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About AMERICAN Plumbing Co. FREE Estimates ONLY $49.00 Drain Cleaning .pdf

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About AMERICAN Plumbing Co. - FREE
Estimates - ONLY $49.00 Drain Cleaning

I have been doing San Diego Plumbing
Repair for 28+ Years. I have found
(water) Leaks, in attics, underneath houses
(with crawl spaces, this one is pretty obvious,
climb underneath), in walls, slab leaks,
bathroom fixture leaks, etc.

The most important thing is to
use common sense look for a water
spot, if it's in the wall you obviously
have to remove the drywall and follow the leak to see were it's coming
from, first check to see that it is not coming from upstairs.

San Diego Plumbing Service: Locating a Hidden Leak(s).
THE MOST UNLIKELY PLACE People do not look for (TOILET TANK LEAKS) is, the
toilet, Lift up the toilet tank lid and see if water is running? It is always recommended that a
PROFESSIONAL repair the toilet or other leak(s). Do it right the first time.

If there is a bathroom directly over the leak there is a good chance that
the leak is coming from somewhere in that upstairs bathroom. Sometimes
leaks can be even caused when someone takes a shower, and steps out
of the shower.
Another possibility could be the toilet, sometimes the wax ring goes
bad on the toilet, (The Seal between the toilet and the floor).
Another possibility could be the walls in the shower. Sometimes the Grout
begins to disintegrate thus allowing water to pass through.
And Sometimes it's the plumbing itself, which causes a leak Piping
corrodes and causes a leak.
And another sneaky leak could be in the Landscaping. Check outside,

look for water buildup on grass (from the PVC piping). San Diego
Plumbing Repair has always taught me the obvious, always use
Common Sense.
Once you've located the leak than it's just matter of using, common
The appropriate materials to repair, and obviously you want to use the
correct tools. I've seen all kinds of work.
I have had to replace work many a time since doing, San Diego
Plumbing Service for 28+ years. So always do the best (that can be done)
, even if you have to ask for help, or asking for help at your local
Hardware store (if their knowledgeable) is better than just guessing.(for
the right tools, and the correct materials).
San Diego Plumbing Service (American Plumbing Co.) Get it done by a
professional done once correctly and it's done.
PLUMBER SAN DIEGO, has enjoyed serving San Diego Residences, for
close to three decades. I have found so many things on Backwards, or
that to much material was wasted thus causing other problems. And so
was not fixed correctly. And they would end up spending double plus their
time. Because it wasn't done right the first time.

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