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Rolex Gold Content And Metals Used
Ever Wondered How Much Gold Is Really In Your Rolex

The solid gold Rolex watch is really a thing of beauty. The typical gents
Rolex President looks rather impressive due to its obvious mass and
weight not to mention the price tag that goes with it. But did you ever
really wonder what the actual gold value is in a Rolex President? Below
we have taken an 18kt. gold Rolex and have removed the movement,
the crystal and other non-gold parts. We weighed each part using a
laboratory grade scientific balance. We are sure you will find the results
very interesting. All values were based on the spot price of gold at
$400.00 per troy ounce.
All precious metals are weighed using the troy system. One troy ounce
contains 31.1 grams of a particular precious metal. There is 480 grains
in one troy ounce. If the spot price of gold is $400.00 per troy ounce,
the value per gram would be $12.86. Using these standards, the actual
gold value in the Gents Rolex President would be $963.27.
Following are pictures of each Rolex part and the gold weight of each

This is the complete Rolex President.

This shows a close-up view of the dial and the
complete watch with the crystal attached.

These are the basic component parts of the Rolex. The
band, the bezel ring that holds the crystal in place, the main case, and
the case back.

Inside of the case back you will see that it is marked as
being 18kt. It also has the decimal value of .750. This means that 75
percent of the weight is pure gold. Pure gold is 24kt. The pure gold is
alloyed with silver, copper, and zinc. Also notice the official Rolex
markings on the inside of the case back.

The clasp is also marked with the gold content as well
as being marked with the Rolex logo. There is also a number that is the
official part number for this band. This band has the bark finish.

This is the head or case ring of the Rolex. It is also
marked 18kt. A genuine Rolex case will also have a Registered Design
number engraved between the lugs at the 12 position. In this case, the
number is 1803. Between the lugs at the 6 position you will find the
serial number of the case. If you look close at this picture, you can see
how Rolex machines out the lug ends and the case walls to reduce the
amount of gold used to manufacture the case.
Using these parts the actual gold value of this Rolex can be
determined as follows.
Case ring weights 18.5 grams. Contains 13.875 grams of pure
gold. It has a value of $178.43.
Case back weighs 7.21 grams. Contains 5.41 grams of pure
gold. It has a value of $69.57.
Bezel weighs 5.30 grams. Contains 3.98 grams of pure gold. It
has a value of $51.18.
The bracelet weighs 68.85 grams. Contains 51.64 grams of
pure gold. It has the most value at $664.09.
The total value of the pure 24kt. gold in this Rolex President is

Rolex Registered Design 15238
This case uses the popular Rolex 3135 movement

The pictures above show the markings located inside of the Rolex case
back as well as the Rolex Registered Design number that is found
between the lugs at the 12 position of the case. The serial number of
the case is located at the 6 position.
More pictures of the Rolex 15238 case with sapphire crystal

The Rolex President
Registered Design 18238

The pictures above show the 18kt. gold Rolex case and band for the
Rolex 18238 Registered Design. The band weighs 73.18 grams, the
case weighs 22.8 grams, the case back weighs 10.87 grams and the
bezel weighs 5.18 grams.


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