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Department of the Army Pamphlet No. 20-269, Small Unit Actions
During the German Campaign in Russia, is published as an adjunct
to existing training literature in the belief that much can be learned
from other armies, particularly the vanquished. It does not embody
official training doctrine. Although called a historical study, itis not
such according to a precise interpretation of the term. Itis rather a
series of interesting and instructive small unit actions based on the
personal experience of Germans who actually took part in them.
Clausewitz wrote that, in the art of war, experience is worth more
than all philosophical truth. This pamphlet is published with that
thought inmind, tempered with the truth that investigation, observa­
tion, and analysis are necessary to give fullmeaning to experience.

Major General, USA
Chief, MilitaryHistory
Washington, D.C.