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This book was produced in an attempt to understand today’s
security environment and how the application of existing
international standards and best practices can be used to
assist in the protection of information systems and their
associated software. It identifies a body of knowledge
essential to acquire, develop, and sustain a secure
information environment. Each chapter contains a list of
related references, as well as recommendations for additional
reading. Together, this book provides a foundation for
developing further education and training curricula and
products, as well as being useful to security practitioners,
system administrators, managers, standards developers,
evaluators, testers, and those wishing to be knowledgeable
about the establishment and sustainment of a secure
information environment.
The wild growth of the Internet is one of the most
remarkable phenomena in human history. It is much more
than just a medium for communication – it is the core of a
global information infrastructure, which is influencing our
culture at the same time as it insinuates itself into our daily
lives. There are predictions that this phenomenon is
changing everything from standards of literacy and monetary
transactions, to the practice of medicine.
Almost every new development has opposing aspects. For
example, the automobile has provided us with new means of
effectively and quickly covering distance and moving goods.
It has also created pollution, caused innumerable deaths
through accident and misuse, and has created a dependency
on limited fossil fuel.