted me. And you should do this too. She
texted me, “Are you ready for tonight?” And
after she did that, I could not get her - or our
date that night - out of my mind for one
minute. It just jacked up that curiosity factor
to the Nth degree.

You should be doing this all the time, by the
way, in playful ways. Never actually mock or
insult his masculinity, just hint that you’re not
totally convinced about him yet. You would
be amazed what this does to get a guy
chasing you.
Get him to commit to the night. No ifs, ands,
or buts. He is to be totally in and committed
to the scheduled time that you’re going to go
out, and if you tease him and handle this
right, he will be. If he’s been a bit cold or
distant with you, don’t forget, I’m going to be
sharing with you how to really turn him
around for good later in this report.


Two days before the date, you should call
him and tease him a little bit. Jen did this to
me when we were talking.

Start The Chase

She said, “Oops, I almost slipped and told
you what we are doing...!”

The second step in the ultimate date formula
is to start the chase.

That was great, because what did it do? It
made me think, “What? What is it? What
are we going to be doing???” It got me
thinking and really focused on that and

Remember that your goal with this ultimate
romantic date is twofold. Number one is to
amaze him with how good a girlfriend you
are, or even a wife if you’re trying to revive
your marriage, and number two is to restart
his drive to chase you. Now, we’re going to
come back to this one later because this is

If you can, you can also have him bring
something along on the date that will make
him curious.