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Headquarters Us army equipment.pdf

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REF ID:A65584


Col Shinkle/wdg

12 Lay 1945

Dear hisenhoaar:
BrigcacL.or General Benjamin G. Ferri& and Colonel H. p. van 01'11181" are
delivering to you copies ot Arm:/ Ground Forces 8luipaant Kevi.ew Board Stud¥.
This stud¥ is sent to ;rou tor your rev1-, remarks and recOI'iiRttndations.
Identical copies are sent to General l:.acArthur, General llCflamoy,
to the major cOI!IIlRilds here 1D •'a&hington. This procedure is being tollo"Wed
to det the beat opinions available on the equipment needs now and in the
tutu:re ror our a~. The dl'"\.a so eathered \"ill tom the bas1.a or a study
whic}J wl.ll have a s'l.ronc and l:HJt.Lfl6 otrect on our oqu1pwont.

I consl.der t},is s t.ucij• oj equipment u£ paranount e.nd .l.a.stJ..n.& Jmpurt.mce.
lou "nill reme.mber the ·:estervelt noard after ~lorld 'Jar I and ita diroct err( ct on 1.hc .... capons witi• ¥~hich you are now equl.ppcd. uvon tl1o exce.Uenco or
this new study wUl depend to a large degree our f'uture progress 111 the
all-iJILpOrtant. tuld or woapons.
General rer:ris and "'olonel .;an ( ~ro oJt. your dl.Spusoll to aasiot. 111
the mechan1.cs or your review. I should appreciate it i£ they can retum to or :Jepa.rtlnont ,JJ.1.l your re~uarkl- and racOJ,nendat1.ons on the study oi' tne
Jo.quiprn.ent Ravin noard prior to )0 JUne 1945.
}o.. aithtully


(Sgd) G. C. l
G4meral of the Arm.Y L'Aight D. F.1.senhcmer
. uprene Commander, l·lllelt ~.xpud.~..t.J.or.aey Forces
Jleadquarters, Communications ono
..uropean Theater or Cpora1..J.Oll9, u.M
Pllr.J.s, !o"ranca


" l



#. '":.