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Great Northern and CHEFS stovetop popcorn popper .pdf

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Neurologists announced frightening data addressed to fans of popcorn. Those who love to distract from risks of
popcorn actually do not reason properly. There is an impression that it has nutritional supplement, which gives an
unforgettable taste of popcorn and simultaneously destroys the human brain.

And by the way, not only him - and other organs are affected. Moreover,, as scientists have found that even the
most modest serving of popcorn brings dangers. And is there an antidote – as indicated by
Theater, as we know, begins with a hanger, well, a movie theater, for many - with soda and, of course, popcorn.
With starter and wait session not so boring, and the painting itself seems somehow more interesting. It turns out that
everything has a scientific explanation. Doctors have found out that this is not the film becomes more interesting, it is
eaten by people from each portion of approaching dementia.
Blame is small and always seemed harmless chemical compound scientists diacetyl. Greenish liquid with a distinct
smell of oil - in-kind product is hardly appetizing.

But the industry is just a godsend. Famous exploding corn with added flavor diacetyl becomes a natural vegetable
oil. And along with it is the ability to destroy the brain.
Alzheimer's disease, which is always called ailment seniors rapidly in recent years younger. And the reason for that,
scientists say, could be just popcorn popularity among teenagers. However, these are children of the corn and not
only its victims. In 2004, employees of the factory for the production of popcorn Eric Peeples diagnosed with
bronchiolitis obliterans. It turned out for the dreaded disease every day simply inhale diacetyl. Injury Peeples U.S.
court estimated at twenty million dollars

Valery Petrosyan, Emeritus Professor of Moscow State University, a UN expert on chemical safety, says "Well,
money, money, health and health. The problem is that cure this disease is quite impossible. And the point is that the
only salvation - is lung transplantation. "

That is, even if the temptation to cope with and just go past the reception with popcorn, protect yourself 100% will not
work. And try not many. Every year the popularity of popcorn in the world is only growing. On the sale of popcorn
cinema has long been earning more than the rental of movies. Its’ taste is addictive.

Chips, roasted coffee, wine, candy and regular margarine also contain this chemical. Diacetyl can be found even in
the most popular products. Recommendation physicians already familiar "carefully read the fine print on the

Of course, one serving of popcorn does not mean a place in the queue for donor organs. But toxic elements and so
dangerous that injury, even a small but permanent, causing even one molecule of diacetyl. And choose here, as
doctors say, falls between sweet or salty minutes to present and bitter years in the future.
Some of the top popcorn poppers are:

Hot Air Popper By Great Northern Popcorn

Cuisinart CPM-100 Easy Pop Hot Air

Coleman popcorn popper

Wabash Valley Farms 25008A

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