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Church mortgage financing for church loans $1 $25 million .pdf

Nombre del archivo original: Church mortgage financing for church loans $1 - $25 million.pdf
Autor: Chris Powers

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Church Commercial Loans from $1Million-$25+ Million

Simple Application

1% Cost Savings

Fast Decisions

We make it simple, so you
can get back to church.

Pay 1% less per year in
interest for huge savings.

As quick as 30 Days faster
than other lenders.

Getting Funded is truly a matter of VISION!
A vision that is REAL, transferable and lasting…
The Fast Business Loan Network works with the top Church-Focused
Commercial Lenders to provide fast Church Mortgage Financing for all
types of churches, temples and religious organizations. Our Church Loan
Specialists have years of direct Church Loan experience to refinance your
current building, build on a new addition or construct a new church. They
will customize a program for your unique project needs.

No personal guarantees.
No tax returns.
Up to 30 year loans with no balloons and fixed interest rates.
Low fees and low closing costs.


Personal Credit


Property Type

U.S. Based Property

500+ Score

Collateral of any value

Any religious
commercial property


Complete the Online Application
Prepare Collateral Value Information and Business
Income & Debt Information
Prepare Usage of Funds and Assets & Liabilities

Our Church Mortgage Financing Lenders are among the largest in the
country with gross annual sales over $100,000,000 a year and specialize in
Church Commercial Loans and Non Profit Lending. Most recently they
have closed on a $3,750,000 refinance for a California church with NO
personal guarantees and no appraisal. They also helped the Jesus Love
Church with a highly competitive rate and no pre-payment penalty.
We work with churches just like yours to realize their vision.
You are in

with The Fast Business Loan Network


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