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Which World Bank Reports Are Widely Read?1
Doerte Doemeland and James Trevino

JEL Codes: O19, H87, and D73.
Keywords: Knowledge Management, International Organizations, Internet.


The authors would like to thank Zeljko Bogetic, Simon Davies, Jean-Jacques Dethier, Kene Ezemenari, Sharokh
Fardoust, Aart Kraay, Eileen Monnin-Kirby, Jimmy Olazo, David Rosenblatt, Zia Qureshi, Adam Wagstaff and
participants at a DEC seminar in December 2013 for excellent comments and suggestions, and Eliza McLeod,
Yoshimi Muto, Irina Sergeyeva, and Jeannette Smith for assistance with the data.