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What I wanted to talk to you about today is two things .pdf

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What I wanted to talk to you about today is two things: one, the rise (Surgimiento) of a culture of
availability; and two, a request. So we're seeing a rise of this availability being driven by mobile device
proliferation, globally, across all social strata. We're seeing, along with that proliferation of mobile
devices, an expectation of availability. And, with that, comes the third point, which is obligation -- and an
obligation to that availability.
And the problem is, we're still working through, from a societal standpoint, how we allow people to be
available. There's a significant delta, in fact, between what we're willing (Dispuestos) to
accept. Apologies to Hans Rosling -- he said anything that's not using real stats is a lie -- but the big delta
there is how we deal with this from a public standpoint (Punto de vista). So we've developed certain
tactics and strategies to cover up.
This first one's called "the lean (Inclinacion)." And if you've ever been in a meeting where you play sort of
meeting "chicken," you're sitting there, looking at the person, waiting for them to look away, and then
quickly checking the device. Although you can see the gentleman up on the right
is busting (descubriendo) him.
"The stretch." OK, the gentleman on the left is saying, "Screw you (No me interesas), I'm going to check
my device." But the guy, here, on the right,he's doing the stretch. It's that reeeee-e-e-each out, the
physical contortion to get that device just below the tabletop.
Or, my favorite, the "Love you; mean it (En serio)."(Laughter) Nothing says "I love you" like "Let me find
somebody else I give a damn about."
Or, this one, coming to us from India. You can find this on YouTube, the gentleman
who'srecumbent (Acostado) on a motorcycle while text messaging. Or what we call the "sweet
gravy(Dios mio), stop me before I kill again!" That is actually the device.
What this is doing is, we find a -- (Laughter)a direct collision -- we find a direct collision between
availability -- and what's possible through availability -- and a fundamental human need -- which we've
been hearing about a lot, actually -- the need to create shared narratives. We're very good at creating
personal narratives, but it's the shared narratives that make us a culture.And when you're standing with
someone,and you're on your mobile device, effectively what you're saying to them is, "You are not as
important as, literally, almost anything that could come to me through this device."
Look around you. There might be somebody on one right now, participating in multi-dimensional
Our reality right now is less interesting than the story we're going to tell about it later.
This one I love. This poor kid, clearly a prop (usado como utilería) -- don't get me wrong, a willing prop (el
está de acuerdo en server de utilería) -- but the kiss that's being documented kind of looks like it sucks.
This is the sound of one hand clapping (Aplauso).
So, as we lose the context of our identity, it becomes incredibly important that what you share becomes
the context of shared narrative, becomes the context in which we live. The stories that we tell -- what
we push out (exteriorizamos) -- becomes who we are. People aren't simply projecting identity, they're
creating it.

And so that's the request I have for everybody in this room. We are creating the technology that is going
to create the new shared experience, which will create the new world. And so my request is, please, let's
make technologies that make people more human, and not less.
Thank you.

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